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Top 5 Wellness Resorts in Thailand for Health Benefits: Comprehensive Guide

Hello, everyone I am Chifumi Maeda, a Japanese female president living in Bangkok.

Thank you, guys, for visiting this

“True comments from Japanese female presidents living in Thailand” blog.

Let me today talk about Wellness Resort.

Since the Corona pandemic started,

it seems that there are more and more people thinking about

and taking care of their health than ever before.

I myself have always been thinking that the “Health is the most valuable asset” and

have been looking after my physical & mental health.

In order to maintain my good health,

I work-out regularly and receiving massages

and holistic treatment regularly for my inner

and outer body maintenance.

And, also regularly going into meditation for my mental wellbeing.

And, as a part of such routine self-health-care, visiting Wellness Resorts

which I am going to share story with you.

Every time I stay in such place, I realize that it is

important to place yourself in an environment that
is not where you put yourself in everyday life to look at yourself
from both mental and physical point of view


Understanding Wellness Resorts: What They Are and How They Function

There is no accurate definition for Wellness Resort but searching books and sites,

they say that it is an accommodation facility where the followings are emphasized.

Serves meals that is based on nutrition science

Exercises focusing on the individual constitution and age as well as the purpose of the stay.

Body adjustment using massages and other treatments

Aiming mental and physical health harmony by means of mentioned

in above under relaxed environment of resort facility.

The era we are living in that “being healthy” is an asset,

it may be a good idea to stay in a Wellness Resort to look at yourself from various point of view.

Amatara wellness

Exploring the Health Benefits of Staying in a Wellness Resort

Culinary Experience in Wellness Resorts: Healthy and Nutritious Dining Options

As a basic, there are many facilities that focus on meals those claims that

they are a Wellness Resort and they can be characterized by the following features.  

Calorie calculated meals

Meals with calculated salt, fat, sugar

Meals that are designed to let you chew well before swallowing

Meals that looks very attractive

There are many people, I believe, that receives medical examination every year and

if you are one of those, you have probably heard several times from the facility that

you need “regular exercise” and “dietary management”.

When you want to reduce your excess weight,

only controlling what you eat will not let you reduce weight in a healthy way

or trying to reduce weight by exercising only won’t work as well as you thought it would.

So the experts say.

Especially, only by controlling the amount you eat may let you reduce weight for some period of time

but you will have a rebound and gain back what you’ve reduced. I’ve seen such cases.

At the Wellness Resort, most of the time, well balanced 3 meals are included in the program.

Through the meals that you will be served in the Wellness Resort,

How to prepare the meal.

How much of what ingredients should you intake.

How to prepare a well-balanced meal.

You can learn all these via your meals in the Wellness Resort.

Fitness Regimen at Wellness Resorts: Emphasizing Physical Activity for Wellness

At Wellness Resort, they run number of free exercise class that you can take a part in.

It differs from one resort to another but there are for an example,





HIIT Training

Are running as a program.

Yoga area at Amatara wellness

 And you always have access to gym and adjunct facilities (pool, sauna) and

there is designated trainer that guides you to effective way of workout.

It probably will help also by working out like a mad person

but the effect may be a lot different when you follow the movement logical to your body structure.

Holistic Body Maintenance: Massages and Therapeutic Treatments in Wellness Resorts

Many of the Wellness Resort program includes massages.

Muscle maintenance after a workout is definitely but receiving a massage itself will relaxes you definitely.

Thai Hammam spa at Amatara wellness

As these facility claims that they are a resort,

many of them are equipped with good facilities and receiving a massage in an environment,

that is different from those massages that you receive in a parlor in small room in town,

with different view from every day town view is a wonderful experience.

View from spa at Amatara wellness

Expert Consultations at Wellness Resorts: Personalized Wellness Plans

At the Wellness Resort, there are staffs that have expertise as doctors, nurses,

and physical therapists stationed.

When you are checking in at the resort,

they will take your blood pressure and other measurements

as well as diagnosis of bones and muscles.

You will also be asked the purpose of your stay and receive consultation.

And based on the information, they together with you build program for during your stay.

Consultation with specialist at Amatara wellness

Depending on the length of your stay,

the number of the times for the consultation differs. Longer the more.

If you are someone likes to keep yourself active,

you can attend free exercise class and if you are someone likes

to relax and want to do not too much,

don’t attend the exercise class but enjoy the massage and other times

enjoy doing nothing is also a great way to spend the time here.

Thailand is the country in Asia that started to focus on the Wellness tourism

and there are several Wellness designated hotels.

The 5 Wellness Resorts that I am going to talk to you today are all different from one another

and I strongly recommend you to pay a visit at least once each if your time allows you to.

Top 5 Wellness Resorts in Thailand

Chiva-Som, Huahin: Thailand’s Premier Wellness Resort

Most famous Wellness Resort in Asia.

I probably don’t need to say too much on this resort. It is too famous.

Located 150km southwest of Bangkok,

the resort is in Huahin where place famous for the Royal family having their summerhouse.


It was chosen as the Top Wellness resort of the world many times

and is also famous for celebrity from all over the world coming here on their long secret vacance.

There is also a therapist training school (Chiva-som International Academy)

and people who want to learn Chiva-som technique from all over the world trains here.

I sometimes offer myself as a practice model receiving treatment

from these future therapists.

They have recently opened Wellness Resort


Photo shooting is prohibited during the stay in the resort in order to protect the privacy of the guest.

Here are the Wellness programs that they offer.

Chiva-som Wellnes program

The homepage of the package that has been showed are in the link below.

Amatara Wellness, Phuket: An Oceanfront Sanctuary for Health

1.5 hour from Bangkok by air.

Wellness Resort that stands on the most south tip of the Cape Panwa in Phuket.


Whether you are wellness lover or not,

the place offers “soft-wellness” that satisfies both types of guests.

The wellness program starts from 3 days stay however,

if your time allows you, I recommend you stay for 5 days or more.

I’ve been to the place 3 times already for their wellness program.

Their wellness program is as following.

Amatara wellness : Wellness program

The homepage of the package that has been showed are in the link below.

(Click here to see review)

Kamalaya, Samui: Experience Holistic Healing Amidst Tropical Splendor

South of the Samui Island. Wellness resort located along the vertical cliff.


who have deep knowledge in Asian spiritual.

As the nickname of the island COCONUT ISLAND suggests,

the resort is surrounded by the palm tree and green nature.

You can stay here without booking the Wellness program however;

I strongly recommend you to book your stay under the program of 3 meals and wellness program.

The resort is designed for long stayers and there are 19 different programs.

This one offers the largest number of courses among the all resorts that I am writing about.

These are their wellness programs.

Kamalaya wellness Course

The homepage of the package that has been showed are in the link below.

RAKxa, Bang Krachao, Samutprakan: Where Modern Medicine Meets Traditional Thai Healing

Opened in 2021 and is the newest Wellness resort and is easy access from Bangkok.

Located in Bang Krachao on the island on Chaophraya River.

Has tie-up with Bumrungrad Hospital.

When you visit their Home Page, the program seems pricy

but if you ask them directly, they will give you their promotion price.

Rakxa: One day program

The homepage are in the link below.

(Click here to see review)

Rainbow Arokaya, Chachoengsao: Discover the Fusion of Holistic Practices and Modern Amenities

Highly recommended if you are looking for casually experiencing Wellness Resort.

Very compact place with only 8 rooms.

Located in Chachoengsao province 70 km southeast of Bangkok.


Very quiet environment located along the Bangpakong River.

Price is very budget friendly among the all resorts that I wrote here about.

Comes with 3 meals and all meals are Thai cuisine based.

Rainbow Arokaya Wellness Course

Conclusion: Choosing the Right Wellness Resort in Thailand for You

So, I wrote on the Wellness resorts today.

I, by regularly staying at Wellness Resort,

think is a good chance to get to know more on myself.

I learned what kind of exercise I should do and

what kind of foods I should be consuming for my physical and mental health

and wellbeing via stay in the resort.

There are some courses in the 5 Wellness Resort offer that is not shown in their Home Pages.

So please ask them directly and they will show you their promotions.

Whether you are living inside or outside of Thailand,

please make time to visit a Wellness Resort.

I can give you my personal guarantee that there will be new findings for you.

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