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Ultimate Review and Experience: Shantaa Resort, Koh Kood, Trat Province, Thailand – A Hidden Gem

Shantaa Resort, Koh Kood

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‘Shantaa Resort’ is in Koh Kood,

Trat Province, Thailand’s East coast.

It is the 6th largest island in the country.


Ultimate Guide: Getting to Shantaa Resort, Koh Kood, Thailand

Detailed Journey: From Bangkok to Koh Kood, Trat Province

1. By car: 340 kilometers from Bangkok to Laem Sok Pier, Trat Province, or about 5 hours.

2. By bus: Take the bus at Ekkamai Bus Terminal (Close to BTS Ekkamai). Travel duration may be slightly longer than travelling by car.

3. By plane: Only one airline available which is Bangkok Airways, landing at Trat Airport then drive to the pier.

Experience: Ferry Crossing from Laem Sok Pier to Koh Kood

When we arrive at Trat province, we head to Laem Sok Pier to take a ferry to Koh Kood.

There are 3 ferry operators to cross Koh Kood from Laem Sok Pier

I booked a fast ferry from ‘Koh Kood Express’ operator,

which took approximately 1.15 hours.

The ticket costs 400 baht for a one-way trip per person.

You should book ferry tickets online in advance

because seats might be fully booked during weekends or holidays.

Boat operators also provide parking lots for those who travel by car.

The parking space cost 50 baht per day.

I took this ferry, which can accommodate up to 300 passengers.

เรือเฟอร์รี่สำหรับข้ามฝากไปที่เกาะกูด (Shantaa Resort Koh Kood)

A deck is available in the ferry, you can choose the seat you prefer.

Life jacket is provided for every seat, so we can travel safely.

เรือเฟอร์รี่สำหรับข้ามฝากไปที่เกาะกูด (Shantaa Resort Koh Kood)

The large ferry will only stop at Ao Salad Pier

(except for speed boats that can stop at other smaller piers).

After docking and passengers get of the ferry.

There will be many minibuses park around the pier.

The staff will ask to which resort we are going

and will tell the number of the minibus that will take us to the resort.

We took the minibus as provided number to continue our journey until reaching Shantaa Resort.

(No additional cost here because it was already included in the ferry fee)

The distance from Ao Salad to Shaanta Resort is 10.7 kilometers.

It took me approximately 20 minutes on the minibus.

It was a long journey before reaching the destination.

Along the road in Koh Kood, there are lots of trees with houses

and locally owned small shops.

ภาพบรรยากาศก่อนถึงที่ Shantaa Resort Koh Kood

There is no 7-Eleven on this island.

Locals oppose 7-Eleven coming into the area

because it may affect people’s occupation on the island.

In-Depth Review: Staying at Shantaa Resort, Koh Kood

Finally, we arrived at Shantaa Resort

The entrance looked clean and beautiful.

There is a path with bamboo tunnel, providing shady walkway.

I was already excited!

ภาพบรรยากาศก่อนถึงที่ Shantaa Resort Koh Kood

The check in point is in a small building which has unique details despite stylish and simple design.

The staff gave us a welcome drink upon check in.

After check-in, it’s time to rest.

On the way to the room, there will be a long walkway through a beautiful

and well-maintained garden making guests feel refreshed and relaxed.

(รีวิว) การเข้าพัก Shantaa Resort Koh Kood

Shantaa Resort provides a range of small and big houses that is far apart.

There is a small number of houses so it’s quite peaceful,

not chaotic and we can enjoy full privacy.

I traveled with children during weekdays.

There are few occupants, so the resort upgraded our accommodation to a villa on the hill.

We got to have a stunning viewpoint, which was impressive!

A Look Inside: Room Ambience at Shantaa Resort, Koh Kood

Let’s see the room now.

From the outside this house looks ordinary,

but in fact, there is something extraordinary hidden inside.

Shantaa Resort Koh Kood

Starting from inside the room, there is a large and clean double bed with all standard amenities.

However, there is no ‘television,’ which the resort has informed us before booking.

(I think that they would encourage customers to appreciate the nature).

(รีวิว) การเข้าพัก Shantaa Resort Koh Kood

I saw the bathroom and said “Wow.”

The resort brings nature in the bathroom design.

We can take a bath with the sound of birds and insects,

that’s awesome! If you use the bathroom at night,

it can be a little scary because it’s wide open, dark with shadows from tall trees.

It’s safe, but I am just worrying too much.

The view from the balcony of this house is breathtaking.

I give a perfect 10! The view is so beautiful that I want to take leave and stay here for a month, haha.

In Shantaa Resort’s villa, if you look closely, there is a clock.

You may think that it’s just a clock, but it’s a Bluetooth speaker.

(I sat and watched the view in a lonely,

quiet way for several hours before knowing that there is a speaker, haha.)

After knowing that,

I connected the speaker to my smartphone and listen to the music, to set a good atmosphere.

Sitting and looking at the evening sky while listening to the music help relax your mind.

From the balcony you will see the sky turns to different colors at sunset.

It’s beautiful in its own way.

(Which color do you prefer? between blue and pink shades and yellow and orange shades.)

Exploring the Surroundings: Overall Atmosphere at Shantaa Resort

Let’s explore inside of the resort.

The pool area is located by the sea, it is new and clean.

There are separate children and adult zones, with water sport equipment provided.

(รีวิว) การเข้าพัก Shantaa Resort Koh Kood

There is a cute cafe by the sea – named Gathi Café – hidden inside of the resort.

You can sit and sip coffee while enjoying the picturesque view.

There is a swing where you can sit and enjoy the sea breeze.

If you walk along the beach, you can see small fish, cute hermit crabs under the rock.

The nature here is pristine.

(รีวิว) การเข้าพัก Shantaa Resort Koh Kood

If you walk a little further inside the resort, you will see a small canal.

There is a small pavilion on the waterfront.

Life jackets are available for children and adults.

Self-service kayaks are also available for guests.

Rowing into the canal, you will find a small waterfall.

Along the canal you can see thousands of fish.

The sea is just on the other side of the canal.

So, you can enjoy the waterfall and the sea at one place.

(รีวิว) การเข้าพัก Shantaa Resort Koh Kood

Walking to the other side of the resort,

you will find a clean beach with crystal clear water,

where you can chill all day without getting bored.

Culinary Delights: Dining at Shantaa Resort’s Restaurant

Shantaa Resort has an open-air restaurant which opens all day.

During the night, the guests will sit on the balcony outside rather than inside.

We can eat while enjoying the sea breeze and the scenic view at the same time.

At daytime, you will enjoy a beautiful view like this.

(รีวิว) การเข้าพัก Shantaa Resort Koh Kood

This place is famous for delicious food, providing a wide range of Thai food and seafood.

Foreigners and Thai guests love the food here.

If you have a chance, come, and try it.

A la carte breakfast will be made to order.

You can order as many times as you want.

But please be careful, because they provide a big portion for each dish, better to take it slow.

When we are seated, staff will serve fresh fruit juice which is very refreshing.

Freshly brewed coffee is available at your choice.

Big breakfast before enjoying the beach.

(รีวิว) การเข้าพัก Shantaa Resort Koh Kood

Nicely cut fresh fruits.

(รีวิว) การเข้าพัก Shantaa Resort Koh Kood

Enjoy your day with a cute cat.

(รีวิว) การเข้าพัก Shantaa Resort Koh Kood

After fully resting, it’s time to check-out.

Shantaa Resort arranges a pick-up truck taxi to drop you off at the pier at no cost.

Don’t forget to reserve the return trip ferry.

See you again next trip!

รถรับส่งจากรีสอร์ตไปที่เรือข้ามฟาก Shantaa Resort Koh Kood

Balanced Overview: Pros and Cons of Staying at Shantaa Resort, Koh Kood

Highlights: Advantages of Choosing Shantaa Resort, Koh Kood

Nicely decorated, with pleasant atmosphere. Every corner is pretty – the garden, the seaside, the canal, the cafe, the restaurant, and the rooms. Many beautiful spots to take pictures.

There is a small number of rooms. Each house is located far away from each other, making it quiet, peaceful, and very private.

No TV, only Bluetooth speaker to listen to music. You can relax and connect with nature.

Food and beverage taste good.

Click photo and Check price at Shantaa resort Koh Kood (Agoda).

Room for Improvement: Minor Drawbacks at Shantaa Resort, Koh Kood

Traveling by car takes approximately 5 hours from Bangkok, another 1 hour by boat and another 20 minutes by minibus in the island, quite long and tiring. If traveling by plane, it will be faster, but there is only one flight from Bangkok Airways per day.

Must-Know: Essential Information about Shantaa Resort, Koh Kood

Address: 20/3 Moo 2, Koh Kood Subdistrict, Koh Kood District, Trat Province (Thailand) 23000

Shantaa Resort, Koh Kood

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