Engage a wide audience through authenticity and diverse content

Chifumi Maeda has lived in Thailand since 1998

and shares her personal experiences of food, massage and travel.

Her genuine, experience-based blog resonates with readers,

making her platform a great option for advertisers.

Why choose Thai Real Review for your advertising needs?

High credibility.

Because Chifumi uses her real name,

her credibility is high and readers perceive her blog as authentic.

Pinpoint Your Target Audience

Reach out directly to people who live in Thailand

or are enthusiastic and interested in the country.

Exclusive Insights

Provides unique perspectives on everyday life in Thailand that

you won’t find anywhere else, allowing you to place your ads in content your readers trust.

Diverse topics.

A wide variety of topics, from travel to food and beauty,

make it the perfect platform for a range of products and services.

Deep reader engagement

Chifumi’s approachable content fosters a strong connection with readers,

ensuring that your ads resonate more deeply.

Why not promote your brand on Chifumi Maeda’s blog?

Promote your products and services to Chifumi Maeda’s avid readers.

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