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Authentic Hokkaido Soup Curry Review – Discovering The Best Soup Curry in Thonglor, Sukhumvit Road, Thailand

Hello, everyone I am Chifumi Maeda, a Japanese female president living in Bangkok.

Thank you, guys, for visiting this

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This is the meal that I really want to have when I am feeling down…

The meal that I want to have when I need to power-up myself…

The place is “Hokkaido Soup Curry”.


Craving Soup Curry? Try Authentic Hokkaido Soup Curry in Thonglor, Bangkok

Curry is a food originated in India

but the food evolved in Japan and reborn as Soup Curry.

It is said that the dish, Soup Curry was born in 1970’s

and became one of Hokkaido’s local cuisine.

Curry in Japan is in general thick textured gravy like curry and

when we say curry in Japan, it is always this type of food.

Curry in Japan
This is what we call curry in Japan. This is the dinner I made.

But here in Bangkok, you can have Hokkaido born Soup Curry. 

And the restaurant name says what they serve,

and only what they serve, “Hokkaido Soup Curry”.

And, the owner & chef is from Hokkaido. What more do you need.

Colorful and spicy aroma of the food is very appetizing! 

My favorite “HORO HORO chicken Soup Curry”
My favorite “HORO HORO chicken Soup Curry”

They have number of different menu but,

the one I like the most and often have is “HORO HORO Chicken Soup Curry”.

“HORO HORO” is a mimetic word meaning melts or crumbles,

and here in the menu therefore means it is so fragilely soft

that it crumbles and melts in your mouth.

Guide to Ordering Hokkaido Soup Curry: Step by Step

Here in this restaurant, you order your food as it is custom made just for you.

Menu from their Facebook page
Menu from their Facebook page

1. Choosing from 3 Unique Varieties of Hokkaido Soup Curry

La Voie royale (King’s preference),



 I like the La Voie royale, which is the restaurant’s original taste.

2. Picking the Perfect Level of Spice for Your Hokkaido Soup Curry

Then choose the spiciness.

It goes from level 1 to 100 but as I am not very good against spiciness,

I always take level “3” the standard. 

But I was told that there are people who goes for level 100…

Some Like it Hot…

 3. Deciding the Right Rice Portion – S, M, L Sizes Available

And finally the rice kind (white rice or turmeric rice) and the portion.

 4. Enjoy the Experience: Waiting for Your Delicious Hokkaido Soup Curry

The curry soup is made-to-order meaning cooked as when order comes in.

The curry spice flavor fades away with the time so they never have them precooked.

The restaurant is full with pleasant smell of spices stimulates your appetite.

As you start eating, you will start sweating probably

because the spices are working on your body system…

To be honest, I have never had a Soup Curry when I was living in Japan.

Bangkok is the first place that I ever had it.

I once had a chance to taste one when I happened to be in Sapporo Hokkaido

after having had the dish here in Bangkok.

And honestly thought then that the one here in Bangkok,

(this Hokkaido Soup Curry Restaurant) is much better.

I always want to have this dish whenever I am not well

and need to boost up my body energy.

Because Bangkok is hot throughout the year,

but the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is so much that

it is difficult for many of us to manage our health as we should be.

In Japan, we say “Medicine and food are of the same origin”

and eating is very important to maintain good health.

Spices are known for a medicine from the ancient time

and we should keep that in mind

and have spices in our daily diet and live a healthy life.

I would like you enjoy this authentic Hokkaido Soup Curry

and at the same time maintain your health just the way I am doing.

Why Hokkaido Soup Curry in Thonglor is a Must-Try: Our Top Recommendations

This is the only restaurant in Bangkok that serves Soup Curry.

The owner mixes several kinds of spices and prepares your food only after the order came in.

And of course, the food is delicious.

Getting to Know Hokkaido Soup Curry: In-depth Information and Tips

Address: Soi 11 Sukhumvit Soi 55 (Soi Thonglor)

Parking: No parking space
(parking space occasionally available in front of the restaurant)



Open bours: Mon – Fri 11:30〜14:30, 17:00〜21:00, Weekend 11:30〜21:00

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