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Comprehensive Review: Highly Skilled Massage at MY SPA, Asok – Top Relaxation Destination in Thailand

Hello, everyone I am Chifumi Maeda, a Japanese female president living in Bangkok.

Thank you, guys, for visiting this

“True comments from Japanese female presidents living in Thailand” blog.

Today let’s talk about SPA!

Normally, we invite Masseur to our home by using GoWabi app to surf on net,

enjoying a “Massage Surfing” but this time,

I thought I want to change the way a little and visited MY SPA in Asok

where I can casually go, after so many years.

GoWabi, a reservation site I often use

Experiencing MY SPA: Where Casual Atmosphere Meets Expert Massage Techniques

I used to come here quite often before the Corona pandemic.

However, as the spa has direct connection with the Asok station,

the price is casual, and the staffs are highly skilled,

it was not easy to make a booking. The place is fully reserved every single day.

As it was not possible to make a reservation on the time that I want to come,

I started to stay away from the place and have not been there already for quite some years.

But I suddenly thought that, “why don’t I go there again” and made a call to them,

they had vacancy on the time when I wanted to come, so I went there.

My Spa

MY SPA is running various promotions that I take advantage of but this time,

I decided to go for Spa Buffet that I can have any of my favorite treatments mixed up to 2 hours.

There are 14 types that you can choose from.

The price is 1,200 baht.

(As of July 2022, the amount is 1,400 baht, since August it will be 1,800 baht.)

nenu for spa cource. (My Spa)
The Spa Buffet menu. From the menu, you can choose treatments that you would like to have but the total has to be within 2 hours.

I was interested to have a facial treatment but this time,

decided to go for “Body Scrub (60min.) + Argan Oil Massage (60min.)”.

And I’ve just remembered that MY SPA is famous for its Argan Oil massage

and the oil is purchased by the spa owner directly from Morocco.

The Argan Oil is said to have antioxidative effect and rich in vitamin E that works for anti-aging.

You can also purchase the oil from the spa and take it home with you.

Staff will give you detailed explanation on procedures and the contents.

And, to the treatment room…

Inside MY SPA: A Look at Our Massage Rooms and Overview of Treatments

Here at MY SPA, it is not that flashy like a hotel spa and room is rather small.

However, the place is not at all uncomfortable as they are keeping the place clean.

They are equipped with lockers to keep your clothe and valuables and there is also a shower room.

Treatment room at MY SPA.
The treatment room. This room is for 1 person. There is also room for 2.

The room is well air conditioned and may be a bit cold

but they have an electric mat where you lay down on

so you can receive the treatment under a warm condition.

I went for “Milk Honey Scrub”.

They scrub you throughout the body for 1 hour.

I give a scrub myself at home but back is not very easy to scrub by myself

so it is very handy to get your back scrubbed at spa.

They work on loosening your muscle while giving you a scrub and is very very relaxing.

After the scrub you take shower and next 60 minutes is Argan Oil massage.

As the old cuticles are gone with the scrub, the skin is smooth and shiny!

Because you get massage with vitamin E rich Argan Oil,

you know that you can expect more good things to happen to your skin.

Argan Oils has a specific smell.

So if the smell bothers you, they will add Rosemary Oil, Lemon-glass Oil,

or Lavender Oil. I asked for Lemon-glass Oil.

They will ask you, before the treatment,

if there is anywhere on your body that you would like to be massaged well.

I’ve asked for hip and neck.

Strength of the massage is adjusted by the therapist, you just have to relax and enjoy.

I sell asleep soon after the treatment started….

And by the time I woke up, the treatment was over.

All my daily fatigues are gone and refreshed.

Argan Oil leaves stickiness feeling on your skin after the massage however,

leave it as it is for about 30 minutes and it becomes smooth feeling.

It goes into your skin and makes your skin feel softer.

If you do not want to leave the stickiness on your skin for 30 minutes,

you can wipe it off with a towel but it is better to leave it on your skin until it gets smooth by itself.

Why Choose MY SPA: Highlighted Features and Unique Selling Points

Very convenient as it is directly accessible from BTS Asok.

The therapist is highly skilled.

There is promotion running quite often which is worth checking.

The price is very reasonable.

They are particular about the products they use.

Essential Details: Location, Pricing, and Booking Information for MY SPA, Asok

Location: Times Square 3F (direct access from BTS Asok).

In between Sukhumvit Soi 12 and 14. Next to the Sheraton Grande Hotel.


Parking:  There is a parking lot

Homepage: https://my-spa.com/

Business houe: Open all year round

10002000. Business hours are subject to change. Please contact the store)


When type in the following code, you can get 100 THB discount. (GoWabi)


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