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140km southeast of Bangkok.

It’s 2 hours’ drive by car.

Pattaya where prospered as a beach resort from the old days.

The resort is famous as “Nightlife Town” for its many bars and clubs.

My hubby and I often visit the place as a beach resort is easily accessed by car.

And I would like to talk about Birds and Bees Resort.

Until we started visiting the InterContinental Pattaya,

the one that I wrote about in my past blog,

we often stayed at the Birds and Bees Resort.

Birds & Bees Resort, Pattaya
The entrance that is well harmonized with the surrounding nature.

Story of Birds and Bees Resort

Birds and Bees Resort is located on the way to Phra Tamnak Hill,

a 5 km south drive on the Pattaya Beach Road.

The restaurant called Cabbages & Condoms,

attached to the hotel is more known than the hotel.

This restaurant is built along the sealine and has a wonderful atmosphere.

Cabbages & Condoms, Pattaya
Famous for an object with condoms allover.

Some of my readers may have been to the restaurant

but have not stayed in the hotel.

Cabbages & Condoms, Pattaya
An openair restaurant. Breakfasts are served here.

The hotel was built by the former Vice Prime Minister Mechai Viravaidya.

 Mr. Mechai Viravaidya is a very famous Prominent Social Entrepreneur in Thailand.

He realized that speeding increase in the Thai population

may be the reason for hampering rural development

and in order to promote proper family planning knowledge,

founded an NGO organization named Population and Community Development Association (PDA ).

PDA runs poverty reduction and rural education programs,

large-scale rural development and environment programs,

and HIV/AIDS prevention activities. 

Mr. Mechai Virayaidya has been energetically spending his time in the NGO field

but he also served as a senator and member of the Cabinet of the Thai Government,

where he was responsible for developing HIV/AIDS prevention policy.

In the latter half of the 1980s, the number of people infected with HIV increased in Thailand

and it became a social problem.

Mr. Mechai Viravaidya was active in advocating the importance of sex education,

so much so that the condom is also called “Mechai”.

Mr. Mechai Viravaidya was also active in rural education,

establishing schools where children can learn for free.

Birds & Bees Resort, Pattaya
The restaurants and lodging incomes are used for school education.

Cabbages & Condoms Restaurant and Birds and Bees Resort

operation is to ensure the PDA’s financial sustainability. 

I think that it is very meaningful that we can contribute to society by staying nights in the hotel.

Birds & Bees Resort, Pattaya

Stay review at Birds and Bees Resort Pattaya

Image of the area

The Birds and Bees Resort is at the most far-end of Phra Tam Nak Rd. Soi4

and in the front of the resort lies the Phra Tam Nak Beach.

The beach is rather compact compared to other beaches

and you can see them taking leisurely walks or relaxing on the beach.

The beach is very clean as well looked after every morning.

Birds & Bees Resort, Pattaya
The guestrooms are that of hotel type

The Birds and Bees Resort is surrounded by the tropical rain forest

the stay facility is built in the well looked after beautiful garden.

Birds & Bees Resort, Pattaya
Birds & Bees Resort, Pattaya

There are 2 swimming pools.

Rabbits are bred in the resort where you can see their adorable appearance.

Taking a walk in the resort or just walking on Phra Tamnak Beach

in the morning and evening is very relaxing.

Room categories

The Birds and Bees resort has 50 guestrooms in total

which is a huge land size compared to the number of the guestrooms that they have.

Very relaxing. 

The rooms are separated in 12 categories with small details.

1. Beachside Suite

Birds & Bees Resort, Pattaya

2. Treetop Suite

Birds and Bees Resort

3. Big Bird Family Suite

Birds and Bees Resort

4. Big Bee Family Suite

Birds and Bees Resort

5. Big Bug family Suite

Birds and Bees Resort

6. Cliff Beach Suite

Birds and Bees Resort

7. Garden room

Birds and Bees Resort

8. Deluxe Double & Twin

Birds and Bees Resort

9. Deluxe two bedrooms

Birds and Bees Resort

10. Superior Room

Birds and Bees Resort


Birds and Bees Resort


Birds and Bees Resort

All ages from child to grownups can enjoy, and the hotel stays a couple, groups, and family visitors.  

And it is very nice that hotel is so flexible

and will be able to provide rooms depending on your purpose of stay

and the number of people that you are with. 

We always stay in the Beachside Suite,

the room that faces the Phre Tam Nak Beach.

Pros and Cons of Birds and Bees Resort

Pros of Birds and Bees Resort

We can contribute to society while we are staying there.

Rich in green and huge area.

Famous restaurant (Cabbages & Condoms) is also there for your visit.
When you are the hotel guest, you have the priority to book the table.

Cabbages & Condoms Restaurant, Pattaya
Cabbages & Condoms with beautiful lighting at night

They serve delicious breakfast.

Birds and Bees resort, Pattaya
Breakfast comes with many different foods. There are Asian and Western foods and the menu changes every day.

Although it is for public, there is beach in front.

You can choose the room depending on the purpose of your visit
and the number of the guests that you are with.

I think that the cost to performance is good.

Cons of Birds and Bees Resort

Quite many insects around.

No spa or massage facility available.
(But if you must, there are several parlors outside of the premise.)

Stay review at Beachside Suite

The Beachside Suite is a villa type room and are only 2 rooms of such in the resort.

Room numbers 901 and 902 are the Beachside Suite

and the biggest selling point is that you have  the beach in front of the room.

Birds and Bees resort, Pattaya
We stayed No. 901.

If you have ever been to Pattaya to stay I am sure you know

it that the beach can be seen but it is from a distance or there is a busy road running

in the front of your room and is not really a beachfront if you agree.  

Birds and Bees resort, Pattaya
You can see Koh Lan (Lan Island) from villa.

There is a picnic table and sunbeds on the huge veranda terrace,

which is nicely shadowed by the trees, it is nice and cool even in the day time.   

As the beach is just 10 seconds walk away,

when you have the temptation to swim, you are there already.

Wonderful, don’t you think?

Birds and Bees resort, Pattaya

I got out of the bed early every morning to have a quiet walk on the beach

and swam a bit and went back to the villa.

There is a shower outside of the villa as well so that you can take shower with the beach view.

And then get dressed and off to our breakfast. 

We were very fortunate with the weather.

Beer that we had together with beautiful sunset in front of our eyes were out of this world. 

Birds and Bees resort, Pattaya

Listening to the sound of the waves 24 hours a day

with gentle sea breeze running through the terrace,

it was indeed a luxury time.

After the sunset, you will not see anyone anymore on the beach,

you have the world all for yourselves.

Birds and Bees resort, Pattaya

Needless to say, we spend most of our times here every day.

Birds and Bees resort, Pattaya

The villa is made of wood and has a calm design and has separate bedroom and living room.

You have the ocean view from your bedroom.

Birds and Bees resort, Pattaya

The bathroom is also huge and has a big tub and a shower.

There comes out enough hot water.  

Birds and Bees resort, Pattaya
Birds and Bees resort, Pattaya

However, the floor is a bit slanted and water do not stay under your feet

but it also do not run into the drainage hole. You can’t win them all.

If you are the person who can accept things

“as it is” but if you are not, you could be stressed out about it.

The hotel carries 3 stars so when you know that,

you will probably be satisfied with what you get during your stay for the price you pay.

So, as I mentioned earlier, it is quite rare that you can stay in the villa that is facing the beach.

Pros and Cons of Beachfront Suite

Pros of Beachfront Suite

You have the beach right in front of your eyes. Access time 10 seconds.

You can listen to the wave sound through the day and night.

Largely built and relaxing.

Equipped with picnic table and sunbeds and only thing you need now is your imagination. 

Beachfront suite #901

Cons of Beachfront Suite

No turndown service available. (But hey, they only carry 3 stars)

You need to go up and down a steep stairs to go to lobby or restaurants.

Birds and Bees resort, Pattaya

We went back to the resort after two years this time.

It is nice to stay at well facility well equipped foreign capital hotels

but I realized that a rustic resort that mixed with the nature is also very nice to stay.  

Information of Birds and Bees Resort

Address:366/11 Moo 12 Phra Tam Nak 4 Alley, Muang Pattaya, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150

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