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[Review] Home Omakase – Chef delivery service by Sushi Juban

Hello, everyone I am Chifumi Maeda, a Japanese female president living in Bangkok.

Thank you, guys, for visiting this

“True comments from Japanese female presidents living in Thailand” blog.


Happy Days are here again.

The restaurants in Bangkok are allowed to restart their business again however,

they are not allowed to sell alcohols yet and the number of customer returning is not as much as what it used to be.      


But on the other hand, the number of food delivery saw some rapid growth and together with such,

a new trend of chef’s house-call service is also emerging.        


I do like to eat at home but, just like many people out there,

I am beginning to feel a bit tired of the situation and wanted to bring some changes into our routine like eat at home custom and,

one day during my Facebook activity there was an ad about Sushi Juban‘s “Home Omakase” on my screen

I’ve decided to order without a hesitation.   


We’ve fully enjoyed the “Omakase” at our very own home via Sushi Juban’s chef’s house-call service.

It seems that the “Omakase” is now becoming a boom here in Bangkok.     

I also find quite a lot of ad on Facebook as well as on Instagram about

“OMAKASE course” not only limited to Japanese food restaurants but other types of food restaurants as well.     


I really wanted to make changes to our routine like dinner atmosphere

and asked ITA-SAN (chef) from Sushi Juban to come to our home to prepare dinner for us.         


credit: Sushi Juban

credit: Sushi jJuban


And, since we are asking the chef to come over to our home to show-off his skill,

we didn’t want to ask him just to prepare something that

even my hubby or I can prepare and thus ask him to serve us the Omakase Kobayashi Premium with his skilled hands.       


This one here is October Menu 

This one here is October Menu . (Credit: Sushi Juban)


6 small dishes and 9 kinds of Sushi and Miso-soup followed by the dessert.      

Mr. Kobayashi, the Sushi chef, will prepare the food in front of our eyes.     



Not only are the ingredients but also the chopsticks and plates are brought to our home from the restaurant as well.      


The only things I had to arrange were the alcohols and placemats.    


As the chef is preparing our food in front of our eyes, he is controlling his cooking speed according to our eating pace.    



He entertained us with his conversation while he was amazing our palate with his cooking…       

We, my hubby and I, always enjoy it very much having our foods at counter seat watching the chef preparing dishes.     



Eel and seaweed Sunomono (marinated with vinegar)

Eel and seaweed Sunomono (marinated with vinegar)


Watching the chef magically preparing our food with his kitchen knife skill

in such a close distance is almost like watching a show. It’s an entertainment.     


Kobayashi Burger: What’s inside? Well, you’ve got to try it at the restaurant!     

Kobayashi Burger: What’s inside? Well, you’ve got to try it at the restaurant!


We are dining at our own home but it feels quite different from the home dining that we know…      

It is already a good fun just looking at the plate that he took with him.     


I personally liked this “Fried Rice Noodle with Abalone & Liver” very much.

This is something that I’ve never had in any other restaurants.    



He told us that every day he studies many ingredients imaging what kind of dish he can create.      



You can only hear such kind of talk from chef because he is preparing the foods at our home.     

The Sashimi was wonderful which I had with a glass of white wine.     



Sesame Tofu had such a delicate sweet taste that spreads in mouth with sesame aroma,

it could even be served as a dessert.       




Ok, so how is the Sushi…

They were 9 pieces in total but I must apologize that we were enjoying them so very much that I forgot to make photos.

Well… that gives you another reason to visit the restaurant.       




The Sushi from Sushi Juban is using “Red Vinegar” and therefore the Sushi rice is brownish color.    



I don’t know any Sushi restaurants here in Bangkok that are using red vinegar. Do you?     


Ootoro or Fatty Tuna, i.e. the fattiest portion of tuna    

Ootoro or Fatty Tuna, i.e. the fattiest portion of tuna



Salmon roe pickled in soy sauce    

Salmon roe (IKURA) pickled in soy sauce



Sea urchin is sprinkled with Gold dust.     

Sea urchin (UNI) is sprinkled with Gold dust.



↓ The Dashi or the broth for miso soup is made from shrimp’s head. Very simple

    taste that lets the scent of the broth stand out.       


And the final is dessert. There was melon sherbet inside.       




So many dishes we’ve enjoyed with our tongue and our eyes.     


“Omakase” is available by house-call service but we were told that it is also served in the restaurant

so we are planning to have it there in the restaurant in near future.       

Recommendation points of Sushi Juban    

Japanese chef prepares the food according to the day’s incoming ingredients.

With the house-call service, food is prepared in front of your eyes.

The restaurant serves the authentic dishes.

Sushi Juban info

Sushi Juban, Asok branchmain restaurant

Homepage: www.sushijuban-asok.com

Parking place: available (can park at YoungPlace)    


 Sushi Juban Takumi Thonglor

Homepage: www.sushijuban-takumi.com

Parking place: available    


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