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Organic Dining in Bangkok: A Comprehensive Review of SUSTAINA Restaurant on Sukhumvit Soi 39

Hello, everyone I am Chifumi Maeda,

a Japanese female president living in Bangkok.

Thank you, guys, for visiting this

“True comments from Japanese female presidents living in Thailand” blog

SUSTANIA Organic Restaurant a pioneer organic restaurant in Bangkok is

what I’d today like to talk to you about.

It is so famous, so much so that no Japanese wives that live in Thailand

do not know about the restaurant.

But the organic shop may be is more well-known than the restaurant. 

Vegetables directly shipped from their directly managed farm
Enzyme drinks as well as desserts are sold here.

It is located on the beginning of Sukhumvit Soi 39

and is close to BTS Phrom Phong, an easy to access location. 

Ok, so let me begin talking on SUSTAINA Organic Restaurant.


History of SUSTAINA Organic Restaurant

SUSTAINA’s Journey to Organic Dining

The shop is run by Harmony Life International Co., Ltd.

And is consisting of the following 3 forms.

Organic restaurant

Organic shop


In 1999, Mr. Oga a capable trading house employee at the time

started the business from scratch,

i.e. from the soil making aiming for harmony between people and nature.

Mr. Oga, Founder(SUSTAINA Organic Restaurant:サスティナオーガニックレストラン)
Mr. Oga, Founder

It is a wonderful message that I want to share it with all of you.

In the past, human being were only about themselves,

without any consideration for the other living creatures around them such as the birds,

the fish and the plants.

It is for this reason that we have destroyed our natural surroundings

and in so doing causing the rivers to become polluted,

the soil to be destroyed by chemicals

(Synthetic Substance, Surfactant Substance, and so on.)

These chemicals become absorbed into many of the products

which are consumed by humans, and these causes many diseases

we commonly see around us such as allergies,

the viral infection and skin disorders etc.

We also realize that it is clear that if we wish to live happier and healthier lives,

we need to live in harmony with nature.

This is the challenge that we face:

How can we optimally live in harmony with nature?

For Harmony Life International Company,

we are involved in continuous research to develop our organic agriculture products

for humans consumption so to allow us to be in harmony with nature.

We constantly strive to move towards a more harmonious world in tune with nature law.

cited from: https://harmonylife.co.th/about/message/

Mr. Oga probably do not remember me at all however,

it was in the year 2000 before I started my own business,

we had common friend who I often had conversation

with in his Japanese restaurant that he was running at the time.

I remember him talking passionately about farming with his deep tanned face,

every time I eat at the SUSTAINA Organic Restaurant.  

Comprehensive Review of SUSTAINA Organic Restaurant

The Atmosphere at SUSTAINA Organic Restaurant

SUSTAINA Organic Restaurant is located on the 2nd floor of the organic shop.

SUSTAINA Organic Restaurant(サスティナオーガニックレストラン)

Seats are just about 40.

Consisted from tables for 2 and tables for 4.

They have baby chairs for those who come with little children. 

Inside of the restaurant is wood tone,

very calm atmosphere and the sunlight from outside makes the space bright.  

Tasting SUSTAINA: The Organic Food Experience

Meals are based on the principle of local production for local consumption,

and most of the ingredients are from Thailand.

As it is an organic restaurant, they basically do not use any pesticides.

And the seasonings that they use are carefully selected and natural salts and

unbleached sugar are used and of course,

they use no chemical seasonings or preservatives.     

Tuna garlic steak set. Brown rice, miso soup, side dish, pickles, and the main dish

The restaurant offers dishes using natural meat and fish,

and the vegetables are from their own farm.

The dishes of SUSTAINA Organic Restaurant are colorful and beautiful

to look at and every dish stimulates our appetite. 

There are over 50 different dishes and also A la carte menu. 

Chicken burger set

The set menu comes with rice or bread that you can choose from.

The rice is grown in Thailand with no pesticide used.

The bread is natural yeast bread.

Tuna burger and natural yeast bread

The foods at SUSTAINA Organic Restaurant are seasoned just right,

bringing out the natural taste of ingredients

thus from a child to an elderly person, everyone can enjoy.

Out of so much menu, I would personally recommend “soba noodles”.

Tempura soba set: Soba is handmade.

There are so many Japanese restaurants in Bangkok

and restaurants specialized in soba are also a lot.

I prefer SUSTAINA Organic Restaurant than those specialized in soba because the taste is better.

My dear hubby loves soba as well.

You can buy soba at the organic shop on the 1st floor,

and I make it a rule to buy them every time when I am there at the shop.

In the SUSTAINA Organic Restaurant,

they serve both non-alcoholic beverages and alcoholic beverages.

I often order “Ginger Soda”.

I have weak bronchi and am prone to catching colds,

so I try to eat ginger as much as possible.

Ginger soda. It looks good for the throat. Doesn`t it?

What catches everyone`s eye is the “lime” that is in the drink.

The diameter of a lime is normally about 3cm

but this one is grown with no pesticides and is as big as one`s palm.

It looks almost like a “Pomelo” from its size but it tase as a lime.

huge organic lime from SUSTAINA Organic shop

All of the ingredients served at SUSTAINA Organic Restaurant are selling at the organic shop downstairs.

Pricing at SUSTAINA: Understanding the Budget

Set menu and drink will cost you around 500 baht.

Desserts are available from 40 baht.

Lunch and Dinner price are same.

Pros and Cons of Dining at SUSTAINA

The Benefits of SUSTAINA’s Organic Menu

You can eat healthy meals.

Safe to eat.

All the ingredients served in the restaurant are for sale.

Local produced for local consumption.

You can take care of the environment through the food.

Considerations Before Dining at SUSTAINA

It may be full depending on the time of day. (Reservation recommended.)

as the dishes are gently seasoned, some people think that it is unsatisfactory.

Closing time is quite early. (Closes at 20:30)

Essential Information About SUSTAINA Organic Restaurant

Place: 1/40 Sukhumvit 39, Bangkok(5 min walk from BTS Phrom Phong)

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