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(Review) The Peninsula Spa @ The Peninsula hotel Bangkok

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I love spa touring those located in hotels and therefore today,

I’d like to talk to you about The Peninsula Spa

The Peninsula Spa @ The Peninsula hotel Bangkok

The good things about the hotel spa

So, like I’ve mentioned in above,

I will take you to The Peninsula Spa which obviously is located in the hotel.

(Well… to be precise, it is located in the separate building within the hotel premise)

The Peninsula Spa @ The Peninsula hotel Bangkok

Spas located in hotels have the followings in common.

They are fully equipped.

From the treatment room to treatment bed, a

nd the nice atmosphere environments, you can name them.

The hotels with more stars such as 5 stars, the spas are out of this world.  

The Peninsula Spa @ The Peninsula hotel Bangkok

The therapists are the best therapists of their profession.

The level of the therapists’ technique is very high, with good manners, and neatly dressed.

This is the clear differences compared to those from the spa parlors in town.

The Peninsula Spa @ The Peninsula hotel Bangkok

Good products.

They are using the best of the best products for the treatment.

Most of them are having their original products, and if they didn’t,

they are using famous Spa Products that people will recognize immediately when we see them.

Safety and quality should not be of any issue.

The Peninsula Spa @ The Peninsula hotel Bangkok

Pros of The Peninsula Spa

I’ve started to visit The Peninsula Spa since 2018 if my memory is correct.

The Peninsula Spa @ The Peninsula hotel Bangkok

If and when I visit the spa frequently, it will be every weekends and

when I do not have time to go that often, still, I’d visit them at least once a month.

I think I like the atmosphere that the hotel creates. 

The Peninsula Spa @ The Peninsula hotel Bangkok

The recommendation points of The Peninsula Spa.

You are entitled to use the Thermal facilities before your treatment.

If and when you’ve decided to visit them,

use the facilities an hour before your appointment time.

Steam, sauna, Jacuzzi, and cold plunge, they are all there for you to enjoy.

I myself like to shampoo and cleansing my face and then relax myself in steam and Jacuzzi before the treatment.

They will keep my body warm and therefore I believe that such helps to maximize the treatment effect.     

The environment of the treatment room is very nice.

The treatment rooms are, in principal, a Single Room.

Equipped with own toilet and shower.

The Peninsula Spa @ The Peninsula hotel Bangkok

Some hotel spas do have their own toilet and shower in their rooms however;

The Peninsula Spa has these as a standard facility.

And their treatment room has climate control facility

and places an electric heating mat under you to avoid you from feeling cold.

The towels that they use on you are also nicely heated.

And, the lightings are just right for you to relax.

And the BGM is not at all bothering.

The sound is controlled to so precise to relax you as much as you want to.       

The technique of the therapist is very high level and having a good manner.

The level of the therapist’s level is very high is not the only thing

but as this is a spa in a 5-satred hotel, the therapist’s manner

and the way they are dressing is very neat and clean.

English language is no problem for them which makes the communication smooth

if and when you are not handy in Pasa (language) Thai.

You will be treated well during the therapy.

They often run promotions

They often run promotions, so you may want to take an advantage of such.

The price for Thai massage is 4,000 THB / 90 minutes. This is rather expensive.

However, they run promotions every now and then, you should take an advantage.

Information on The Peninsula Spa

Address: The Peninsula Bangkok

333 Charoennakorn Road, Klongsan, Bangkok 10600

(The other side of the Chaopraya River. Boat service available from BTS Saphan Taksin)

Parking space: available. (valet parking available)


Business hours: open every day (9:00 – 23:00)

Tel: +66 (2) 020 2888


When type in the following code, you can get 100 THB discount. (GoWabi)


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