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Authentic New Zealand Cuisine Review: KAI Restaurant at Sathorn Soi 12, Bangkok

Hello, everyone I am Chifumi Maeda, a Japanese female president living in Bangkok.

Thank you, guys, for visiting this

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We hear a lot about people talking about French restaurants,

Italian restaurants, Japanese restaurants,

and of course Thai restaurants

but it’s quite rare that you hear about New Zealand restaurants. Or not?

And I must confess that I did not know much about New Zealand food

until I came across a restaurant called KAI.

Today, I would like to talk about the one and only one

New Zealand Restaurant called KAI.

Kai New Zealand Restaurant

I was told that KAI means “Maori dishes” in their local language.

KAI, enjoying sparkling wine.

Spotlight on New Zealand’s Unique Dishes at KAI Restaurant, Bangkok

New Zealand, together with Australia, has a lot of immigrants from England

therefore their cooking has its roots in England.

The famous one is Fish & Chips. Right?

In this Kai, Fish & Chips is also one of their specialty dish

and they pronounce it Fush & Chups.

Based on white fish, there are 4 ways (Battered, Crumbed, Pan-Fried, Tinfoil-Steamed) of preparing the dish.

You can choose chips from 3 different preparation way

which are Hand Cut Fries (Skin On), NZ Chips Standard Cut, NZ Chips Thick Cut.

I like Hand Cut Fries (Skin On).

Kai New Zealand Restaurantt, Fish and Chips
Fish & Chips: Wild Catch Red Snapper

Ask the restaurant staff and they will be happy to give you

an advice which fish is best with which way of preparation.

New Zealand is an island country surrounded by the sea and

therefore they have plenty of fish of course,

but also it’s an agricultural country with a thriving dairy and livestock industry.

The country is also known for many producers being environment friendly.

Kai New Zealand Restaurant, Whitebait Omelet:Whitebait from South Island, NZ
Whitebait Omelet:Whitebait from South Island, NZ

Unveiling the Unique Charm of KAI: A New Zealand Restaurant in Sathorn, Bangkok

Commitment to Quality: KAI’s Selection of Premium Ingredients from Trusted Suppliers

They are very particular about homemade items.

All the ingredients that KAI offer is coming from free-ranged or semifarming as much as possible and organic,

non-chemically grown, and sustainable farming farmers those ethical considerate producers.

Kai New Zealand Restaurant: Grass feed NZ Beef steak
Grass feed NZ Beef steak

Crafted with Love: KAI’s Dedication to Homemade Dishes

Bread, ice cream, sauce, relish, pie, pizza, biscuit, sausage, and many other foods are all homemade.

Kai New Zealand Restaurant; Sausage with mushed potato
Sausage with mushed potato

You can also enjoy here nice wine as well as beer from New Zealand.

Made in New Zealand beer is also for sale at KAI.
Made in New Zealand beer is also for sale

It is good fun just to look at the menu too as it mentions the preparation way

in detail and there are a lot of different foods that they serve.

Kai New Zealand Restaurant: enjoy eating.
3 jars on the right bottom are homemade sauces.

One of my favorite food is mussels and here at KAI,

they steam boil them in a New Zealander beer.

They taste very nice and quite different taste from the ones cooked in butter sauce or white wine.

Mussels: Steamed in Kai’s Special Mildly Spicy NZ Beer Sauce (Kai New Zealand Restaurant)
Mussels: Steamed in Kai’s Special Mildly Spicy NZ Beer Sauce

Every dish here lets you enjoy with your eyes and mouth.

Exploring KAI: A Captivating New Zealand Restaurant Experience in Bangkok

There are outside tables and inside tables.

The inside tables are on the ground floor and 2nd floor.

Kai New Zealand Restaurant: Cheers with white Newsealand wine.
Cheers with white New Zealand wine.

The warmth of the wooden surroundings and warm colored lighting relaxes you.

KAI: inside of the restaurant
KAI: inside of the restaurant
KAI: inside of the restaurant
KAI: inside of the restaurant

Weekdays are filled with people coming back from work and on the weekends,

family and dating couple can be spotted.

It is always full with happy diners.

There are many service staffs and they are very fast with their service.

But if you are looking to dine in a nice and moody restaurant,

this may not be the place but if you want to fill your tummy with good food,

or want to have a jolly good time with family and friends, this is the place you must try.

Essential Details about KAI: Your Next New Zealand Culinary Destination in Bangkok

Location:142 22-23 Sathon Soi 12 Alley, Khwaeng Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500

Parking place : Yes (parking place available in front of the restaurant)

Opening hours : Mon. – Fri.   16:00-23:00.    Sat. Sun 11:00-23:00




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