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Best Sushi in Bangkok? A Detailed Review of Kitaro Sushi at Nihonmachi, Sukhumvit Soi 26

Hello, everyone I am Chifumi Maeda, a Japanese female president living in Bangkok.

Thank you, guys, for visiting this

“True comments from Japanese female presidents living in Thailand” blog.

Today’s talk is,

Kitaro Sushi. The place where I go when I want to treat myself with a good, fresh, tasty fish.


A Sushi Gem in Bangkok: Kitaro Sushi

Kitaro Sushi: A Japanese Recommendation in Bangkok

Kitaro Sushi has its Head Quarter Restaurant in Osaka Japan

and also several restaurants in Bangkok

those serve dishes as good as the one in Osaka,

if not better. Among those in Bangkok,

the one that I frequently visit is the one on Sukhumvit Road soi 26, Kitaro Sushi Nihonmachi branch.  

Kitaro Sushi
and mind you that sushi normally comes in pairs on a plate

In Bangkok branch, a pair of sushi is served at 120 baht

Kitaro Sushi
Soft Roe & Pike Conger (Sea Eel) Tempura

The place has the ambiance of IZAKAYA in Japan,

very lively with gourmet customers. You would feel like as if you were in Japan. 

The floor staff welcomes you with energetic


welcome and that’s when your stomach say to you, “OK BOSS, I AM READY!”  

Kitaro Sushi
Fried Eggplant

On weekends, you better make a reservation

because it is full as soon as the restaurant door opens at 17:00.  

Thai diners prefer table seat but,

if you want to enjoy your evening with your tongue, your eyes, and your ears,

I recommend you to sit at the counter, like I always do,

where you can see all the action by ITASAN (chef) taking place with his magical technique while dining. 

Kitaro Sushi
Herring Roe & Kelp

Herring Roe & Kelp “ATE” followed by sashimi…  

hmmmm yummyyyy.

“ATE” is a dialect from Kinki region in Japan

which means a nibbles or an appetizer on a small dish that comes to your table

before a big dinner arrives. Kinki region is the area surrounding Osaka.

While waiting for main dish, you are nibbling “ATE” watching ITASAN, the chef, in action.

 OMAKASE (chef’s choice) Assorted Sashimi, Kitaro Sushi
OMAKASE (chef’s choice) Assorted Sashimi

My dear hubby loves to choose his food with his favorite SHOCHU wine that brings out best of the food.  

Japan, as you may know, stretches long from south to north

and fish or vegetables that comes on your table varies from one region to another as well as one season to another.

And that is why I order “OMAKASE (chef’s choice)” and see what I should order afterwards.   

“OMAKASE” is a very good system for customers as it’s a system

that you can give all the responsibility (?) to chef as he/she will choose the best ingredient

that was delivered to his kitchen on the day.

My favorite Fugu Sashimi, the Tessa, Kitaro Sushi
My favorite Fugu Sashimi, the Tessa

The dish that you always want to have,

be it summer or winter, is “Fugu Sashimi (Tessa)”

I come from Yamagata prefecture,

the northern region of Japan on the Sea of Japan side, City of Sakata,

a fisherman’s village but strange enough, we don’t have Fugu eating culture. 

And here I am, sitting on the counter chair in Kitaro enjoying my favorite fish Fugu,

perhaps it is my favorite fish now because I have never had a chance to have Fugu in my hometown.  

The restaurant also has “Today’s Recommendation Menu”.

This recommendation menu is prepared with ingredients that were delivered to the kitchen on the day

and therefore they are as fresh and tasty as ingredients can be.

If you are here for the first time and don’t know what to order,

I strongly recommend you to order this Recommendation Menu.   

Tuna roll (Tekka Maki)、Kitaro Sushi
Tuna roll (Tekka Maki)

Every time you come here at the restaurant,

there is always something new on the menu and you can be sure that you will get good tasty fish.     

There are so many Japanese people living in Bangkok

therefore there are so many Japanese restaurants which makes us Japanese-Bangkokian think living in Bangkok

may be more convenient than living in Japan.   

And, we can taste Japanese foods from different prefectures.

(There are 47 prefectures in Japan) 

I strongly recommend Kitaro to those fish lovers.

You must visit here, or you are not qualified to talk about good fish if you ask me.  

The Unique Selling Points of Kitaro Sushi

You are sure to get best sushi and sashimi of the season. 

Nihonmachi branch has parking space so you can come by car.
No fuss of running around looking for a parking space.

The best fish of the season is there waiting for you.
(Directly flown in from the Osaka Central Market)

Very inviting atmosphere of IZAKAYA restaurant that you can come formal or informal.   

Detailed Information on Kitaro Sushi

Place: 10 Soi Sukhumvit 26, Khlong Tan, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110 (G Floor at Nihonmachi Mall)

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    • Thank you for your commnet, Jack.
      Kitaro Sushi is open only for Dinner open from 5:00 pm.
      There is no Omakase Course, but sushi and sashimi have an Omakase Plate.
      The chef will choose according to the arrival of fish on that day.
      The price is about 650THB for sashimi. 10 pieces of sushi are about 800 THB.
      Although it is a budget for meals, it costs 2,500 THB per person if you mainly order fish according to the season.

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