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Hyatt Regency Huahin Review: Premier Beachfront Hotel in Huahin, Thailand

Hello, everyone I am Chifumi Maeda, a Japanese female president living in Bangkok.

Thank you, guys, for visiting this

“True comments from Japanese female presidents living in Thailand” blog.

I would today like to write about my stay at Hyatt Regency Huahin,

one of the popular tour destinations among Thai people.


Exploring Huahin: Thailand’s Premier Beach Resort Destination

As you may all know if you are Thai, that Huahin is located 200km southwest of Bangkok

where the late Rama XI had his Summer Resort Villa.

This beach resort is very popular as it is easily accessible by car from the City of Bangkok and is located

where you can enjoy the magnificent view of the Gulf of Thailand.

It is quite different from Pattaya that has a large entertainment district,

this seaside resort is famous among people who seek for calm and relaxing environment.

As the resort is located on the west side of the province,

you will not be able to view the sunset however the sunrise view is impressive.

You will spot here and there people walking a dog or jogging along the beach.

The area has not only the beach but mountain nearby

where there are several wineries on the slopes of the mountain.

Key Features of the Hyatt Regency Huahin Experience

Experience the Grandeur: Hyatt Regency Huahin’s Expansive Area

I’ve been there several times on a company trip but only once,

more than 10 years ago, on a private base.

This time on my private base trip,

I chose Hyatt Regency among many other hotels as its huge area,

top point, attracted me very much.

Huahin has many hotels along the beach however,

many of them are facing the beach on their shorter length side of the building

and many rooms of these hotels are not able to see the ocean.

And the areas are not as large as that of the Hyatt Regency Huahin.

The Hyatt Regency Huahin has huge gigantic area where it has categories of rooms

that you can choose from depending on your purpose of stay.

As the long length side of the hotel building is facing the coastline,

it gives very relaxing impression.

Hyatt Regency Huahin

This huge gigantic land is dotted with number of lakes

and beautiful flowers and trees are planted everywhere.

Hyatt Regency Huahin

Just having a small walk through this garden

that is beautifully taken care of relaxes you already.

Hyatt Regency Huahin

Hyatt Regency Huahin: Ideal for Families and Couples Alike

If you came here with your kids, water-slider may be something for them.

(and of course, nothing prohibits grown-ups from having fun with too)

I understood that there are quite number of families

who choose to stay here only for the water-slider.

At the main pool, you can relax or play with your kids, the choice is yours.

The pool is long enough for you to have a serious swim as a part of your exercise.

(I am a serious swimmer)

Hyatt Regency Huahin

In the pool area there are Club Lounges for the guests

who are staying in the room are entitled to use,

and for the adult guests who are staying in the suit room

or above are entitled to use besides the main pool.

Maximize Your Stay: Consider a Room with Club Lounge Access at Hyatt Regency Huahin

There are 3 big categories for the rooms.

Standard, suit, and The Barai.

I would recommend, if possible,

to stay in the room where you can use the Clun Lounge.

You can have your breakfast and have one of your favorite drinks

any time you like to in the Club Lounge.

And 15:00 – 17:00 in the afternoon is the ice cream time,

and between 17:00 – 19:00 is the time

where you can enjoy small bites as well as alcohol drinks for free.

There are several swimming pools only for those guests so you can pool-hop.

I wanted to stay in The Barai Balcony

but unfortunately it was not available and stayed in the Premier Suite.

Premier Suite at Hyatt Regency Huahin
Premier Suite at Hyatt Regency Huahin

A huge 138㎡ with a balcony.

Premier Suite at Hyatt Regency Huahin

So, what about the sea?

You could see it a tiny bit of the ocean when you go out to the balcony.

(this is where I gave my minus grading)

Premier Suite at Hyatt Regency Huahin

According to the hotel staff, you can have the ocean view if you stay in the Premier Balcony Suite.

And when you stay in the suite room or above,

there is a free 60 minutes massage, “The Barai Spa”.

This spa was very good one. Out of this world.

The barai spa at Hyatt Regency Huahin
The barai spa at Hyatt Regency Huahin

It has different atmosphere from the garden or the room.

The barai spa at Hyatt Regency Huahin

It’s almost a maze.

The service was perfect even though it was for free.

60 minutes was not long enough.

The barai spa at Hyatt Regency Huahin

I thought I would stay in The Barai the next time.

Having mentioned all the positive points, there is one negative point.

A Few Drawbacks of Hyatt Regency Huahin

This is not about the hotel but the traffic jam Bangkok – Huahin is also out of this world.  

It only takes 3 hours if there is no problem on the road

but the chronic traffic jam from Huahin to Bangkok took me 5 hours.   

It may be best to travel early in the morning or late at night.  

Essential Information About Hyatt Regency Huahin

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