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Top-Rated RLAX Home Massage Delivery Service in Thailand: Your Ultimate Stress Solution


Hello, everyone I am Chifumi Maeda,

a Japanese female president living in Bangkok.

Thank you, guys, for visiting this

“True comments from Japanese female presidents living in Thailand” blog

Normally, we invite Masseur to our home by using Thailand Massage and GoWabi app to surf on net,

enjoying a “Spa Surfing”.

When type in the following code, you can get 100 THB discount.


I’d like to talk to you about a new massage at your home “RLAX”.


The Evolution of RLAX: Thailand’s Top-Rated Home Massage Delivery Service

RLAX is a massage service based in Bangkok specialized only in home delivery.

The company that runs the business is “The Oasis Spa” and has been around for over 20 years in Thailand.

I am sure that if you are a Spa lover, you must have visited The Oasis Spa at least once if not more.

They were awarded many times with Spa Award and is one of the representative Thai spa.

I myself have visited The Oasis Spa several times already.

The motto of The Oasis Spa is “NOT JUST A SPA “EXPERIENCE”, BUT BEYOND”

and that of its massage delivery service RLAX’s is “EXPERIENCE THE BEST SPA AT YOUR HOME”. 

I have ordered the RLAX’s service more than 10 times and thought it was really good and thus

wanted to introduce the service to my readers.

RLAX, Home delivery massage
See RLAX page

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Register for RLAX

RLAX is accessible via your PC and their app (App store/Google play).

The language displayed are English and Thai.  

Creating Your RLAX Account: Easy Sign-Up Process

First of all, click Sign up and proceed to register.


Then you will come to the page; Create an Account.

② Use “Facebook” or “Google” or

③ Use your “E-mail” address to register.

After inputting necessary information, click ④ “Sign up”.

Sign up RLAX

When registering by ③ “E-mail”,

you will receive confirmation via SMS to your mobile phone number.

That’s all for the registration.

Adding Your Address and Credit Card Details on RLAX: A Secure Process

After you finished all the default, proceed to input the address

where you want the massage to be delivered (example: your home) and also the payment method info.  

I’ve registered the address of my home as that is where I want the massage to be delivered.

Registering multiple address is possible.

As it is possible to register office address or address of accommodation,

there are companies that have corporate contract as well, so I understood. 

For the payment method, I’ve input my credit card information as that is more convenient. 

And you are all set to go.

And now, making a reservation.

Maximizing Your RLAX Experience: How to Use the Platform

Choosing Your Ideal Massage from RLAX’s Wide Range

① First, input the number of people that are going to receive massage.

Select Single or Couple.

How to Select the Perfect RLAX Massage for You

② Then choose the type of massage.

There are 6 types of massages as shown hereunder.

Aromatherapy Oil Massage

Thai Massage

Head, Back, Shoulder and Foot Massage

Facial Acupressure and Head Massage

Relieve Office Syndrome

Jap Sen Massage

How to use RLAX

Determining the Length of Your RLAX Massage Session

③Then, choose how long you want the massage.

 Choose from 60 min., 90 min., or 120 min. 

How to use RLAX

The Couple Option: Enjoying RLAX Massages with Your Partner

④When you selected “Couple”, choose if same-time treatment or one by one treatment. 

Obviously, when you choose same-time treatment, there will be 2 therapists coming.

How to use RLAX

Setting the Location for Your RLAX Home Massage

⑤Select the place. Here your initially registered place will appear. In my case, it is my home. 

How to Use RLAX

Scheduling Your RLAX Massage: Date and Time Selection

⑥And input the date when you want to have the treatment.

How to use RLAX

After confirming all your input is correct, click orange “Confirm date/Time”.

Finalizing Your RLAX Booking: Confirmation Process

⑦ When all is complete, confirm screen will appear.

⑧ After confirming all the contents, click “Pay now” and you are done.

Now you only need to wait for the day that you’ve reserved the therapist delivery.

Planning Your RLAX Experience: Budget Considerations

All types of massage are with same unit price but differ depending on how long the treatment is.

60 min. (690 THB)

90 min. (990 THB)

120 min. (1,280 THB)

All included in the above rates.

Transportation costs are also included.

RLAX’s Coverage: Areas of Service Availability in Thailand

Currently, the service delivery is available in the following area.


Hua hin


Chiang Mai


Preparation Checklist: Getting Ready for Your RLAX Massage

You need not to prepare anything at all as everything necessary for the treatment will come with the therapist.

See RLAX page

They will bring aroma oil, massage mattress, towel, sheets, aroma candle to let you relax.

There are 3 types of aroma oil, i.e. RELAX, RELEASE and REFRESH.

They are all fresh out from packages every single visit. 


This oil is very friendly to the skin and is not sticky.

Aroma oil has lavender smell.

Not too strong, not too weak, just right.  


As I have my own massage bed at home, that is where I receive my treatment on.

Massage bed
Check massage bed on LAZADA

I also use my own towel.

I receive my massage in the weekday evening

or in the weekend afternoon after preparing myself that

the only thing I need to do after the treatment is to relax at home.  

I did not realize that the fact that

I do not to transport myself for the therapy was so relaxing and comfortable.  

An Honest Review: The Pros and Cons of Using RLAX

Why Choose RLAX? Exploring the Benefits

No need to transport as they come to your home.

As your home is treatment place, you are relaxed.

Therapist will come with aroma oil, bed, and etc., you do not need to prepare anything for the treatment.

Highly skilled therapists.

Reservation site is user friendly and easy to make reservation.

Areas for Improvement: Recognizing RLAX’s Limitations

As it is at your home, there is no extraordinary feeling.

The therapist after all is a stranger and such may be a hesitating element.

The current reservation site does not allow you to choose the therapist. 

Inside RLAX: Vital Information about Thailand’s Premier Home Massage Service

Please see the following for details.

Please click promotions in the home page.


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