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Comprehensive Review of Salabran’s Unique Enzyme Bath Experience in Ekamai Soi 10, Bangkok, Thailand

Hello, everyone I am Chifumi Maeda, a Japanese female president living in Bangkok.

Thank you, guys, for visiting this

“True comments from Japanese female presidents living in Thailand” blog.

Let me today introduce to you Salabran,

highly recommended Enzyme Bath House in Bangkok.  

Before COVID stopped us from enjoying all the good things in our live,

my hubby and I used to come here at least once every week.  


Understanding the Enzyme Bath: An Essential Wellness Practice

Have you ever heard of “Enzyme Bath”? 

“Enzyme Bath”, a bathtub filled with “Rice Bran Enzyme”

which rice bran fermented by power of enzyme, i.e. microorganisms and their secretions. 

And you bury yourself in a bathtub filled with this Rice Bran,

just like when you went to a beach with your family or friends

and buried yourselves in the sand.

But this time, not in sand but in Rice Bran.   

Rice Bran Enzyme Bath is said to have 10 billion microorganisms in a gram of bran

and the temperature is maintained at about 60℃ by the heat generated by their friction.

As it is a “bath” filled not with hot water

but with “Rice Bran” it feels more like 40℃ rather than 60℃.

In this Rice Bran Enzyme Bath full of microorganism,

the friction they make creates vibration

which vibrates the microorganisms in your body

which creates ultra‐red ray effect and warms our body from the core of the bone

which help strengthen our immune system. 

Our body temperature is around 36℃ in general,

however when it drops by 1, our immunity goes down by quite a degree. 

As the Enzyme Bath warms not your body surface

but the core of your body, your body retains heat for a long period of time.

My hubby enjoying his Enzyme Bath
My hubby enjoying his Enzyme Bath

I started to take this treatment (?) from around September 2020. 

At the time, I was suffering from an unknown dermatitis (skin problem)

and had red spots and ugly scratches on my tummy, back, and neck. 

And that was when a friend told me that

Rice Bran Enzyme bath help cure unknown cause dermatitis

which I thought I’d give it a try. 

Temperature changes every day hour by hour by fermentation of microorganisms
Temperature changes every day hour by hour by fermentation of microorganisms

The temperature of Enzyme Bath changes every day

depending on the air temperature and humidity.  

It heats you from the core of your body… 

About 5 minutes after you got yourself buried in, you will start sweating.  

I got buried in here to have my dermatitis treated

but due to a comfortable heat to my body and soul,

I started to think nothing and let my mind

do what it wants to do as if I was mediating.

You’ve got to try this!

Your body and soul will be as good as new. 

You will have this feeling of tiredness as if you’ve just got out from an ONSEN

but believe me you, it is a pleasant tiredness

that you will want to come back for more, and that’s exactly

how I felt on my first visit, and next thing I knew was that

I had bought myself a year passport (one year membership).

Beautiful garden view from the waiting space
Beautiful garden view from the waiting space

Maintenance work of the Rice Bran Enzyme Bath is done every day

by the owner couple, the staffs,

and volunteers by tilling with cultivator. 

Unfortunately, we are very good in collecting stresses from everywhere, every day, every time,

and keeping them in our head without trying very hard.  

As maintaining good health is very important for all of us,

my way of maintaining good health is by having this Enzyme Bath regularly.  

And there are other people talking about

how good the Enzyme Bath is to our health from their experiences.  

Revealing the Secrets of Enzyme Bath: Insights Derived from Salabran’s Official Site

Experience and opinion 1

The other day, I went to bed with my room cooler on.  

I was so tired and fell asleep probably in seconds and when I woke up in the morning,
I found myself with a sore throat and bit flu like symptom, so I decided to take Enzyme Bath.

I was wearing a mask at the time, of course from the reason we all know,
and so I put some of the Rice Bran Enzyme in my mask pocket and kept wearing it as usual and then…,
what do you know!

My flu like symptom is gone the next day!!

Fully recovered!!!

It works like a magic!!!!           

Rice Bran Enzyme boosts up our immune system

and that strengthened immunity system kills all the viruses in our body.

It probably works that way and it did so for me as well.  

And it worked so, not only once but twice that made me recover from flu.

It’s a miracle!! Or is it a medical…

Either way, with any naturopathy like treatment that

I’ve experienced so far that helped me cure from my symptom

this good is only Enzyme as far as I can remember.  

Experience and opinion 2

After I had my first Enzyme Bath experience in my life,

I put toner on my face in changing room

and I was surprised to find out that the speed and the amount of the toner that settled into my skin was incredible! 

The toner that I took on my hand onto my face never before went into my facial skin that fast,

but it went in to my skin no matter how many times I have tried.  

Experience and opinion 3

I am not especially hypothermia but Bangkok can get quite cold in dry season

and there are times that I need to sleep with my socks on or I get a cold feet.

(Oh no no… there are no ghosts or any of that kind in our bedroom… I hope…)  

But when I’ve taken my Enzyme Bath,

my feet are warm and I can sleep even in my shorts. 

But, I strongly recommend you to bring “Enzyme”,

the power and blessing of nature into your daily life.  

I’ll be glad if today’s topic was helpful to you. 

Inside Salabran: Comprehensive Information on Bangkok’s Premier Enzyme Bath Provider

Address: Ekamai Soi 10, Yeak 2 

HP: https://th.salabran.com/

When type in the following code, you can get 100 THB discount. (GoWabi)


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