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Authentic Experience at Baan Suan Sathorn Craft & Cafe, Rama 4 Rd, Sathorn – Detailed Review and Tips

Hello, everyone I am Chifumi Maeda, a Japanese female president living in Bangkok.

Thank you, guys, for visiting this

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Exploring Baan Suan Sathorn Craft & Cafe: An Overview

Today, I want to take you to a very fashionable café with garden here

in heart of Thailand, the Baan Suan Sathorn Craft & Cafe,.

Baan Suan Sathorn Craft & Cafe

Since the COVID pandemic hit us all over the word,

schools had to shut down and office workers had to Work From Home and most likely as the result

roads are seeing not much of traffic jams as it used to be.

My home is on Yanakart Rd. And I have to go on highway to get to Sukhumvit 42 Rd.

where my office is but as I don’t need to get on highway anymore

and use normal road as they are smoothly running.

I was passing road in front of this place,

where I am going to talk about today every day,

the Baan Suan Sathorn but I didn’t bother finding out what the place was for.

But one time my 6th sense told me that may be it was a restaurant,

I’ve decided to go in to the place to check it out what the place really is.

I parked my car at the large parking space

from whatever the place may be and went inside…

Baan Suan Sathorn Craft & Cafe
Baan Suan Sathorn Craft & Cafe

Restaurant and Garden at Baan Suan Sathorn: A Detailed Review

Oh My God!

There was a view of garden well taken care of

and the lake had Japanese Koi Carps swimming here

and there and although it was an artificial garden grass,

they have a waterfall in the middle of Sathorn. It was a café.

Very fashionable café it was.

This place is located somewhere in between Sathorn Rd., Rama 4 Rd, and Rama 3 Rd.

in a residential area between the valleys of buildings nearby the highway

where you would never come if you weren’t living in the neighborhood.

If you didn’t know what stands in that neighborhood

you will not have thought of coming anywhere near and even

if knew the existence of this hidden paradise like garden and searched

how to get there by Google Map,

the roads around are so tricky that getting there will be a task.

If someone who knew the place took you there after the sundown,

there are only residential houses and apartment buildings

that you may not be feeling at ease as it is so dark roads

that you have to walk to make it there.

The place looks like someone’s residence that has been renovated.

Baan Suan Sathorn

As you can see here, the ceiling is so high and is a relaxing space.

And the windows are with stained glasses.

Just come and take a seat here.

The beautiful view from the window looking at the waterfall far away will mesmerize you for sure.

And it is very unlikely that any customer here will complain for air conditioning being too cold.

Baan Suan Sathorn

Food Experience at Baan Suan Sathorn Craft & Cafe

It was lunch-time when I visited there and had “Baan Suan Sathorn Pizza” for lunch.

It is quite large pizza and the price is 350 baht.

For a restaurant of this type, the price I must say is very reasonable.

Baan Suan Sathorn

They serve Thai as well as Western foods and both come in quite a volume.

Foods they serve are not salty at all and is flavored with a gentle taste.

Why Baan Suan Sathorn’s Coffee is a Must-Try

As this place is a café, coffee is a must order item.

They prepare coffee in a syphon coffee maker

or what you call an vacuum coffee maker in English.

Baan Suan Sasthorn (Fresh cofee)

(↓I take video, but I speak in Japanese… Sorry…)

The place is open from 8:30 in the morning

so if you want to have a relaxing start for your weekend or holiday,

I would recommend starting the day here.

In the dry season, it would be nice,

I think, to sit at the terrace with a glass of wine and enjoy the garden view.

The pandemic is preventing us from going away on a trip

therefore it could be very nice to visit this place to feel away from home feeling.

Understanding the Pros and Cons of Visiting Baan Suan Sathorn Craft & Cafe

Top Benefits of Dining at Baan Suan Sathorn Craft & Cafe

You can sit in the well taken care of garden in the middle of the city, a concrete jungle.

You can spend a relaxing time enjoying your drinks and foods in the restaurant.

There is a waterfall, although it is a man-made, it looks great on Instagram.

The foods are quite affordable.

They serve authentic coffee.

Few Considerations Before Visiting Baan Suan Sathorn Craft & Cafe

It’s crowded on weekends.

Baan Suan Sathorn Craft & Cafe: Shop Information and Contact Details

TEL02-516-0200, 099-2824-777

LINE id : @baansuansathon

Open daily 8.30 – 19.30

Budget: 500 – 1,000 THB



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  • Hi Chifumi Maeda,

    I am Melva, i have plan to visit BKK early of June and my hotel arround Pratunam.

    How i reach this Baan Suan Sathorn Cafe from Pratnam? Is it too far if i take grab? Or any bus or MRT suggestion to go there?

    Thank you in advance

    Regards, Melva

  • Thank you for your comment.
    If you visit Baan Suan Sathorn from Pratunam, I think Grab Taxi is convenient.
    The distance is about 5km.
    It is recommended to check it on Google Map in advance.

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