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Best Japanese Omakase in Bangkok: Kappo Yume by Chef Naoki Hayakawa, Ex-Ambassador’s Residence Chef

Kappo Yume

Hello, everyone I am Chifumi Maeda,

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Today I would like to talk about “Kappo Yume”,

which opened on the 8th of August 2023.

Kappo Yume, Bangkok
Owner and chef Hayakawa and his wife Masako.

Bangkok has a large number of Japanese restaurants,

ranging from high-end establishments to relatively easy-to-find, budget-friendly eateries.

A new addition to the list is Kappo Yume,

which serves omakase-style kappo (Japanese cuisine).


Why Kappo Yume is a Must-Visit Omakase Restaurant in Bangkok

This omakase-style Kappo restaurant was opened by Naoki Hayakawa,

a former chef at the Ambassador’s residence,

who, after 10 years training at Kitcho Head Restaurant in Tokyo,

worked as a ‘food diplomat’ in France, Ukraine, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Switzerland,

cooking Japanese food and trying to bring smiles and culture to people through Japanese food.

Kappo Yume, Bangkok

It is located in a secluded alleyway near the Camerian Hospital

on Sukhumvit Soi 55 (also known as Soi Thong Lo).

It is quite close to Phetburi Road.

Kappo Yume, Bangkok

The Story Behind Kappo Yume’s Name by Chef Hayakawa

The name of the restaurant is Yume (which meaning Dream),

and I asked Chef Hayakawa about the idea behind the name.

In January 2023, I returned to Japan from Bangkok

and returned to my parents’ home in Saitama Prefecture after a long absence.

It was then that my mother gave my wife Masako a Kimono.

In the box was a piece of Furoshiki.

It had been made by my paternal grandmother,

who was an Omotesenke tea ceremony teacher in Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture,

to give to her students to celebrate her 77th birthday.

The word “Yume” was written on the furoshiki.

Yume means ‘dream’ in Japanese.

When I saw the word ‘Yume’, I thought it would be a perfect name for a place

where I could fulfil my dream of opening a Japanese restaurant,

which I have wanted to do since my training days,

and where I could meet and befriend various people and make my dream come true.

I also think it would be a happy place for people

who come to the restaurant in the future

to make their dreams come true or to talk about their dreams.

Kappo Yume, Bangkok
When I asked Chef Hayakawa how the restaurant got its name, he wrote it down in his own handwriting.

While many people use their own name as the name of their restaurant,

Chef Hayakawa’s mind is overflowing at Kappo Yume,

where you will be inspired by the delicious food.

Understanding ‘Kappo’ Style

Kappo means shred and cook the ingredients which is often

how Japanese cuisines are prepared.

It also means the restaurants that prepare their dishes in such a way.  

The food is prepared in front of your very eyes on the other side of your counter table

allowing you to see the dishes being prepared and served as they are ready.    

Kappo Yume, Bangkok
You can see the cooking process right in front of you.

Some of the restaurants have only the counter table

and some of others have table seats as well

but seating in total is about 10 if not less in such restaurants. 

Depending on the catch of the day and preference and wish of diners,

the foods are served in an a la carte style.

This is where the chef shows off his skills and imagination. 

Inside Kappo Yume: A Visual Tour of the Restaurant’s Interior

Passing through the beautiful Noren (curtain), you will see a counter with 10 seats and a kitchen.

The restaurant is functional, simple and clean, as is typical of a Kappo restaurant.

Kappo Yume, Bangkok

The cleanliness of the room, with nothing superfluous, is a beautiful example of Japanese beauty.

In addition to the counter, there is a private room.

The best thing about the counter is that

you can watch the chef prepare the dishes right in front of you.

It is a very luxurious time to spend watching the dishes

you are about to eat being prepared in front of your eyes.

In-Depth Review: Dining Experience at Kappo Yume

Exploring Chef Hayakawa’s Signature Omakase at Kappo Yume

The menu is omakase only and consists of 12 to 15 dishes.

There are two types of omakase courses: the regular omakase course (4,800 THB++)

and the special omakase course (7,200 THB++).

Alcoholic (1,800 THB++) and non-alcoholic beverage pairings (850 THB++)

are available to accompany the dishes.

There is also a set of four different sakes to compare (800 THB++).

Kappo Yume, Bangkok
Set of 4 sakes to compare (800 THB++)

The menu changes every two months,

and Chef Hayakawa uses his creativity to prepare a variety of dishes in front of you,

depending on the ingredients available that day.

Since this was my first visit, I ordered the standard “Omakase Course” (4,800 THB++).

The menu lists the ingredients, but not the detailed cooking methods or flavors.

Kappo Yume, Bangkok
I am thrilled that the menu does not give details of what dishes are available.

What kind of food is served?

How does it taste?

How nice does it look?

Even before the food is served, my imagination is running wild.

Kappo Yume, Bangkok

It may be difficult to see in the photo, but the quantity of each dish is not large.

Japanese cuisine is a dish that can be enjoyed with the eyes as well,

and the beauty of the dishes is remarkable.

Western cuisine is often round and symmetrical,

but Japanese cuisine is beautiful because of its asymmetrical irregularity.

Kappo Yume, Bangkok

Food ingredients change with the seasons,

but in Japan, the types and colors of tableware also change.

Perhaps it is characteristic of the Japanese to feel the four seasons through their tableware.

Kappo Yume, Bangkok

The cuisine can be broadly divided into Kanto style,

centered around Tokyo, and Kansai style, centered around Osaka and Kyoto.

The cooking methods and Dashi (soup stocks) are different,

but they are not all Japanese cuisine at the same time.

Kappo Yume, Bangkok

My husband is from Osaka and he raved about how delicious the Kansai-style eel was.

With Chef Hayakawa in front of us,

we asked him where the fish came from

and felt like we were traveling around Japan in our mouths as we thought about the land it came from.

At the end of the meal, we were given handmade “Nerikiri” by Masako,

as a souvenir and went home satisfied.

Kappo Yume, Bangkok
Masako makes “Nerikiri” handmade.
Kappo Yume, Bangkok
Nerikiri, a traditional Japanese sweet treat

If I were to say too much, it would take away from the enjoyment of everyone who visits,

so I urge you to visit Kappo Yume and taste the food with your eyes and taste buds.

Kappo Yume Dress Code: What to Wear for the Best Experience

There is no dress code.

Feel free to wear whatever you like.

Cost of Dining at Kappo Yume: Budgeting for Your Visit

There are two kinds of dishes: Omakase Course (4,800 THB++)

and Special Omakase Course (7,200 THB++).

There is no a la carte menu.

Alcoholic (1,800 THB++) and non-alcoholic beverage pairings (850 THB++)

are available to accompany your meal.

Kappo Yume, Bangkok
I enjoyed Sake set (800 THB++) to compare four different types of sake

There is also a sake set (800 THB++) to compare four different types of sake.

A variety of wines and sakes are also available.

Pros and Cons: A Balanced Review of Kappo Yume

Top Benefits of Dining at Kappo Yume

The food is omakase, so you are excited to see what will be served.

You can taste the best ingredients of the season with the best professional skills.

It is beautiful to look at and enjoyable just to look at.

Chef Hayakawa prepares creative dishes right in front of you.

There is a parking lot.

Private rooms are available.

Potential Downsides of Dining at Kappo Yume

The menu changes every two months, so I can’t visit often.

The price is too high for frequent visits.

Everything You Need to Know About Kappo Yume

Address:NO.725, SOI SUKHUMVIT55, Bangkok, Thailand

Kappo Yume

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