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Te Mata Glamping Review: Ultimate Luxury Experience in Khao Yai

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a Japanese female president living in Bangkok.

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Thailand seems to be experiencing an unprecedented camping boom.

There are a wide variety of camps,

from camping where you can simply set up a tent and blend in with nature,

to glamping where you want to have a luxurious experience

but also want to enjoy the atmosphere of camping.

Among campsites, there are many campsites around Khao Yai National Park,

and is crowded with many tourists.

Today I would like to talk about Te Mata Glamping in Khao Yai.

Te Mata 360
Te Mata 360 where we stayed this time

Khao Yai Travel Guide: Discovering Glamping Destinations

Khao Yai National Park is a paradise located about

170 kilometers from Bangkok, or about 2.5 to 3 hours by car.

Khao Yai is the general name for the area surrounding the Khao Yai National Park,

which is located in the northeast of Thailand and covers four provinces:

Nakhon Ratchasima, Saraburi, Nakhon Nayok and Prachinburi.

Its vast nature is recognized throughout the world for its value as

Thailand’s first national park and as a World Heritage Site.

Khao Yai can be visited all year round and its beauty is not limited to any season.

However, the pleasant climate, especially during the dry season (November to February),

is one of the most attractive features for visitors.

Coolness is precious in Thailand,

where it is hot all year round, making it a popular summer retreat for many Thais.

The rich variety of flora and fauna here attracts visitors.

Wild elephants, monkeys and a variety of birds can be seen in their natural habitat.

In addition, visiting beautiful waterfalls and enjoying the view from the observatory

will give you the feeling of being one with nature.

When the sun goes down, a completely different world opens up.

Night jungle tours are also offered in some areas,

allowing visitors to see creatures that cannot be seen during the day.

Khao Yai National Park attracts visitors with its rich nature and fascinating ecosystem.

Te Mata Glamping, where I stayed this time,

is right next to the Khao Yai National Park.

It is located in a place called Pak Chong, Nakhon Ratchasima province.

Experience Luxury at Te Mata: Best Glamping in Khao Yai

Te Mata Glamping places its principle in shaping the relationship between life and nature.

The owner himself is not a hotel industry person,

and he meticulously designs and creates each idea with

all his heart so that everyone can experience a comfortable and stimulating space.

Here at Khao Yai, its majestic nature invites inhabitants

into a sanctuary that integrates well-being.

Read a book by the lake or explore the surroundings on an ATV.

These are just a few examples at Te Mata Glamping.

Every visitor here can find their own ideal relaxation.

Unique Te Mata Accommodations: Exploring Room Types and Features

There are 7 types of accommodation in total,

and it is attractive that there are villas where you can stay with pets.

Pets-friendly Glamp

The following four Glamps allow you to stay with your pet.

Te Mata Eden Onsen

Glamp with a garden and a natural hot spring.

Big dogs can stay.

Te Mata Eden Onsen

Te Mata Royal

An independent glamp is built on a vast site of 3,000 square meters.

A large lawn spreads out in the front.

Of course, it is also possible to let your big dog play in the large garden.

There is an outdoor heated jacuzzi where you can relax while looking out over the vast garden.

Up to 7 people can stay.

Te Mata Royal

Te Mata Hilltop Residence

It is a hotel type accommodation with 2 bedrooms.

It can accommodate up to 5 people and can accommodate small dogs.

There are cabanas and heated jacuzzies on the rooftop.

You can see panoramic views of the mountains.

Te Mata Hilltop Residence

Te Mata Eden Pool

It is a glamp with a large garden and a heated pool with a jacuzzi.

Up to 4 people can stay.

Te Mata Eden Pool

Glamps that pets are not allowed

Following 3 glamps are where pets are not allowed.

Te Mata Hillrock Residence

It is a 2 bedrooms hotel type accommodation.

Up to 5 people can stay.

There are sunbeds and a heated jacuzzi on the rooftop and there a bath also in the room.

You can see panoramic views of the mountains.

Te Mata Hillrock Residence

Te Mata Lakeside

It is a glamp type with 2 bedrooms.

It can accommodate up to 8 people.

It has a large lake with a waterslide.

It seems that various playground equipment is also available

and is a popular room not only by children but also by adults.

There is also a heated pool.

Te Mata Lakeside

Te Mata 360

We stayed at Te Mata 360 this time.

This one-bedroom glamp can accommodate up to 4 people.

It features a large terrace and a magnificent view that spreads in front of you.

There is a heated pool with jacuzzi,

and the bedroom and living room are built independently.

Te Mata 360

It is attractive that you can choose a unique glamp

depending on the purpose of your stay.

Now, I would like to talk about Te Mata Glamping where we stayed.

Real Reviews: The Te Mata Glamping Experience and Impressions

Te Mata 360 Lodging: Real Reviews and Highlights

Te Mata Glamping offers 5 types of glamping and 2 residence types,

based on the unique concept introduced earlier,

depending on the needs of the residents.

As its name suggests, “Glamping” suggests, it is a large tent.

Among them, we stayed at Te Mata 360 this time.

The reasons that we’ve chosen this Te Mata 360 were,

The scenery is the best among the 7 types.

It is located on a hill and has a good view.

Having a large and spacious terrace.

All the Glamps were very attractive,

but these three were the decisive factors that we’ve chosen the Te Mata 360.

Te Mata 360, where we’ve stayed this time has 350 square meters,

and has independent living room and bedroom.

It is so luxurious that you can forget that it is a tent,

and the interior has a calm wood grained design.

Te Mata 360
The living room

As it is located on a hill, opening the windows lets in a cool breeze.

Outside the grand, there was a toilet and shower room for the living room,

and a kitchen with all the cooking utensils.

Te Mata 360
We had a massage in the living room during our stay.

The living room and bedrooms open out onto the mountain range

and is with a large terrace and pool with jacuzzi.

The pool is surprisingly a heated pool.

Some of you may wonder whether a heated pool is necessary in Thailand

where it is hot all year round,

but Pak Chong, where Te Mata Glamping is located is at an altitude of 500m

and in mid-July when we stayed,

the temperature in the morning and evening weres cool at 21 degrees,

so the hot spring pool was a big success.

Te Mata 360
Sunrise was beautiful.

It felt like as I was soaking in a hot spring in Japan,

with my head cool and my body warm.

I didn’t feel like swimming in the heated pool

because the temperature was over 30 degrees during the day,

but the experience of swimming in the pool

while watching the sunrise and watching the starry sky at night was an irreplaceable time.

Te Mata 360

I think it is rare to find a hotel with a heated pool in here Thailand.

Before I knew it,

I was floating in the swimming pool for nearly an hour, which was very relaxing.

The heated pool makes you feel like you are in a hot spring.

Te Mata 360
A large terrace. We had our meals here.

During our stay, I often spent time on this large terrace reading or working

while looking at the mountains in the distance.

Time really flied fast when I was listening to the sound of the wind

blowing and the beautiful birds chirping.

Te Mata 360

Also, the massages we had during the stay were very good,

my husband enjoyed the Thai massage for 2 hours,

and I enjoyed the aroma massage for 2 hours.

The massage while listening to the chirping of birds was really good.

The living room and bedroom are independent.

The bedroom was comfortable,

and you can choose your pillow according to your preferences.

There were 8 pillows on our bed because we didn’t make request in advance.

Te Mata 360
The bedroom has a large sofa and a window overlooking the mountains.

The closet was very large, and I was able to organize my luggage

without any problems even during a long stay,

and the dressing table was spacious and user friendly.

Te Mata 360
Spacious dressing table

My hubby also agreed with me that although the view is mountains,

I thought that the atmosphere of the terrace was

similar to Nang Gong Villa in Garrya Tongsai Bay on Koh Samui.

I once again realized that the independent villas,

the spaciousness of the occupied area,

and the majestic scenery that spreads in front of the eyes can be so relaxing.

I enjoy my bath time at my place of stay, and at Te Mata 360,

I was definitely able to spend a fulfilling bath time.

A clean bathroom based on color white.

Te Mata 360
Bright bathroom based on color white

The deep blue sky that spreads in front of you when you soak in the bathtub.

Te Mata 360

I lost track of time just by watching the birds and insects flying around.

Te Mata 360

There were always candles, bath salts, and scrubs at the side of the bathtub.

It smelled so good; it goes without saying that

I fell asleep blanketed in the fragrance.

Te Mata 360
Te Mata 360
Te Mata’s original brand shampoos etc. with good fragrances

At first, we were planning to go to the national park

and do some sightseeing since we came all the way to Khao Yai,

but Te Mata 360 was so comfortable that

we didn’t even step outside but spent all of our time inside the Glamp.

Dining at Te Mata Glamping: Reviews and Highlights

Our satisfaction of the stay maximized with the delicious food served there.

We were satisfied already with our stay at Te Mata 360,

but the food was really good.

Before our stay here, we researched famous restaurants in the neighborhood,

but ended up not going out and we’ve enjoyed our meal at Te Mata 360.

I usually have only two meals a day and basically no breakfast.

Usually, most hotels serve breakfast from 6:30 to 10:00,

but at Te Mata Glamping, they serve breakfast and brunch from 7:00 to 11:00.

So I enjoyed my late breakfast in a relaxed manner.

As Te Mata Glamping does not have an independent restaurant,

so you will order food and have them in your glamp.

Te Mata 360
Fill in the request sheet for breakfast.

Because the terrace was facing east and were worried of the strong sunlight,

but it was a comfortable breakfast

because it was shaded by the tent and the wind passed through.

Te Mata 360

We had a relaxing time eating breakfast

while looking at the mountains spreading out in front of us.

Te Mata 360

And moreover, the food was served warm,

and the seasoning was just right, and it was very delicious.

When the seasoning is strong, it is impossible to adjust it,

so for me, the light flavor was also a high point.

Te Mata 360
Local Cuisine of the Northeast Region: Kai-gata

Our dinner was also in our glamp, and both Thai and Western food were delicious.

Each Glamp has its own Glamp Host,

and when we told them about our dietary preferences and requests,

they responded meticulously.

Te Mata 360

My husband is allergic to spicy food, but he likes Thai food however,

he doesn’t have many opportunities to enjoy them.

Te Mata 360
Stir-fried chicken with basil, a signature Thai cuisine. chicken wings and salad

My husband loves Stir-fried chicken with basil,

which is stir-fried chicken and basil.

But he usually don’t eat it because it’s spicy even when we ordered it “not spicy”.

At Te Mata Glamping, we asked them to make it without adding any spiciness,

and they listened to our request, and thanks to that, he was able to enjoy it.

We also had shabu-shabu while enjoying the view of the mountains

that gradually darkened as the sun set.

The menu says shabu-shabu, but it’s actually more like a hotpot dish.

When the sun goes down, it gets cooler all at once.

While feeling the cool air, we both enjoyed the hot pot while huffing.

It was more like a Thai suki, which is famous dish in Thailand.

You can choose from clear soup, spicy soup, etc.,

and you can choose from pork, beef, or seafood as ingredients.

With a lot of vegetables, it was a very satisfying dinner.

At Te Mata Glamping, there is also a BBQ,

which you can prepare by yourself or ask a professional to prepare for you.

I thought I would like us to enjoy the BBQ the next time we visit.

We also enjoyed roasting marshmallows over an open fire after dinner.

Te Mata 360
Marshmallows, cookies and chamomile tea.

Campfires is a staple of elementary school summer vacations in Japan.

I feel very nostalgic.

Te Mata 360

Roasting marshmallows on the fire gives off a faintly sweet scent,

and for just a few seconds, it gives you a strange and meditative feeling.

Te Mata 360
Marshmallows is roasted over an open fire and… enjoy.

When I put it in my mouth, it was indescribably soft and sweet.

During this stay, we never left Te Mata 360,

and was satisfied with the delicious food,

and it was a very fulfilling stay.

Pros and Cons of Te Mata Glamping: Recommendations and Considerations

Key Recommendations for Te Mata Glamping

The variety of grumps is unique and diverse,
and you can choose according to the purpose of your stay.

Pet-friendly Grumps are available

Pet sitters are available

A dedicated glamp host is available to fulfill the wishes of guests.

Enjoy the beautiful nature.

The heated swimming pool is very comfortable.

You can see the star filled sky when the weather is good.

Delicious meals.

You can relax in complete privacy.

Many activities during your stay (ATV, Yoga, Biking, etc.)

Te Mata 360

What to Know Before Staying at Te Mata Glamping: Potential Downsides

It is in the mountains, so the sun is very strong and hot during the day.

There are no independent restaurants, so some people may get bored.

A car is necessary to go anywhere based on Te Mata Glamping.

Maximizing Your Stay at Te Mata Glamping in Khao Yai

Today I’ve talked about Te Mata Glamping in Khao Yai.

Khao Yai has a lot to see and places to see,

but Te Mata 360 was too comfortable for us

and we didn’t go anywhere and didn’t participate in any of the many activities.

This time we’ve stayed in the rainy season in late July,

but we would like to visit again in the dry season

from November to February when the temperature is the lowest.

The Te Mata 360

Discover More About Te Mata Glamping

Place:97 Moo 6, Nongnamdang, Parkchong, Nakhon Ratchasima 30130

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