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[Review] Seedring ~ Eyelash salon at Thonglor, Bangkok

Hello, everyone I am Chifumi Maeda, a Japanese female president living in Bangkok.

Thank you, guys, for visiting this

“True comments from Japanese female presidents living in Thailand” blog.

Let’s talk about a place called Seedring, an Eyelash salon.

I’ve been visiting them probably for about 3 years already.

All my five fingers are thumbs and I am not very good in doing makeup on myself

and that goes for my hair setting too.

And the worse of the worst is when I do my eye makeup.

They come out different, left side and right side,

a funny face and the more time I spent on to do this, the funnier it gets.

Therefore, today’s topic is…eyelash.

Inside the Seedring (Eyelush salon)
Inside the Seedring (Eyelush salon)

Tokyo Lash Lift ~ a Lash lift that lasts for a long time

I have single-edged eyelids and thus my eyelashes are pointing downwards.

Therefore, I use an eyelash curler to give upward lifts

but it helps for a short period of time only.

In Thailand where the climate is subtropical,

eyelashes also get damp like the hair and by the noon time,

my lashes is already pointing downwards no matter

how much I’ve tried to make them pointing up in the morning.

It looks as if I have a curtain? closed on my eyes.

So, to eliminate this kind of headache,

I’ve tried many salons to have my Lashes lifted.

But it is troublesome as this Lash lift is an every month event….

Even when it’s just once a month,

it is quite troublesome and I was searching for a better solution and by chance I heard that

Seedring’s Lash lift lasts long

and started to visit them since 3 years ago.

It’s not just a Lash lifting.

The Lift is called “Tokyo Lash Lift”.

And believe me you,

it really lasts longer!

And with me, it lasts for 2 months – 3 months.

Eye lash lift, (Above: before. Bottom: after)
(Above: before. Bottom: after)

If you are a person who wants to stay pretty

but just haven’t got a time for your beauty care….

Have I got news for you? You came to the right blog.

It could be just self-satisfaction but, every time the treatment is finished,

a big smile breaks out on my face seeing my eyelash pointing upwards.

Eye lash lift (Above: before. Bottom: after)
(Above: before. Bottom: after)

Since then, when Tokyo Lash Lift came into my life,

that was it for my eyelash curler, I’ve sent it to the bin.

Seedering offers not just a lash lift but also various other menu.

Salon menu / price

Eyelash Extension

Extension Unlimited: 1,299 THB

Extension 100 lashes: 1,000 THB

Repair (less than 3weeks): 700 THB

Add extension (None remove): 20 lash-500 THB, 30 lash-600 THB

Flat lash: +100 THB

Volumelash Unlimited: 2,400 THB

Volumelash 240 lashes: 1,900 THB

Remove extension: Our shop 299 THB, Other shop 499 THB

Remove free when new set extension

Tokyo Lash Lifteyelash perm, lash lift

Tokyo Lash Lift: 1,500 THB

Bottom Lash Lift: (with Upper +900 THB)

Only Bottom: 1,500 THB

Eyebrow tattoo

1 time: 7,900 THB

3 times: 19,000 THB

* VAT charge is on top of the above prices.

* If you appoint a Japanese stylist to treat you, it will be an additional 500B.

* More menu available.

Recommendation points of Seedring

Lash lift (Tokyo Lash Lift) lasts long.
it’s about 2 months – 3 months in my case.

Price is 2,140B (Lash Lift 1,500 + Japanese stylist appointment fee of 500+VAT 7).
It’s good for value as it lasts longer.

Treatment time is about 1 hour – 1.5 hours, similar to that of any other lash lifts.

Salon information

Location: UR building 1st floor, Thonglor Soi 11

Tel: 02-004-1050 (Thai, English, Japanese)

Open 9:00-19:00 (Closed on Monday)

Parking place: Infront of  UR building

LINE: @seedring.j


When type in the following code, you can get 100 THB discount. (GoWabi)


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