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[Review] My experience story on laser hair removal in Bangkok

Hello, everyone I am Chifumi Maeda, a Japanese female president living in Bangkok.

Thank you, guys, for visiting this

“True comments from Japanese female presidents living in Thailand” blog.


Today’s topic is on “Body Hair”.

Yes, it is on “hair removal”.

Topic that many of us are interested but not courageous enough to talk about. 


Why I have decided to do “hair removal” here in Thailand.

I never ever had any problem with my body hair when I was still living in Japan.

But since I come to Thailand the story is different.

Is it because it’s hot here? Or is it because we show more naked skin here in this country?

I wouldn’t know why but I think I became more hairy and I started to feel uncomfortable about it. 


Swimming at Koh Kood.

Me swimming in the waterfall on the Koh Kood Island. I have no problem showing myself in a swimming wear thanks to my body hair removal


Now you know… why I did my hair removal…right?


The area for the removal starts from


Arms and fingers

Shins and toes

[VIO] (or Brazilian Hair Removal)


And, I strongly recommend having the hair removal at beauty clinic.

Laser hair removal is a medical care and therefore is done at the clinics or hospitals.


I’ve done only 1 course of my hair removal at an esthetic salon

(I happened to have bought 8 courses).

And they were Brazilian Hair Removal. I’ve done it 8 times if my memory is correct.


It was not effective (for me) at all.


It wasn’t effective enough means that,

although it was a hair removal treatment but all of them come back again after a period of time.

(Waste of time and resource!)


After completing the course, I saw no difference in the amount of supposed to be reduced hair in the area.


So, I had redone my Brazilian Hair Removal by laser hair removal at a clinic.

I had them done 5 times.


The reason why I recommend laser hair removal.

So, I really really strongly recommend having body hair removed.

Especially the armpit area is recommended.

When you will have a laser hair removal, I think the most common place to start with is the armpit.

Because that is where you most wanted to have them removed, I think.


during Laughter Yoga.

a scene during Laughter Yoga. I can take any pose I want with confidence as all the hairs are removed from the area


I think many of us in general shave them with a shaver,

pull them out with tweezer, use cream or wax to remove those unwanted hairs in the area. 

It does work to some extent but it also does a lot of harm to the skin and damages them.


My first laser treatment to remove the hair was at a clinic.

They were using a machine called YAG Laser to remove the hairs.

(It was 20 years ago)

They still use this YAG Laser even now.


Have them done once and you are free from them hairs for 2 month.

And when they comeback, they are definitely thinner than ever before.

I had the treatment 5 times in a year and after that, they are totally gone. Bye bye forever. 

It was the treatment done some 20 years ago and they haven’t visited me ever since…

What? Do I miss them? Nah.


I had my laser hair removal for armpits, arms, and feet done at a clinic near the BTS Chitrom

but I was too shy to ask them to do my Brazilian Hair Removal,

so I went to a different place to have them done. 


As mentioned earlier, I had never done any hair removal in Japan by professionals as it wasn’t necessary

so I have no idea how it’s done there but here in Thailand, the shaving is done by staff.

(People shave their hairs by themselves in Japan.)


Be it the armpits or Brazilian, it feels quite embarrassing to have your hair shaved by a stranger,

But trust me, you will get used to it whether you like it or not.

Besides, it is done by professional; she makes no big deal out of such.


The total treatment time is less than an hour.

So, the question is… does it hurt?

Well, I felt something like as if I was snapped with a rubber band once or twice in some areas

but as for the armpit, I felt nothing at all.  

And obviously there is no need for any anesthesia at all.


As for the Brazilian Hair Removal,

when the removal area is close to the bone, it can sometimes hurt a bit.

But the level of pain is nowhere near such pain that you have to be afraid of.


It seems that many man also come to have their body hair removed.

What the staff told me was that Japanese men come for his beard treated with laser hair removal.

And western men for his Brazilian Hair Removal.


Let me now tell you the pros & cons (merits & demerits) of the laser hair removal.  


Merits of laser hair removal

Basically, the hairs are not going to comeback in the treated area anymore.

The number of treatment depends on the individual but in 1 year,
the hairs are gone (or will be very thin like a baby skin hair).

Will save your time in your life as you do not need to spend time on taking care of your unwanted hairs by yourself.

You will be free from taking care of your body hair.

As for the Brazilian Hair Removal, you can decide how much hair you want to leave and in what shape.


Demerits of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is more expensive compared to when you do it by yourself or to hair removal at an esthetic salon.

There are some areas that you feel a bit of pain when the laser beam is applied. (Especially in bony area)

I feel like the treated parts tend to be more drier compared to before the treatment (“shin” in my case)

 I may be sweating more than before under my armpits.  


Having listed up all these merits & demerits, I must mention that I am glad I had it done.

On Brazilian Hair Removal that you are interested to know how they treat but too shy to ask other people.

I am posting an article on the topic in Japanese on my Japanese Blog.


And what happened was that I had so many reactions asking me to tell them

more on the “Brazilian Hair Removal treatment!”.


I don’t think there are many people,

if any, talking about Brazilian Hair Removal with his or her own face photos and real name

therefore I would like to write about my experiences on it. 


So, why on earth did I wanted to have the Brazilian Hair Removal 

And of course there was a reason why I wanted to have my Brazilian hair Removal treatment.

I used to get a rash from the sanitary napkin.

The hair sticks out from my swimwear. (Feel worried if the hair is not showing out.)

I wanted to wear cute little undies.


So, there you have it…



It was more than 10 years ago that,

I had serious problem getting rash from sanitary napkins

Even though I am living here in the tropical Thailand,

because of the nature of my work I always wear stockings at work and it gets very hot and sticky.    


Those of you who read this far should know it already that the Brazilian Hair Removal is

the hair removal at the delicate zone, and it is also called VIO hair removal I understood.


VIO stands for;

V=V line Bikini

I=I line or Inside

O=O line


So, as for my case, I had it treated from the scratch all the way till the end.

And of course, all the hairs there will shaved by the staff at the clinic.

I was told there that both sportsman and sportswoman,

regardless of their sex have their Brazilian Hair Removed as it is normal thing to do. 


At first, I was only thinking of the hair removal by the Bikini line.


When I had a consultation with the doctor and I was told that

we should apply the laser beam to all the body area where unwanted hairs are growing and see

how and how much they comeback so that we can adjust the dosage.  


And in case you are wondering, the doctor I had asked to do my Brazilian Hair Removal was a female doctor

(most of the clinics let you choose the doctor, i.e. male or female)


The designing is done with the hair growing amount and its shape in consideration.

I had bought 8 times course to have my laser treatment but at the end,

they were all spent for the Brazilian Hair Removal.


However, the hairs are not completely gone but moderately there so when I go to an ONSEN bath in Japan,

I will look no different from other people not having their hair done.

(We go totally naked into Japanese ONSEN bath.)


What I was told from a friend of mine who is working as a caretaker in Australia that

some people have their VIO done to be ready for his or her time to be in a care.

The reason is not to have any bodily wastes stick to them so as to be able to keep their body hygienic. 


There are somethings that I personally feel as merit and demerit

from the Brazilian Hair Removal which I will mention here in below.  


Merits of having had Brazilian Hair Removal

No more hot & sticky.

No more rashes.

Able to wear cute little undies as well as swimming wears.


Demerits of having had Brazilian Hair Removal

Between the legs hurt when riding on a bicycle.
(Or could it be only me?)

It hurts when I line laser is applied.


But all in all, I am glad that I did my Brazilian Hair Removal treatment.


I hope it was informative for you reading my Brazilian hail Removal experience.

I believe many of the people are still taking care of their body hair by themselves however,

I am quite sure that there are many people who are glad that they have done their laser hair removal. 

There range of dresses that you can wear expands a lot without feeling any stress which is a top advantage I must say.

I hope that this article have given some useful information to those of you who are considering of having their laser hair removal done.

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