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(Review) Quan Spa @ Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park, Sukhumvit Soi 22

Hello, everyone I am Chifumi Maeda, a Japanese female president living in Bangkok.

Thank you, guys, for visiting this

“True comments from Japanese female presidents living in Thailand” blog.

Normally, we invite Masseur to our home by using Orease and

GoWabi app to surf on net, enjoying a “Spa Surfing”.

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I’d like to talk to you about Quan Spa that I found on GoWabi.

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My conclusion, noting beats the hotel spa

When I wrote on The Peninsula Spa,

I also wrote on good things about the hotel spa.

This Quan Spa that I am writing about today is

also located in a hotel (Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park).

My straight opinion is;

Ahhhh, there is nothing like a hotel spa….

(Please see visit the following for the good points of hotel spa.)

How to get to the Quan Spa

The Quan Spa is located on the Sukhumvit Soi 22, very close to the Emporium department store.

If you are driving, you can access the hotel from Rama 4 Rd. as well as from the main road (Sukhumvit Rd).

The parking place is very big and there are enough parking spots too.

If you are taking BTS, get off at Phrom Phong station,

cut through the Benjasiri Park and you are there at the hotel before you know it.

However, the park may not be open depending on what time you are planning to cut through.

Quan spa is located on 9th floor of the Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park.

When you enter the main entrance of the hotel, it is on your right-hand side (North Tower).

The Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park is a very big hotel

and has the North Tower and the South Tower.

You can also access to the Quan spa from the South Tower if you don’t mind a bit of walking.

Quan Spa, Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park

And when you are at the spa…

You will first fill-out the registration form when you are at the Quan Spa.

And then enjoy your nice cold tasty lemongrass tea while waiting for your treatment.

Quan Spa, Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park

If you are there for an aroma massage, you will choose the aroma oil from 4 selections.

Shortly, the therapist will guide you to the treatment room.

Quan Spa and its recommendation points  

The recommendation points of Quan spa.

The environment of the treatment room is very nice.

There are two types of treatment room, Single Room and Couple Room.

Quan Spa, Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park

The rooms are equipped with shower and steam.

There are closet to hang your clothing and a safety box to keep your valuables.

There are also hairbrushes and other items for you

to use for redoing your hairstyling after the treatment.

And their treatment room has climate control facility

and places an electric heating mat under you to avoid you from feeling cold. 

The lightings are just right for you to relax.

And the BGM is not at all bothering.

The sound is controlled to so precise to relax you as much as you want to.       

It is kept nice and clean as, I think, it is a hotel spa.

The only minus point is that they do not have a toilet in the treatment room.

But if you are someone with a big tank, you do not see it as an issue.

The technique of the therapist is very high level and having a good manner.  

The level of the therapists’are very high is not the only thing but as this is a spa in a hotel,

the therapist’s manner and the way they are dressing is very neat and clean.  

English language is no problem for them which make the communication smooth

if and when you are not handy in Pasa (language) Thai.  

You will be treated well during the therapy.  

They often run promotions so; you may want to take an advantage of such. 

The price for Thai massage is 2,200 THB++ / 90 minutes. This is rather expensive. 

Quan Spa, Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park

However, they run promotions every now and then, you should take an advantage.  

Information on Quan Spa

Address: 9 th Fl. Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park, 199 Sukhumvit Soi 22, Klong Ton, Klong Toey,Bangkok, 10110

Parking space: available.

Homepage: Click here

Business hour:Open daily 10:00~21:00

Tel: +66 (0)2-059-5555; ext: 5832

Enter the discount code below to get a 100 THB discount.


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