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Complete Review and Buyer’s Guide: Thai Amazake – The Best Source for Authentic Amazake in Thailand

Hello, everyone I am Chifumi Maeda, a Japanese female president living in Bangkok.

Thank you, guys, for visiting this

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“Discovering Amazake: Japan’s Natural ‘Drinkable IV’ Energy Boost         

Today, I am going to talk about a shop called “Thai Amazake”

where they manufacture and sell AMAZAKE

that they fermented with rice Jiuqu or malted rice.

This photo is from the shop Thai Amazake
This photo is from the shop Thai Amazake

I call it a shop but actually, they do not have a physical shop

that you can walk in and look around

but it’s a shop who only delivers the product according to your order. 

So, as mentioned earlier; in Japan, the “AMAZAKE” is said to be a drinkable IV drip.

Yep, you’ve heard it right,

it’s the “IV drip for drinking” and is an original Japanese fermented food

that is highly effective for health and beauty. 

It contains a high amount of vitamin B and amino acid.

And as the name AMAZAKE suggests,

it is sweet but contains no sugar.

Its sweet taste is a natural sweetness

that was produced during its fermentation process.   

“AMAZAKE” means “Sweet SAKE”

but there is no alcohol component whatsoever,

therefore it is also consumed by children

and by those people who do not fancy alcoholic drink. 

However, as it goes through a natural fermentation progresses,

some alcohol components are produced.

And as its fermentation process further progresses, it turns into vinegar.

This shop Thai Amazake is owned by a Thai

who is very attracted to the delicious taste of AMAZAKE,

so much so that the owner couldn’t help herself not making it by herself.    

There is a similar kind of fermented food here in Thailand called [KHAAW MAK]

which comes quite close to AMAZAKE in Japan.

You can find KHAAW MAK almost in any supermarkets

but their fermentation process has gone too much

and taste bit sour or the alcohol component

is a bit too high compared to AMAZAKE

and could be tasting different from the AMAZAKE.

I, when change my hat to a housewife’s hat, often use KHAAW MAK for cooking.

It does a magic when pickling pork or chicken in it during pre-preparation.  

Ok, so back to the AMAZAKE talk.

So if you are wondering how I managed to find this shop Thai Amazake,

it was purely by an accident when I was looking for

where to get malted rice here in Thailand.

I searched all over the City of Bangkok from Japanese supermarkets to any shops

that are carrying Japanese food ingredients

but in vain and turned to my GOOD OL’ Facebook and voilà! Hit “Thai Amazake”.

I contacted the shop immediately via the Facebook

and managed to get myself some malted rice.

DIY Guide: How to Make Amazake at Home

So, why not make AMAZAKE by myself I thought.

But people say that it is a bit of a fuss to control the temperature. 

But, there is nothing to fear! Sharp HOTCOOK is here!

So, I am using HOTCOOK from Sharp to make my AMAZAKE at home.

Setting the temperature at 60 degree and you can just leave it for 6 hours.

By the way, does any of my blog readers have any idea

how this machine got its name HOTCOOK?

It’s a coined word (a newly made word) by putting 2 words which are

[“Hottoku (no interfering)” + “Cooking”], so I was told.

150cc of water, 100g of dried rice malt (left),

150g of rice (right) will be all the ingredients you need to make AMAZAKE.

I am making my own AMAZAKE using my HOTCOOK

and malted rice from Thai Amazake.

This is the AMAZAKE that I’ve made by myself. It tastes smooth & dry.

But I must confess that it’s a fuss when you are going to make it yourself.

Buying Amazake Made Easy: Your Guide to Purchasing from Thai Amazake

You might too, which I did, find it troublesome to make it yourself.

And I’ve decided to go the easy way. Buy from Thai Amazake.

Thai Amazake also carries variety of Amazake flavors besides the normal flavor ones

such as Maccha flavored, Strawberry flavored, and Mango flavored AMAZAKE.

Mango flavored. Now that is a real Thai flavor.

As AMAZAKE is with natural sweetness (no sugar added),

Maccha flavor AMAZAKE has very refreshing taste and I personally like it a lot.  

So, why not make this “drinkable IV (intravenous) drip” as one of your everyday habit?

All About Thai Amazake: Your Go-To Source for Authentic Amazake in Thailand


To contact the shop: I am using Messenger. (English and Thai language)

Delivery: Free delivery for Sukhumvit area

Price (AMAZAKE): From 59 baht

Price: (Dried rice malt): Please ask the shop.

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