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[Review] pedi manicure studio by Bastien Gonzalez @ The Oriental Spa, The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

Hello, everyone I am Chifumi Maeda,

a Japanese female president living in Bangkok.

Thank you, guys, for visiting this

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What I would like to talk to you about today is about “pedi manicure studio by Bastien Gonzalez”.

Thailand, as you may all know, is paradise for those who seek for beauty treatment.

There are a lot of massage parlors as well as nail salons.

I bet there are many who became crazy for getting their nails done since they came to Thailand.

I myself is also no exception.

I was and am crazy about doing my nails and used to do gel-nail art on my nails.

But the time has come and I was wondering would such keep my nails natural and beautiful?

And begun searching for a nail salon who are good in “nail care”.

There was a salon that I was interested to visit and tried several times

to make reservation but the timing didn’t work for me

but I’ve succeeded this time to reserve this nail salon “pedi manicure studio by Bastien Gonzalez”.

It is located in my favorite The Mandarin Bangkok, in The Oriental Spa.

Nail job is recommended not only for ladies

but also for men therefore if this edition could be of any useful information for those Gents

who could be interested in having their nails treated.


What’s “pedi manicure studio by Bastien Gonzalez”?

The salon caries the name of Mr. Bastien Gonzalez who is a world-famous Podiatrist

and their Head Quarter is in Paris, France.

(Homepage: Bastien Gonzalez)

Mr. Bastien Gonzalez, Founder
Mr. Bastien Gonzalez, Founder

They have their branches in famous hotels

throughout the world and in The Oriental Spa here in Thailand.

Podiatrist has to have national qualification in their homeland France as a podiatry specialist.

Thus, there is a clear line between the nail salons that

we visit daily and them and I think you must experience the difference.   

Treatment menu

They currently have the following menu.


1 hour 30 minutes, THB 5,000

Combining a manicure and pedicure, this treatment is performed at the same time with

two therapists, concluding with our synchronized four hands massage focusing on hands,

arms, legs and feet. The ultimate in luxury and total relaxation.


1 hour, THB 3,300

A comprehensive pedicure, with gentle buffing to restore the natural beauty of the nails,

revealing healthy, shiny nails without lacquer. The pedicure also includes a skin treatment

that effectively eliminates irregularities and dryness and a relaxing massage from the

toes to the knees to relieve any tension and heaviness.


1 hour, THB 2,200

An exceptional manicure in three steps: A cuticle and nail treatment including a natural

beauty finish to the nail and a thorough massage of the forearms, wrists, hands, and

fingers. An unforgettable experience.


1 hour, THB 2,600

A foot treatment focusing on the beauty of nails, cuticles and light smoothing of

dryness from the soles of the feet. Nails are reshaped and buffed with chamois leather

and a pearl buffing cream, resulting in healthy, shiny and natural beauty. The treatment

culminates with a relaxing foot massage.

Bastien Gonzalez @ The Oriental Spa, The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok


45 minutes, THB 2,500

A unique treatment that blends cooling and warming sensations. An invigorating cold

Black Diamond scrub is followed by Bastien’s signature massage to relieve muscle

tension and improve joint mobility. A warm paraffin wax is then applied to hydrate and

soften the skin leaving your feet silky smooth.


30 minutes, THB 1,500

Intensify any Bastien Gonzalez treatments by adding the paraffin touch. The warmth of

this silky wax will aid the penetration of applied moisturisers into the skin for deep

hydration. It will enhance relaxation and ease tension in the joints and muscles.


15 minutes, THB 590

This mineral foaming scrub combines diamond powder, particles of mother of pearl and

volcanic sand. It permits vigorous natural exfoliation, aiding the removal of dead skin cells

and leaving it smooth and silky. Essential oils of thyme and sage contribute to maintaining

healthy and elegant hands and feet.


20 minutes, THB 990

(Treatment menus from The Oriental Spa)


(Citation: Home page from The Oriental Spa)

This time, I had “FOOT NAIL BRIGHTNESS(1 hour THB 2,600)”.

I wanted to experience “BASTIEN DUO” which treats hands and feet at the same time,

but due to the shortage of their staff,

duo treatment was not possible at the time thus went for only the feet. 

[Review] pedi manicure studio by Bastien Gonzalez

The treatment is a “Wow!” Out of the world.

It is best that you go there and experience it by yourself but,

let me try to explain how Wow! it is on the blog.

It was “FOOT NAIL BRIGHTNESS(1 hour THB 2,600)” I had this time.

The session is carried out in a private room.

Bastien Gonzalez @ The Oriental Spa, The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

In a quiet atmosphere, on a fluffy treatment chair,

lighted with gentle sunshine through the blinded window,

the treatment goes on.

The chair can be reclined powered by electric to the position that

you find it comfortable, the treatment goes on.  

The practitioner who treated me was Mr. Guillaume, the manager.

He was transferred to Bangkok 4 months ago.

He had worked in Paris Head Quarter of Bastien Gonzalez for more than 10 years

and before he came to here in Bangkok, he has worked in UAE and Malaysia.

Mr. Guillaume is also a trainer that gives the treatment training on Bastien Gonzalez treatment method.

The treatment is given in a dry care style.

Bastien Gonzalez @ The Oriental Spa, The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok
These are what they use for giving their treatment.

Nail care and keratin care are done with a drill-like machine (electric file).

If you were standing outside of the room listening only to the sound

and didn’t know what is going on inside,

you would think it is a dentist treating someone inside of the room.

Yep, it is not so much as what you hear in dentist

but it is a sound someone working with machine.

I’m not good at taking care of the cuticles around my nails,

but Bastien Gonzalez’s treatment feels very very good.

I was shocked at first to see the drill but the treatment is done in a gentle and care manner

and so comfortable that I almost fell asleep.

Bastien Gonzalez @ The Oriental Spa, The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok
Nails are treated one by one using electric file.

After cutting the nail, they took care of nails and cuticles carefully,

and to my surprise my nails are softer, smoother, and bigger.

Tip of the electrified file is changed depending on the condition of the nail.

And the speed of the filing device was also changed often accordingly.

While carefully observing the condition of feet and nails,

he selects the tools that will give the best conditions.

At the finishing of nail care, cream containing pearl particles is applied to the nails

and then polish them with a chamois leather.

Bastien Gonzalez @ The Oriental Spa, The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok
Final finishing with chamois leather

My nails look very natural and shiny even without a top coat.

And finally a foot massage.

It is difficult to write in details how, but the massage is different from the ones

that we have in regular massage parlors.

It was almost like a Shiatsu Massage, targeting to the point that we have in Japan. 

As I fell asleep completely with moderate intensity and speed,

my hour of bliss came to an end.

How often should we have the care treatment?

It really depends on the individual according to them.

In my case, as I don’t have any trouble on my nails and feet,

only every 2-3 months is ok according to them.

If you keratin is enlarged or there are problems with the nails, the care period should be shorter.

So I advise you to consult with them if you are interested in having the treatment.


7% VAT and 10% service charge will be on in addition to the prices

introduced at the “Treatment menu” above.

Pros and Cons of Bastien Gonzalez

Pros of Bastien Gonzalez

You can get the treatment only at The Oriental Spa in Thailand.

You can have the treatment by the podiatrist.

The treatment is custom made treatment matching individual nails and feel condition.

The treatment is given in the private space.

Cons of Bastien Gonzalez

Very difficult to make reservation.

Price is expensive compared to the regular nail salon.

Information on pedi manicure studio by Bastien Gonzalez

Location: in The Oriental Spa. (The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok)

Address: 48 Oriental Avenue, Bangkok , 10500 Thailand

(Boat service available from BTS Sapan Taksin)

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