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Bangkok Soap Opera Review: Your Ultimate Guide to Thailand’s Best Natural Cosmetic Products

Bangkok Soap Opera

Hello, everyone I am Chifumi Maeda,

a Japanese female president living in Bangkok.

Thank you, guys, for visiting this

“True comments from Japanese female presidents living in Thailand” blog

I am going to take you to Bangkok Soap Opera today.

It’s a shop that is selling natural soaps.

I knew about this shop for quite some time but never had a chance to visit the shop.

I am very fond of aroma oils as well as soaps,

diffusers and are part of my everyday life.

And since I am living in Thailand, I am doing my best to use those of Thai products

thus am a quite big fan of Panpuri and Satira.

And because I prefer to use natural products,

I’ve checked here and there and came to know about Bangkok Soap Opera

and often visited their Homepage and Facebook.

And the other day, a friend of mine invited me to her house

and that was when I was planned to buy an aroma candle as a small gift for my friend in online shop

but then I thought I should actually check the smell myself and visited the shop physically. 

And I am glad that I did so.

Bangkok Soap Opera
The shop on the Sukhumvit Rd. very near to Soi49

Evolution of Bangkok Soap Opera: A Historic Overview of Thailand’s Natural Cosmetics

Bangkok Soap Opera was opened in 2018 by an Ukrainian Ms. Maria Kalita.

There are 2 shops in Bangkok now; one near Sukhumvit 49 and the other in Terminal 21.

Bangkok Soap Opera
Ms. Maria Kalita

Under their motto, “CHANGE BEGINS AT HOME”,

they are warning us that our activities towards better environment must start from our homes.

Ms. Maria Kalita clearly sends us message saying that making 100% natural

and chemical free soaps is an act of “LOVE”.

99% of ingredients of the products of Bangkok Soap Opera are edible ingredients

and her idea which she follows strictly is that if the product is safe enough to eat,

then it should certainly be safe enough to put on your skin.  

Not containing any artificial coloring, fragrances, preservatives, or parabens;

she is following the traditional method to extract and inject,

and even her tools are all handmade.

And what’s more, her products have expiry date, i.e. consume before date.

At Bangkok Soap Opera, they are periodically hosting events

such as soap making and perfume making.

Bangkok Soap Opera
Scene from a workshop

Through her soap making, she is conveying her message to the community,

teaching people how to make their own toiletries using natural ingredients,

teaching us at the same time that

our every small action can make differences in contributing to better environment.

Comprehensive Review: Bangkok Soap Opera and Its Best Natural Cosmetic Products

Exploring Bangkok Soap Opera: A Virtual Tour Inside the Store

On opening the door of the shop Bangkok Soap Opera,

you will be welcomed by good smell of aroma oil.

Small that is far from that of chemical ingredients.

The gentle smell is almost like as if you are walking into a flower field.

Bangkok Soap Opera
Inside of the shop Bangkok Soap Opera

Inhale deep and you will forget that you were walking on the busy Sukhumvit Road.

You will be filled with happiness.

Soaps, which is the name of her shop, to begin with, and aroma candles,

haircare products, body-care products, masques, facial-care products,

bathing products, and etc. etc. are all displayed neatly.

Bangkok Soap Opera
Natural soaps. Depending on your skin type, the choice is yours.

I went there to get candle for myself and for my friend as a small gift

but as they had so much other things that I wanted to get more than just candles.

Bangkok Soap Opera
Rose, Green tea and etc. there are 5 different kinds of bath-salts
Bangkok Soap Opera

All of her products have samples for you to test fragrances and textures.

Staffs are very helpful explaining product details and advices how to use.

Bangkok Soap Opera
6 types of aroma candle. There are big sizes and small sizes.

I think online shops are convenient but it was nice to be there physically as I got good explanations. 

Quality and Variety: Evaluating Bangkok Soap Opera’s Natural Cosmetic Products

I’ve tried many things other than my main purpose of getting candles

and bought following products.

  • Facial Masque (2)
  • Scrub (for both face & body)
  • Perfume

And I got 3 natural soap for free.

Bangkok Soap Opera
The products I bought and natural soap that I got as a present

I am not very fond of vanilla smell and lavender smell

but do like fresh smell of orange, green tea, peppermint, and lemon-glass.

I bought 4 candles, chose 2 lemon-glass, rose, green tea & bergamot.

I took lemon-glass to my friend as a present and she loved it.

Aroma candle Soy Wax 100% therefore you could use the leftover WAX

after finish lighting the candle for your body cares.  

Bangkok Soap Opera

I’ve placed the aroma candles inside the entrance door and bathroom

lighting them for about 2 hours in the evening.

The smell is not that strong that you can tell the fragrance

but very soft and gentle fragrance is there which I found it very nice. 

Aroma candle can be lit for 25 hours in one go. So she told me.

Having said that, I don’t think it may not last 25 hours long

in my case as I use the WAX as body oil.  

On putting it on myself, I start smelling nice with soft and faint smell and I like it.

Bangkok Soap Opera
Package of the aroma candle. It is simple design yet fashionable.

Perfume is easy to carry size with roll-on type.

Bangkok Soap Opera

Perfumes are often with very strong smell

but the ones from Bangkok Soap Opera is made with natural ingredients,

and it smells soft and gentle.   

You can only smell in your personal space

therefore you do not have to worry about affecting other people around you.

Bangkok Soap Opera
As it is roll-on type, I just roll it on to my neck just like that.

As the fragrance of the aroma candle and perfume that I got are of same of that,

I take care of my body with aroma candle WAX and then roll the perfume on myself

which is almost becoming as my habits.

I also bought Facial Masque as well.

Bangkok Soap Opera
There are 2 types of Facial Masque.

They are both wash off type masque.

It has rich texture and is not creamy therefore difficult to spread it around. 

Bangkok Soap Opera
Left: Pink cray and Rose. Right: Moringa and Lemongrass

However, the smell of oil spreads around and after washing it off,

it feels moisturized and refreshing.

I would strongly recommend Pink cray and Rose.

Pink cray and Rose is especially good for those with dry skin type

and Moringa and Lemongrass is especially good for those with oily skin type, so they told me.

And I also bought bath-salt.

Bangkok Soap Opera

They said it is good for both face & body but I am using it only for my body.

It is not very good idea to use the salt out

directly from the original container as water may get in therefore,

I am separating the amount that I use per time,

about 3 soup spoon, into a glass container. 

Bangkok Soap Opera

While scrubbing myself, there spreads Rosella fragrance and when showering after the scrub,

steam effect makes me feel as if I am using an aroma pot on myself,

it is quite like as I am in a “aroma bath” therefore I really recommend you to experience the salt.

I love taking a bath and thanks to Bangkok Soap Opera

it made my bathing time more enjoyable time

and made my life more colorful one.

And it is quite a big score they got from me as the prices of her products are quite affordable.

Bangkok Soap Opera Pricing: Are Thailand’s Natural Cosmetic Products Affordable

The product price range is relatively affordable.

They also run promotion sale from time to time

therefore it may be a good idea to visit their homepage and check such events.

Just for your information,

followings are the prices of the products that I’ve purchased. 

aroma candle (small) 260 baht

perfume 360 baht

scrub 300 baht

masque 380 baht

And I got a soap for free.

Bangkok Soap Opera

Weighing the Pros and Cons: A Balanced View of Bangkok Soap Opera’s Natural Cosmetic Products

Benefits of Choosing Bangkok Soap Opera’s Natural Cosmetics

Direct from Producers

Buying from Bangkok Soap Opera official stores you get body care direct from producers.

Right Out of The Oven

With weekly stores restock you get freshly made body care products.

Fresh Thailand Ingredients

As you read this sentence fresh herbs and flowers

are turned into soaps and body care for tomorrow’s delivery.

Natural Ingredients

Colorants and Scents our philosophy is only to use ingredients which you can find in your fridge.

If you can eat it you can safely apply it to your skin.

You can be happy

Whether it is for yourself or for someone as a gift.  

Soul and body of the person whoever received the product will dance with joy.

Affordable prices

While those natural products are sold under rich premium,

Bangkok Soap Opera products are affordable compared to of those.

Environment conscious

You can contribute to environment betterment activity by using the product.

And the containers after use are recycled in the shop

whenever you bring them back and you can get discount for your next purchase. 

Bangkok Soap Opera

Helpful staffs

Staffs are very helpful explaining on products in detail.

They also explained how to use a product which was quite helpful information for me.

Drawbacks to Consider When Buying from Bangkok Soap Opera

As the products are from natural ingredients, they do not have strong fragrances.

Key Information About Bangkok Soap Opera and Their Natural Cosmetic Products

Terminal 21 Shop

Terminal 21, 3 FL (BTS Asok)

Bangkok Soap Opera

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