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Top Authentic Japanese Dining Experience at AOI Restaurant, Silom Soi 6, Bangkok – An In-Depth Review

Hello, everyone I am Chifumi Maeda, a Japanese female president living in Bangkok.

Thank you, guys, for visiting this

“True comments from Japanese female presidents living in Thailand” blog.

Today, I will talk about AOI Japanese restaurant on Silom Soi 6.

The place is always packed with diners. Weekdays lunch time is occupied

by business persons from nearby, family diners in the weekends

and in the evening people on business dinners. 

They have 3 restaurants in Bangkok, one in Emporium and the other in Siam Paragon

besides the one I am going to talk about in Silom.

Yes, the one in Silom that I am going to talk about today because,  

AOI Japanese restaurant @ Silom Soi 6

Unique Highlights of AOI Japanese Restaurant in Silom Soi 6, Bangkok

Exploring AOI’s Authentic Interior: A Visual Tour

Out of all the 3 restaurants, the one in Silom is with the longest history.

As those in Emporium and Siam paragon are both located in department store

and it could be very convenient before, during, or after your shopping

but the one on Silom is in a single standing house and quite nice.

The interior here is a replica of old Japanese style house and not only the tables

and the chairs are beautifully made but the paintings on the wall

and ikebana-flower arrangements are also very beautiful.  

In Japan, we have clear 4 seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter)

and here at AOI Japanese restaurant changes their decorations depending on

which season we currently are and for us Japanese,

we are looking forward to find out what kind of decoration

will welcome us every time we come there.

Enjoy your food watching Itamae-san (chef) at the counter seat,

or watch him in action from the table.

The choice is yours.

AOI Japanese restaurant @ Silom Soi 6

I normally seat myself at the counter chair when I enjoy my sushi

but for other foods, I mostly have them at the table seat.

And, I definitely have to mention about the staffs’ service level.

They are at the top of the top level among many other Japanese restaurants in town.

The owner of the restaurants is a Japanese woman and with her female eyes,

staff education is done very well and leaves out nothing.  

How can anyone educate their staffs to this level I wonder every time I come there.

As far as the service goes, The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok is the top level

among all the hotels and among the restaurant;

AOI Japanese restaurant ranks the top level.

If and when you have a chance to dine at AOI Japanese restaurant,

make sure you also enjoy the way the staffs treat you.

Tasting AOI: A Comprehensive Food Review

The foods keep the traditional way of preparation of Japanese food however;

they are also arranged a bit so that a Thais can enjoy them as well.  

Some of the ingredients are flown over from Japan

and some of them are locally procured here in Thailand

but they both are prepared so as to bring out the original taste of the ingredients. 

In lunchtime, the set menu bento is a good deal and you can get a well-balanced dish. 

AOI Japanese restaurant
Sushi Bento

Dinner costs about the double of that from lunch

and will be occupied by people cerebrating a special day or business diners.

The quality and the taste here is probably the top level here in Thailand.

Experiencing the KAISEKI-MIYABI Lunch at AOI: Why It’s a Must-Try

What I strongly recommend is their lunch menu, “KAISEKI~MIYABI”.

The price is 1,200 baht.

When you order the KAISEKI, they will make settings especially for the KAISEKI.

AOI Japanese restaurant @ Silom Soi 6
Right corner above is the appetizer UME plum wine
AOI Japanese restaurant @ Silom Soi 6

Kaiseki is a Japanese dish coming in course style

and they normally comes in the following order.

The contents may vary from a restaurant to restaurant

as well as the season of the year. 

Appetizer: Clear soup and grilled dish

AOI Japanese restaurant @ Silom Soi 6
Top: firefly squid dressed with vinegar and miso. Middle: boiled tomato. Monkfish liver. Bottom: kelp with herring roe


AOI Japanese restaurant @ Silom Soi 6
Left: young yellowtail tuna. Middle: tuna. Bottom: fluke fin

Grilled dish and grilled fish

AOI Japanese restaurant @ Silom Soi 6
Left: grilled sablefish marinated with miso paste. Middle: fava bean. Right: Deep-fried young horse mackerel marinated in a spicy sauce.
AOI Japanese restaurant @ Silom Soi 6
Fried dish: batter is made from rice flour and the sweetness spreads out in the mouth.

Main dish (sushi or rice seasoned with soy sauce and boiled with meat or seafood, and other savory vegetables, etc.)

AOI Japanese restaurant @ Silom Soi 6
MIYABI comes with sushi.


AOI Japanese restaurant @ Silom Soi 6
we had melon and mango on this day.)

Please, if you have a chance, enjoy this MIYABI not only

with your tongue but also with your “eyes”. 

The dishes are beautifully presented but the plates that they come on are also very beautiful

and lets your eyes enjoy while you are dining.

And, if you are someone that likes to enjoy alcohol, try their Japanese Sake.

When you order Japanese Sake, you can choose the Sake glass (ochoko-glass) that you like.

Try the Sake in this “ochoko”, it’s very nice. 

AOI Japanese restaurant @ Silom Soi 6

Dining Budget for AOI Japanese Restaurant, Silom Soi 6, Bangkok

Lunch:from 400 THB

Dinner: from 2,000 THB

Complete Contact and Location Details for AOI Japanese Restaurant, Silom Soi 6, Bangkok

Location: Silom Soi 6

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