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(Review) The Oriental Spa @ The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

The Oriental Spa

Hello, everyone I am Chifumi Maeda, a Japanese female president living in Bangkok.

Thank you, guys, for visiting this

“True comments from Japanese female presidents living in Thailand” blog.

I like The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok and used to often visit their restaurant.

And since the COVID pandemic, I’ve begin to like them even more as

I took advantage of Staycation promotion and stayed with the hotel several times.

Well, maybe the expression I like is not really can tell how much I like them.

The term “Fan” or “Mandarin Oriental Bangkok Lover” could be more suitable expression.

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The other day, I’ve wrote on how good The Peninsula Spa is but I am also visiting The Oriental Spa as well.

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And so today, I’d like to talk about The Oriental Spa.

The Oriental Spa

The Oriental Spa and its recommendation points

The world’s top spa is a luxury.

The spa is located on the other side; we will head to our destination on the hotel boat service.

Just onboarding the boat gives me an exciting feeling,

it gives me the feeling that I am going to somewhere very very far away.

Don’t you also get such feeling when you sit on a boat??

As the spa is in a separate building, we must walk through a long corridor from the pier.

The hotel’s main wing has a calm atmosphere

and is wonderful but the spa which is using the teakwood to the luxury’s limit also has quiet

and calm atmosphere in a different way from that of the hotel.  

The Oriental Spa
There it stands, The Oriental Spa, on the other side of the long corridor.

Luxury is most suited expression to express The Oriental Spa.

The Another World probably has the same atmosphere flowing with this place, I think.

The treatment room is rather small but is very functional.

I had my treatment in a normal room.

The same room as my hubby who had Thai massage.

The Oriental Spa

The treatment room is equipped with shower, steam, and toilet.

If you are not planning to dip yourself in bathtub, the room is OK, I think, or is it a bit too small?

If you pay an extra price (suite room price), you can get a bigger room I was told.

But no lah, not this time lah.

The Oriental Spa

The technique level of the therapist is of course very high.

I had aroma massage and my beloved hubby had Thai massage.

The treatment was wonderfully good.

The therapist also gives SHIATSU massage with his/her fingertips which captures

the right spot in pinpoint accuracy. 

Oh no no! Not there!!

is something you need not to say in this spa.

It was really a paradise. Makes you wonderfully comfortable.

But just one thing….

The treatment was on a mattress which they use for a Thai massage.

It would have been much much better if they would have used the one for an oil massage.

The Oriental Spa
They serve you a cup of Ginger Tea after the treatment

Fully contented with my experience in the Another World, I felt like I was a princess there,

and realized that it is quite different from the ones that I get at home inviting the therapists there.

The price

Now the price to experience the paradise,

both the Thai massage and the oil massage was 3,900 baht++.

(Although it might be changed in the future)

The price is quite rich compared to that of in the city of Bangkok

but when you consider what you can get in total,

it may be somewhat reasonable I must say. 

The items that makes me feel that they were reasonable is not the massage or any other items by items

but it is because that the package included the scrub as well.

It is the Spa in The Mandarin Oriental after all and also considering that

it is one of the top levels Spa in the world,

I would strongly recommend you to experience them at least once while you are here.

The Oriental Spa

Information on The Oriental Spa

Address: 48 Oriental Avenue, Bangkok

(Boat service available from BTS Sapan Taksin)

The Oriental Spa

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