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Best Office Items to Buy in Thailand: Comprehensive Review and Buying Guide

Hello, everyone I am Chifumi Maeda, a Japanese female president living in Bangkok.

Thank you, guys, for visiting this

“True comments from Japanese female presidents living in Thailand” blog.

I would today like to talk about useful things that I am actually using.

Since the start of the Corona pandemic,

many people started to work from home and Thailand is also not an exception.

In order to have your working environment at home more suitable for,

people change the home environment as well as office environment

to more user friendly way to match the changing environment.

Therefore, I would like to share with you the information for the items

that were asked from my business counterparties

as well as the items that I found very good having used myself.


Top Office Essentials Available in Thailand

Beurer Ultrasonic Humidifier: A Must-Have for Thai Offices

Thailand is hot throughout the year but office is often very cold.

When your office is in one of the office units in a building,

the central control will not allow you to ON/OFF the system

nor temperature control and this is quite normal….

You must try to resist the cold climate and you will suffer from very dry hands and nails.

Your eyes also suffer dry eye and the static electricity is generated due to the coldness.

And what is more, you will suffer a sore throat.

Therefore, our company uses humidifier.

At first, we bought a humidifier through LAZADA for 600THB but broke after a single use.

And what’s worse, as we placed it on a desk with documents inside the drawer,

all of the documents got soaking wet.

Ultrasonic humidifier, Xiaomi

We sent the item back and got our money back as well.

And we bought a new humidifier from German electric appliances maker beurer.

For some unknown reason, or may be Thailand do not use,

we couldn’t find one here in Thailand that easily.

And when we did find one, the design wasn’t to my taste

or the function was not to the standard that we wanted,

and our bad experience with the humidifier that broke after a single use,

we wanted to have one manufactured by a known maker,

We went on Shopee as we couldn’t find one on LAZADA.

Recommendation point of beurer

the humidifier is with stylish appearance and do not wet the floor even it humidifies the place.

the switch automatically turns off when the water tank is empty. (water tank capacity is 1.5L)

Has 3 humidifying modes. (High, Low, Sleep mode)

When on the sleep mode, LED lamp is turned off.

 [Operation hours] High: 4 hours. Low: 7 hours. Sleep mode: 4 hours.

Easy to look after.

Outline of beurer humidifier

Price: 3,200 THB

Purchased from: Central Online


Others: There is a place to insert aroma oil but aroma smell is not strong enough.
MUJI is probably better when aroma is the main usage.
I am using the humidifier at home and a device specially designed for aroma gives better smell.

UV Window Film: A Practical Office Item in Thailand

For some reason, I am fated to sunny office.

(As Thailand is hot, people tend to avoid sunny office units)

As the office window is facing west,

we have freezing cold morning and boiling hot afternoon….

And gets dry skin and throat… That’s our working environment.

After various studies, I found out that airco works effectively

when placing UV Film (window film) on the window

and it will be easy to control the temperature and helps to reduce utility cost… from an ad,

I bought one for home as I was doing my Work from Home.

As it worked well and cooled the home after placing UV Film (window film) at home,

I’ve decided to get one for the office and with staffs’ help, placed the film.

UV Film

Recommendation points for UV Film (window film)

 Easy for anyone.

just prepare water and mister, T-shaped bar (it comes with the product), and spray water mist and place the film.

cuts ultraviolet (UV) by 99% therefore protects people from getting tanned.

As it prevents the sudden rise of room temperature, helps reduce the utility cost.

As it cuts UV, it prevents furniture and clothing from being damaged.

Things to keep in mind when placing the UV Film (window film)

clean window thoroughly to make sure dusts and oil stains are wiped off.

Place the film by 5cm every time applying will give you good finishing.

Outline of UV Film (window film)

Size (width): 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110 centimeters available

Purchasing unit: sold by meter units.

When the length is 4m, input number “4” in the purchase quantity.

UV Film page
Film that I’ve purchased.

Hara Chair: The Ultimate Back Pain Prevention Solution for Office Workers

Basically, my work is deskwork but since I got strained back during my work in the office at the age of 25,

it comes back on some years suddenly or as and when I am tired and pushing myself to work.

I’ve been looking for a working chair and this Hara Chair is the one I finally found which I’ve been using for some years.

There are several types and I am happily using the one called “DOCTOR”.

I’ve bought the chair since they’ve started selling it in Thailand so it must be about 10 years or so.

I’ve also bought the chair for our company staffs as present. The one you see on the photo is the 7th generation.

I bought 2 of the same chairs and using 1 at home too.

Hara Chair

Recommendation points for Hara Chair

Seat is divided into 2 sections so as to spread the body weight and prevents back pain.

Chair height is adjustable thus can adjust to the user’s height.

The backside is mesh design and cool.

There is a cushion where hip comes preventing the user from getting tired of sitting for long hours.

Especially the “DOCTOR” sits very well.

Repair service available if and when there is defect.

Outline of Hara Chair

Where to purchase: Furniture shop in city as well as by mail order.

Price: 11,000-28,000 THB

Hara Chair (NIETZSCHE 2)
Hara Chair (NIETZSCHE 2 that I was using in the past.)
Detail page on Hara Chair (DOCTOR, the one that I use)
Hara Chair (DOCTOR, the one that I use)

Why a Keyboard Tray is Essential for Your Thai Office

We’ve relocated our office in April 2021 and at that time; I’ve decided to use a meeting table as my working desk.

But as I continued using it as my working desk, I started to get stiff shoulder.

As I measured the height of the now a working desk meeting table, it was 75cm which is quite high.

The average heights of working desks are about 60-65cm (depending on how tall the user is)

and even for a tall person like me with 169cm, 75cm is too high.

I’ve raised the height of my chair but found out that my feet are now off the floor

therefore I’ve decided to buy a stool for my feet and,

Searched around and found a keyboard tray which I thought was good for.

Keyboard tray
I am using the one from width of 65cm.

Recommendation points for keyboard tray.

as I can store the keyboard under the desk, it can extend the width of the desk.

  My elbows are now at 90 degrees and feel no unnecessary loads on my shoulder.
(Study shows that closer the angle of elbow gets to 90 degrees, it prevents to put strain on the body.)

Make sure to measure the width of your desk and check if it is possible to install it when you decide to get one.

Outline of keyboard tray

Price: Depending on the width but it is less than 900 THB

Color: Black (สีดำ) and light brown (สีไม้) available.

Keyboard tray
This is how I am using it.


Panasonic Nanoe Air Purifier: The Office Air Solution in Thailand

I was suffering from sore throat as the air pollution in Bangkok is so severe.

I also felt our office air quality a bit dusty and using air purifier.

I’ve checked many products and decided to buy Panasonic nanoe which is sold here in Thailand as well.

Nanoe is a product very well known in Japan removing 99.9% of air pollutants that can cause allergic reaction and odors.

There were 3 types of nanoe that are sold here in Thailand.

There are 3 prices and they are 5,900THB, 6,990THB, and 9,900THB.

The features of them are as the following.

I’ve purchased one from 5,900THB considering the size of the room

and did not need the one with humidifying function as it was for the office use.

Features of the one from 5,900THB nanoe

Weight: 4.8kg

Recommended room size for use: Up to 26sqm

Humidifying function: No

PM2.5 mode: No

Frequency of the filter change: 3 years

Filter maintenance: suck dusts with vacuum cleaner


Features of the one from 7,990THB nanoe

Weight: N/A

Recommended room size for use: Up to 36sqm

Humidifying function: Yes

PM2.5 mode: Yes

Frequency of the filter change: 4 years

Filter maintenance: washable in water

Features of the one from 11,900THB nanoe

Weight: 5.8kg

Recommended room size for use: Up to 90sqm

Humidifying function: No

PM2.5 mode: Yes

Frequency of the filter change: 4 years

Filter maintenance: suck dusts with vacuum cleaner

Recommendation points for nanoe

Easy to care filter.

Simple and easy operation.

Choices available depending on the function and the size of the room.

Air purifier (Panasonic nanoe)

When I come back from working outside of the office,

wow! It’s busy purifying the air.

Or is it me the machine thinks that needs to be purified?

Concluding Thoughts: Investing in the Best Office Items in Thailand

So, today I’ve talked on the items that I am actually using in my office.

I believe that there are many people those are working long hours out of 24 hours a day.

Why don’t you join me in making your working environment more comfortable as much as possible.

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