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[Review] RAKxa Wellness & Medical Retreat@ Bang Kachao, Thailand

Hello, everyone I am Chifumi Maeda, a Japanese female president living in Bangkok.

Thank you, guys, for visiting this

“True comments from Japanese female presidents living in Thailand” blog.

I’d like to talk about RAKxa, a newly established Wellness Retreat.

I’ve, sometime ago, wrote about Wellness Retreat in Thailand on my

“The benefit of staying at Wellness Resort and Top 5 Wellness Resort in Thailand” edition.

I am quite keen on looking after my own health regularly and

also in the area of “preventive medication” that prevent people

from becoming ill before it start to affect our health.

Wellness Retreat is the best place to learn and understand both physical and mental health

while you experience the activities and way of your day to day living while enjoy your stay. 

And I, today, would like to give you information on RAKxa Wellness & Medical Retreat.


The Wellness Retreat that is the closest and the newest of such from Bangkok

In Bang Kachao in Samtprakan province,

a 30 minutes’ drive from the city of Bangkok has this newly established Wellness & Medical Retreat.


Bang Kachao is about 4km from Bangkok if you draw a straight line from Bangkok.

Located on the sandbar on the Chao Phraya River,

the sandbar is called “green lung” as its shape and richness in green.

It is accessible by a canal boat from Klongtoey and Bangna.

I once went there on my bicycle.

Since few years ago, a bridge was constructed and now easily accessible by car as well.

RAKxa is now still under development but the facility is built on a huge 200 Rai (320,000sqm) land.


One big difference with this place with other Wellness Retreat in Thailand is that

this facility acquired a “Hospital license” instead of “Hotel license”.

The Retreat is managed as a joint project by MINOR Group that owns Anantara Hotel and Bamrungrad Hospital.


Features of RAKxa

Able to receive advice from specialists

The top features of RAKxa is that they have specialists from all the fields. 

The first thing you get the minute you arrived at RAKxa is a Health and Wellness Consultation by nurse.

You will receive “Wellness and Health Questionnaire” before your visit to the facility

which you are asked to fill in the current status of your health in detail.

The schedule during your stay is decided in this consultation.

As the consultation is done in individually,

I have to live separately from my hubby except for when having our 3 meals.

Actual schedule during my stay there.)
The LOBBY where you receive your first consultation.)

A consultation by a doctor.

As it is cooperating with Bamrungrad Hospital, there is Vitallife in the Retreat.

This Vitallife is a facility with doctors stationed 24/7,

they will give you approach from various angle such as Anti-aging, Immune medicine, Preventive medicine.

Based on the Questionnaire that I’ve mentioned earlier,

we discuss on my current mental and physical issues that I may have and if any,

will talk on medical approach so as to solve the issue in details.

It is like deciding the treatment policy in a way.

Vitallife at RAKxa
Received Liver detox intravenous drip injection at Vitallife

There are Physical therapist and Occupational therapist designated to the facility

thus possible to receive individual guidance.

I had my muscles and body balance measured and

my hubby had his walking posture filmed to check the usage of our total body and feet angles. 

We can understand our body usage and usage habit from the measurement

and had advise on actual corrective solution. 

It was an eye opener for me to know myself objectively and received advice for method to correct

and improve from specialists was a good learning.

Biomechanics analysis at RAKxa

Biomechanics analysis at RAKxa

We can also attend classes during our stay.

I’ve attended fascia release class and stretching class. 

It was very fruitful gain attending the classes as they will educate us with the muscle structure

and function logically so that we understand what we are doing to which muscle.  

Weekly activities at RAKxa
Class schedule

Replete facilities

RAKxa has various facilities here and there on a huge 200 Rai (320,000sqm) land space.

It is still under development but I think there probably will be hospital and rehabilitation facility coming in the future.

Map of RAKxa

Current map of RAKxa

There are 4 big areas in the facility.


Doctors are stationed around the clock.

The facility is specialized facility where you will receive medical based treatment. 

I’ve received a Liver Detox IV and my hubby received an Oxygen Therapy.

Vitallife at RAKxa

Entrance of Vitallife. Further down, there is main building.

Vitallife at RAKぁ

At Vitallife, you will have your blood-pressure and heart-beat measured before treatment

Vitallife at RAKxa

On your way to Vitallife main building, there are chairs for you to sit and rest.


This is the restaurant where 3 Wellness cuisines are served.

I will give you more details on the meals later.

Kombucha  at RAKxa

Kombucha of the day is served every day before the meal.

RAKxa Jai

The facility designated to treatments such as Hydro Therapy and massage. 

Changing room and Hydro Therapy is separated by male and female.

Hydro Therapy Area is not a natural onsen spring

but it is good enough as jet-bath and neck-bath both are with hot water.

There are also dry-sauna and wet-sauna.

My favorite way of enjoying this facility is to first get myself nice and warm

then stand in the Amazon Rain forest mode in the Rain Shower booth to soak myself head to toe with squall like cold shower.

The massage you get after having the muscles relaxed with Hydro Therapy was out of this world.

RAKxa Jai at RAKxa

Massage room

RAKxa Jai at RAKxa

Relaxing area

RAKxa Gaya

Gym, Pilates, and pool facilities are also there for you.

This is where I had my muscle strength measured

and also have attended stretch class as well as fascia release class.

RAKxa Gaya at RAKxa

Pilates room

RAKxa Gaya at RAKxa

Inside of RAKxa Gaya

As the premise of the facility is so spacious as the area is so huge, the environment is so relaxing.

You can travel by cart inside of the premise however;

I would recommend you to do that on bicycle that they have provided in your room for you to use.


I was always on the bicycle when I wanted to travel in the premise.

How about foods there?

RAKxa serves 3 meals and with tea and I was really looking forward to every meal.

I was so keen on eating but that is not all,

I wanted to know how they prepare and what kind of ingredients they use and how.

Most of these Wellness Retreats serve 3 meals which is included in the package.

Meals are consisted from salad -> soup -> main dish -> dessert.

Not an Aperitif, i.e. a pre-meal appetizer

but Kombucha of the day as a “Pre-meal juice” is served everyday.

meal at RAKxa

Left: Kombucha. Center: Pineapple shot. Right: Wheatgrass shot

meal at RAKxa

Salad with baked pumpkin. As the pumpkin is baked slowly, the sweetness of the ingredient really comes out well.

meal at RAKxa

Carrot soup. The appearance and the texture is cream soup. Gentle sweetness smell runs through the nasal cavity

meal at RAKxa

Main course cod fish. Comes with steamed vegetables. The natural sweetness and bitterness brings the taste of the fish meat standout.

meal at RAKxa

Dessert:  the lotus root is boiled in a ginger tea. The ginger tea has some brown sugar taste.

The meals at RAKxa has the following characteristics.

Dairy Free

There are no foods using dairy products.

They use Soy milk and almond milk instead.

meal at RAKxa

Sesame ice cream. Meals always come with dessert. And of course, no dairy product is used. Sugar is also off limit.

Gluten free

Depending on the guests’ purpose, Gluten free meals can be arranged. 

Breads served with the meal and cookies served on tea-time are also Gluten free.


Nutrition and calories are well calculated.

As there are also many people coming here to control their diet,

the nutrition and calories needed for one day are calculated.

meal at RAKxa

Avocado salad that I had with my breakfast

meal at RAKxa

Main course for a dinner: lobster is served with apple and mango sauce.

Pretty on the eyes and tasty on the tongue

I like staying at Wellness Retreat and therefore quite often visit them and when I mention that to people,

some of them have image that meals there are not good.  

But trust me, meals at RAKxa is very good.

Not only they taste very good but they are also beautifully presented as well. 

meal at RAKxa

Blocks of beets on bread that I had with my breakfast.

meal at RAKxa

An appetizer of a dinner.    Sautéed American eggplant. Came with miso and bean dip

Prepared without oil or salt.

And they have done their study a lot on the preparation method too.

They are preparing and cooking the ingredients without oil.

And wow, they are able to bring-out the deliciousness of ingredients.  

And another wow is that they are not using any salt.

meal at RAKxa

A salad dish with my dinner. Scallop salad it was.)

meal at RAKxa

Dessert was coconuts and mango pudding. Their natural sweetness is quite refreshing

Even my hubby who is bit strict with good meal was also very happy with the meal here.

He is not a person who enjoys staying at any Wellness Retreat

but this one seems to be different.

He wants to come here again, he said.

The guest room

We stayed at Garden Villa this time.

The room is villa type and are single standing house.

Villa  at RAKxa

Entrance of the villa. It is surrounded by trees.

Villa at RAKxa

Bicycles are for you to use.

It has the living-room, bed-room,

and bathroom all independent from each other and quite spacious.

Living room at RAKxa

The living-room

Bathroom at RAKxa

The bathroom

There is refrigerator in the room that had mineral water and Cold Press Juice for us to consume.


Tea set at RAKxa

Non-caffeine tea is also there.

The room is very quiet with Pillow menu prepared and we slept like babies.

In the morning and evening, we could hear crickets and other grasshoppers singing with out,

of course, any city noises such as car engine noise and sirens. It was dead still.

The bathtub was more than big enough but as we were busy everyday with our Hydro Therapy,

we never had a chance to use the bath in our room.

And as we were quite busy with attending the classes and having massages,

we came back to our villa only to sleep.

The fee

We’ve stayed her this time on a 2 nights 3 days Package called New You Resolution.

And we paid 70,000 baht for the 2 of us. (35,000 baht per person)

If you come by yourself, it will cost you 39,800 baht.

There are different prices for different packages so I would advise you to check them beforehand.

The meals are basically included in the package.

Their Facebook information carries more details.



So, I’ve been talking about Wellness Retreat “RAKxa” today.

It is the Wellness Retreat most closest to Bangkok,

so why not consider your stay here and review your day to day health care?

You can learn a lot, I think, about your own health at the moment

and the best diet and exercise to maintain your good health.

I will be very happy if this article can contribute to your healthier life.

Information on RAKxa



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