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Detailed Review: Ao Prao Resort on Samet Island, Rayong, Thailand – Your Ideal Vacation Destination?

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Exploring Samet Island, Rayong, Thailand: A Must-Visit Destination

If you think of the sea with clear water, white and clean sandy beaches,

peaceful, not crowded and close to Bangkok, I recommend Samet Island in Rayong Province.

Samet Island is located in Phe Sub-district, Mueang Rayong District, Rayong Province.

This is in the area of ​​Khao Laem Ya-Mu Ko Samet National Park,

which is a famous tourist attraction in Rayong.

There are a number of resorts on the island to choose.

Unveiling the Best of Samed Resorts Group in Thailand: Why Choose Them?

I am interested in staying at a Samed Resorts Group facility, which includes five resorts as follows:

Paradee Resort

Le Viman Cottages & Spa

Ao Prao Resort

Sai Kaew Beach Resort

Baan Ploy Sea

Ferry Terminal Lobby (Rayong)
Ferry Terminal Lobby

All resorts in the Samed Resorts Group are certified to the SHA standard

(Thailand Safety & Health Administration)

to ensure the customers with a comfortable and safe stay away from the COVID-19 outbreak.

My Experience at Ao Prao Resort, Samet Island: A Comprehensive Review

Eventually, I chose to stay at the Ao Prao Resort,

which is famous for the clarity and cleanliness of the sea.

I stayed at the end of this November, which is the dry season.

In the dry season every year, the seawater is especially clear.

Traveling here is very easy and comfortable.

It takes just 2.5 hours by car from Bangkok to Ao Prao Pier,

the exclusive pier for guests of the resorts in the Samed Resorts Group.

The parking is spacious and safe. You can park your car without charge throughout the duration of your stay.

After parking the car and entering the hotel,

before check-in the staff request proof that you have received two doses of COVID-19 vaccine,

or evidence of recovering from COVID-19, within 90 days,

or evidence of a negative COVID-19 test  from an accredited medical facility.

Ao Prao Resort, Samet Island
The waiting area

This is the waiting area for the resort’s shuttle boat.

Boat departure times are scheduled at 11.00, 13.00 and 16.00 o’clock.

You have to check in 30 minutes before the departure time.

There are staff to assist you.

The shuttle boat, Ao Prao Resort, Samet Island
The shuttle boat

The shuttle boat is excellent, and it takes only 10 minutes to reach the island.

When you arrive at the pier on Samet Island,

you must follow the safety measures for the island,

which are to undergo a temperature check before check-in and to pay the national park entrance fee.

Then the shuttle bus from the resort is waiting to pick you up.

The shuttle bus, Ao Prao Resort, Samet Island
The shuttle bus

Yes!!! I have to sit in the back of the car.

(There are only two types of vehicle on the island, which are the minibus like this and rental motorcycles).

I took a ride and enjoyed the view of both sides of the road for just a moment, before arriving at the resort.

beautiful beach at Ao Prao, Samed island

Upon arriving at the resort, I was wowed by the clarity of the sea in front.

The sea is truly as beautiful as rumored, and the location not so far from Bangkok.

I chose the Classic Hillside view room, which is located on the hillside.

I could view the sea from a high angle.

The Classic Hillside view room (Ao Prao Resort)
The Classic Hillside view room (Ao Prao Resort)
The Classic Hillside view room (Ao Prao Resort)
The Classic Hillside view room

I was quite tired by the time I walked to my room.

It was like traveling and exercising at the same time.

The atmosphere in the room (Ao Prao Resort)
The atmosphere in the room
The View from the room (Ao Prao Resort)
The View from the room
Resort road (Ao Prao Resort)

The atmosphere around the resort is considered quite good.

It looks shady because the accommodation is surrounded by trees and flowers.

Swimming at Ao Prao beach at Samet island.

If you bring children along, they will so enjoy playing in the sea all day that

they would forget about the swimming pool.

Canoeing at Ao Prao beach

Some go boating, some go swimming.

Very relaxing!

The sound of the waves and the wind can help to recharge the energy of life unbelievably.

For dinner, the resort can arrange a table by the sea for the guests.

From the barbecue menu you can choose whatever you like to eat,

and there is an unlimited salad bar.

Anyone who does not like the barbecue can also order from other menu choices.

Ao Prao Resort, Samet Island

Having dinner by the sea, with the sound of waves and the beautiful music

(They sing international songs),

made me forget about other things and feel enchanted by the atmosphere.

The Fire Show at Ao Prao Resort.
The Fire Show

Finally, the highlight of this place is the Fire Show,

which stunned and wowed everyone in the dining room, including me.

The Upsides and Downsides of Staying at Ao Prao Resort – An Honest Look

Benefits of Choosing Ao Prao Resort for Your Vacation: My Top Picks

Lastly, in my opinion, the highlights of the Ao Prao Resort include:

The sea is beautiful with very clean and clear water

Dinner time is colorful and enjoyable

Staff provide excellent customer service

The surrounding environment is very clean

Good pick-up time arrangements. There are shuttle boats provided up to three times a day.

Delicious food

Challenges Encountered at Ao Prao Resort: What You Should Know

The disadvantages of the Ao Prao Resort are:

It a bit noisy in the ceiling of the accommodation during the night,
which is likely to be the sound of birds flying under the roof

The hair conditioner provided by the resort was not suitable for my hair type.
Consider to bring your accustomed hair conditioner and shampoo

Important Information about Ao Prao Resort: All You Need to Know

Location: Ao Prao, Koh Samet

Address: 60 Moo 4, Tumbol Phe, Amphur Mueng, Rayong 21160 Thailand

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