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Contrex Water: Now Available in Thailand! Top Health Benefits and Where to Buy

Contrex, Thailand

Hello, everyone I am Chifumi Maeda,

a Japanese female president living in Bangkok.

Thank you, guys, for visiting this

“True comments from Japanese female presidents living in Thailand” blog

Finally, the day is here to witness Contrex,

the mineral water on sale here in Thailand.

Japan, where I come from, the brand is loved by people

those enjoy doing sports or who are keen on right dieting and established an image as

“the special water for those seek for their beauty within and appearances”.

Contrex, Thailand
©Pinnacle Gastro

Contrex Water Now On Sale in Thailand

Understanding What’s in Contrex Water

Contrex is famous for its ultra-hard “hard water”.

The mineral water from France.

Some of the people who tasted the water may have opinion as,

Not really my kind of water

It doesn`t have a good taste

They are not used to consuming hard water as they normally drink soft water.

Contrex, Thailand
©Pinnacle Gastro

The hardness of the water is “1468mg/L”,

and the point worth mentioning is the high mineral content such as calcium and magnesium.

As you know, calcium and magnesium are essential minerals that we humans need.

Especially women are concerned about bone density,

so it is said that it is important to take calcium on a daily basis.

And I think it’s wonderful that we can replenish it by drinking water.

However, it seems that many people are not used to the mineral-rich taste of hard water.

Drinking mineral water has the image of being good for your health

because it supplements minerals but depending on your constitution.

For some people, drinking hard water seems to make their stomach loose,

so you have to see for yourself whether it suits you or not.

Personal Review: Why I Love Contrex

To be honest with you, I love hard water such as Perrier to begin with and among those,

Contrex is one of my favorites. 

It may sound a bit strange to say that I love water,

but I really like this addictive taste….

It may be closer to LOVE beyond liking….

Why is it not for sale in Thailand?

When will it be sold here? 

I, in the past, have asked Nestlé, the distributor of Contrex,

“Why is it not sold in Thailand?”

People usually drink it chilled, but I like its peculiar taste, so I drink it at room temperature.

That unique strange taste (sorry) is so addictive…

And when you drink it at room temperature, it’s thicker…

I feel the strange thickness of the water.

That’s why I like it! !

When I was a working university student,

there was a time when I traveled from Thailand to Japan to take a summer course.

At that time, I bought a box of the water to be delivered to the hotel where I was staying.

I consumed 2 dozen (24 bottles) of 1.5L during my 3 week stay.

Drinking Contrex was my way of healing myself,

and it gave me relief from my harsh working life as a college student.

After dreaming about Contrex being sold here for a long time,

I received a notice from a food trading company called Pinnacle Gastro,

the company where I always buy Perrier in boxes,

that “Contrex is now on sale.”

I was so so happy that my blood pressure would go up!

I immediately ordered 1.5L x 1 dozen x 5 boxes.

Contrex, Thailand

By the way, Perrier accounts for 80% of this wine cellar,

and there were 120 Perrier bottles at one point.

Buying Guide in Thailand

I usually buy heavy items (e.g. water, oil, rice, detergent) online at TOPS online or at LAZADA.

And after some research, it is currently sold only at Pinnacle Gastro’s LAZADA,

and it is unknown at this point if it will be on the supermarket’s shelf.

It was not yet there on TOPS Online.

Essential Tips When Buying Contrex in Thailand

Compared to French mineral water sold in Thailand, it is expensive. (1.5L, 1 dozen: 948 baht)

It may be wise to buy on a promotion.

As of March 1, 2023, there are only limited stores.

Available in 500 ml and 1.5 L sizes.


Today, I wrote an article about the launch of Contrex in Thailand.

Contrex is known as a super hard water…

It’s nice to be healthy with the water you drink every day. Isn’t it?

Contrex, Thailand

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