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Exploring Authentic Chinese Cuisine in Bangkok: In-Depth Review of Lao Ti Fang (老地方) on Sukhumvit Road

Lao Ti Fang

Hello, everyone I am Chifumi Maeda,

a Japanese female president living in Bangkok.

Thank you, guys, for visiting this

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I will talk about Lao Ti Fang, a Chinese restaurant that serves homely food.

Lao Ti fang (老地方)
This is how the restaurant entrance looks

This restaurant Lao Ti Fang is where I come and casually enjoy homely Chinese dishes.

As the restaurant is located between Sukhumvit soi 41 and 43

where many Japanese reside,

there are many Japanese fans and those come there quite often.

And I am one of the fans.


Lao Ti Fang Review: A Hidden Chinese Gem in Thailand

Analyzing the Taste of Lao Ti Fang’s Delicious Chinese Food

The must be noted feature of the restaurant is that steamed Gyoza dumplings,

baked Gyoza dumplings, and xiaolongbaos are all prepared only after they receive the order

therefore their skin is sticky, smooth, and juicy.

The more you chew,

the sweetness of the wheat and the rich flavor of the gravy fill your mouth. 

Lao Ti fang (老地方)

As all dishes are prepared only after they receive order,

it does take some time to get your food on your table,

but I think it is worth the wait.

While waiting for the dumplings and xiaolongbao,

one should not forget to order my regular order of stir-fried green beans.

Have it with a bowl of rice or have it with a glass of beer, the choice is yours…

from little kids to grownups, everybody will love the dish.  

The taste of garlic goes through the nostrils.

Lao Ti fang (老地方)

As you can choose the number of dumplings

and xiaolongbao in small or large,

you can change the amount according to the number of people

and the number of orders.

I order, even when I am by myself, big size and easily finish the plate.

I often come here alone, and in that case, I often order noodles.

Jajangmyeon as well as tomato and egg noodles are highly recommended.

Jajangmyeon is homemade by hand.

It has a flat surface, and the flat surface is like Japanese Kishimen noodle.

This surface is just right, and it’s delicious with minced meat.

Lao Ti fang (老地方)
Jajangmyeon. Mix it with minced meat miso and enjoy it

And in fact, the Lao Ti Fang is famous for its hot pot.

It is famous for its two-color soup,

spicy soup and regular chicken bone soup,

but I haven’t had it for a long time because my hubby doesn’t like spicy food

and it’s hard to eat hot pot all by myself.

Therefore, I don’t have the photo.

Lao Ti fang (老地方)
Chinese chive dumplings that I often order

A Sneak Peek Inside Lao Ti Fang: Thailand’s Chinese Haven

The restaurant is in Bangkok, but it feels like you’re in China.

The owner is Chinese, and so are the staffs and the cook.

Only the cashier is Thai.

As it is difficult to communicate details in Thai,

so I always order by pointing on the menu.

The restaurant has a casual atmosphere,

and it feels like a normal Chinese restaurant in any city.

The restaurant is always lively, and you can relax and enjoy your foods.

Lao Ti fang (老地方)
Boiled gyoza dumpling. There are 3 kinds. I also often order boiled dumplings with celery.

It is a come everyday type of restaurant

where you can have delicious food,

so when you feel like having casual Chinese food,

you should try the restaurant.

Unveiling the Pros and Cons of Lao Ti Fang, Bangkok

What Sets Lao Ti Fang Apart: The Highlighted Points

Dumplings and xiao long bao are really really delicious.

There are small size and large size, so you can choose according to the number of people
or the condition of your stomach.

Prices are reasonable even if you order a lot. (1 person: 300 baht or less)

It’s a casual restaurant, so there’s no problem even if you talk loud.

If you are not with a large group, you do not need a reservation.

Things to Consider: Lao Ti Fang’s Few Downsides

No parking place.

Sometimes it happens that you can’t get a seat when it’s crowded.

Dumplings and xiao long bao are wrapped after ordering, so it takes a little time. (But they taste good)

Essential Information for Your Visit to Lao Ti Fang, Thailand

Location: Enter Sukhumvit 41 and turn right at the first street. It’s on your left-hand side.

Lao Ti Fang

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