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Le Cabanon Bangkok Review: Authentic French Mediterranean Dining in Sathorn

Hello, everyone I am Chifumi Maeda, a Japanese female president living in Bangkok.

Thank you, guys, for visiting this

“True comments from Japanese female presidents living in Thailand” blog.

Let me today talk about a Le Cabanon,

a French Mediterranean restaurant in a single standing house on Naratiwas soi 15.

I live on Yenakart Rd. and this area has quite many residents

from German and France descendants and

that’s probably why there are many French restaurants there.

Cagette & Canteen Deli that I wrote some time ago is also a French restaurant

that you can use casually however, the one, Le Cabanon,

I am going to talk about today is rather in a range of luxury restaurant.

(if you interesting Cagette & Canteen Deli, please check out here)


Le Cabanon Bangkok: A Deep Dive into Authentic French Mediterranean Cuisine

Taste and Quality of Food at Le Cabanon Bangkok

French origin seafood is famous here

Le Cabanon is importing fruits and vegetables as well as seafood from France.

Especially, the seafood is quite famous here and at least once every week,

they fly in the seafood caught in the sea near France.

Many diners here enjoy Seafood Platter served with oyster, lobster, as well as Mussel.

I unfortunately cannot eat big amount of seafood only

therefore only ordering oysters every time when I come there.

Le Cabanon
Different kinds of oysters are served depending on the season
Oyster and I(Chifumi Maeda)

Menu changes every now and then decided depending on the ingredients and

their condition that Ms. Martine Pilloux has carefully chosen.

Octopus Salad at Le Cabanon
Octopus Salad

From the choice of plate and the color of ingredients,

you can see the chef’s pride and the sense of beauty on each and every item.

Unfortunately the photo image can only show how they appear

but the balance of saltiness, sourness, and sweetness is exquisite and

you will be pleasantly impressed with the way ingredients are prepared to bring out its taste and flavor

Tuna Carpaccio (Le Cabanon)
Tuna Carpaccio

Fish that you eat raw has to be as fresh as it can be

but the fish they prepare is also the first class.

The way they prepare is just right to let you enjoy the fluffiness of the fish.

Baby Dover Sole (Le Cabanon)
Baby Dover Sole

Crispy aroma spreads out when you knife into.

Sardine (Le Cabanon)

They are also very good, very very good with sauce and herb technique

and I can use the technique when I prepare the same ingredients at home.

if I ever can use the technique…

Meat dishes are also good.

Le Cabanon is famous for its seafood therefore many of the diners come here

come for their seafood but, “meat dishes” are also very good.

terrine (Le Cabanon)
beatiful terrine

Both my hubby and I are meat lovers and “Medium rare” that

we can tastes the meat taste is our favorite.

Wagyu beef stake (Le Cabanon)
Wagyu beef stake

They are cooked well on the surface but inside is as red as the rare should be.

The French fries that comes with the steak has a strong sweet taste

which you can taste such only here at Le Cabanon in Thailand.

Foie gras (Le Cabanon)
Foie gras

I would like you to have not only the seafood but meat as well.

Exploring the Ambience of Le Cabanon in Sathorn

You can choose to sit Outdoor or Indoor to dine.

In the dry season (end of Nov. – beginning of Feb.), you can spot people dining Outdoor.

Indoor tables seats are settable from 2 person.

On the table with shining white table cloth is beautiful flower placed.

As walls are all glass windows, outside light is coming in

which makes the garden green look even greener.

Inside the Le Cabanon

And in the evening, they dim the lighting which makes the atmosphere very nice and moody.

I think that the French people are very good in using lights to create nice atmosphere.

In the lunch time, there are many people on date as well as with their family,

and in evening, there are many on date as well as having business dinner.

Dining Budget for Le Cabanon – Sathorn

Price Range for Lunch Sets and À la Carte at Le Cabanon

It depends on the time of the visit and on lunch time, there is lunch-set.

It is 1,650 THB for a lunch course.

(Price may varie depending on the season and the ingredients)

And of course, there are a la carte as well.

Appetizer costs about 850 THB per item and it may be a bit on the rich side.

The last time I dined here, it was 5,500 THB for 3 items, i.e. with an Appetizer, Main dish, and Pasta.

But with that range of price, I can give you my personal guarantee that the tastes are brilliant.

Alcohol Pricing at Le Cabanon Bangkok

Their wine list carries mainly French wines; Red, White, Rose, and champagne.

Wine starts from 2,400 THB.

Many French restaurants mainly carry variety of red wine however,

as Le Cabanon is famous for their seafood dish, they have variety of white wine as well.

As the wine that they carry is mainly the dry ones,

to go with their wonderful seafood dish, and for the sweeter wines,

they mention “Sweet” on the wine menu.

If in case you are not sure which wine to choose,

just ask the staff and he/she will be very happy to give you a recommendation or two.

Le Cabanon charges no corking fee, you can bring in your favorite wine with you.

Why We Recommend Le Cabanon – Highlights and Unique Points

Ms. Martine Pailloux, the owner chef, prepares your dish with ingredients that she chose.

The ingredients are imported from France.

They are famous for their seafood dish but meat dishes are also good.

Corking fee is free so bring your favorite wine if you want to.

Detailed Information on Le Cabanon – French Mediterranean Dining in Bangkok

Restaurant location: 44 Narathiwas soi 15, Yannawa, Bangkok 10120



Tel092 568 0444

Opening hours: 11302100

Parking place: Yes (Infront of restaurant)

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