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[Review] Paradee – Beach front Villa on Samet Island with private beach and private pool

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Paradee on Samet Island is with private beach

Today, I will talk about a luxury resort Paradee on Koh Samet (Samet Island) in Rayong province.

It is about 2 and half hours’ drive to Ao Prao Pier

exclusive for going to Samet Resort in the Rayong province that is managed by Paradee.

Jetty at Paradee

And from the pier, it takes 20 minutes by speed-boat to the destination.

This resort is the most closest from the city of Bangkok.

Paradee, Koh Samet (Samet Island)

The Island Samet stretches from north to south and the island’s pier is located

on the northern part of the island and

the resort Paradee is located on the southern tip of the island having its own private beach.

It used to be that Paradee was reachable directly from main land by boat

but after the pandemic; it is reachable only from the common pier.

the lobby, Paradee, Koh Samet (Samet Island)
the lobby

Recommendation points of the Beach Front Pool Villa

We stayed at the Beach Front Pool Villa on this visit.

Paradee, Koh Samet (Samet Island)

There are 5 room categories.

Garden Villa and Garden Pool Villa where you do not have the ocean view.

Beach Front Pool Villa and Suite categories where you have the wonderful ocean view.

The layouts of the rooms are identical but we came here on the island that has its own beach,

why not stay in the Beach Front Pool Villa, right?

Beach Front Pool Villa at Paradee, Koh Samet (Samet Island)
the Beach Front Pool Villa where we stayed

And what we see in front of us is ocean with no one to be seen!

Paradee, Koh Samet (Samet Island)

You can just jump out to the beach barefoot.

From the villa, the view is a big white sand beach and blue water ocean.

As private beach this is, the only people you will meet is fellow guests and staffs.

The resort itself is not that huge so it is possible to go to the lobby on foot.

You can walk around enjoying the tropical trees and flowers. A small walk in the nature.

Paradee, Koh Samet (Samet Island)

And at the entrance of some rooms, there are sign of “Please do not enter the room”…

Paradee, Koh Samet (Samet Island)
Paradee, Koh Samet (Samet Island)

You can choose 2 aromas and 2 soaps that you’d like to use during your stay in the villa when you check-in.

We chose lavender aroma as my beloved hubby wanted it.

For the soap, we chose charcoal and papaya.

Paradee, Koh Samet (Samet Island)

The minute you enter the villa, smell of aroma welcomes you into the room.

Paradee, Koh Samet (Samet Island)

The smell of the aroma that we chose earlier spreads out in the room.

It often happens that many villas near the beach are not as clean as you wanted it to be,

but not here…it is shining clean here.

Paradee, Koh Samet (Samet Island)
Paradee, Koh Samet (Samet Island)

The room has separated shower and bath. Half of the shower-room is in outside of the room.

Paradee, Koh Samet (Samet Island)

There is bath salt that you can use and here also spreads out the aroma of lavender.

The amount of hot-water coming out has no problem.

You can take shower while looking at the blue ocean and listening to the sea breeze singing.

Paradee, Koh Samet (Samet Island)

There are sunbeds, table, and the pool just outside of the room.

Paradee, Koh Samet (Samet Island)

Parade offers the guest with Afternoon tea for free that you can enjoy anywhere you like to.

Have them in the restaurant or have them at the beachside. The choice is yours.

I had my tea in the patio at my villa where I can enjoy my tea with wonderful view of the ocean.

Paradee, Koh Samet (Samet Island)
Paradee, Koh Samet (Samet Island)

Wind was very cool and refreshing temperature being lower;

we had room-service ordered for our lunch and dinner here at the patio during our stay.

We had such a relaxing time during our stay,

reading books or just looking at the ocean and let the time slowly go by lying on sunbed.

The pool at our room was big enough to have some good swim.

Paradee, Koh Samet (Samet Island)

There is also public swimming pool but as there were many energetic kids having fun there,

I decided to enjoy my swim in the pool at my room.

Paradee, Koh Samet (Samet Island)

For those of you who may want to visit Paradee in the future,

here are some recommendation points and negative points that may help.

Recommendation points of Pradee

Has its own private beach and you can really have a relaxing time there.

As the resort is facing east and west, you can view both sunrise and sunset.

Very good services provided.

Meal prices are not expensive.

The resort is kept very clean.

If you are aiming for a relaxing time, do stay at the Beach Front Pool Villa.

Negative points

Selection of the food is quite limited.

The speedboat from mainland to Samet island drives very rough

Time schedule for the boat going to Samet Island is fixed and you need to prepare your schedule
according to the boat schedule. (2 go & back a day)

Information on Paradee

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