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Ultimate Luxury: Mandarin Oriental Bangkok’s Author’s Suite Stay – A Review

Hello, everyone I am Chifumi Maeda,

a Japanese female president living in Bangkok.

Thank you, guys, for visiting this

“True comments from Japanese female presidents living in Thailand” blog

Our company celebrated its 23rd anniversary the other day.

Donation at a Buddhist temple.
All the company staffs went to the temple to donate.

To reward myself as a founder of the company,

I gave myself a stay at my favorite Mandarin Oriental Bangkok.

I’ve stayed here several times in the past,

and I often use the restaurant, but with this stay,

I once again realized that the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok is the best hotel in Bangkok.

Click here for the past “stay articles”.)

In the past, I’ve stayed in Chaophraya Suite, OTAGO Suite, etc.,

but I really wanted to stay at Author’s Suite,

so I went there to do just that.


Exquisite Author’s Suite Experience at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok: A Review

Author’s Suite is in the River Wing of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel

and is a corner room facing the Chao Phraya River.

As the name “Author’s Suite” suggests,

the room is inspired by famous authors connected to Mandarin Oriental Bangkok.

Each room has a different interior,

so it will be a surprise to see which artist’s room

we’ll be in on the day of the stay.

This time, we stayed in a room called S.E.A Write.

This is the room associated with the South East Asia Write Award,

and the award ceremony is apparently held at here in the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok.

Albums from South East Asia Write Award

The room on the opposite side from ours is named after Norman Mailer,

the great American non-fiction writer.

It seems that the room can also be used as a connecting room.

Macarons received at the time of check-in

Author’s Suite is spacious at 101 square meters, with a large veranda,

living room, separate bedroom, and two toilets.

Because the room was so comfortable and because we’ve stayed there many times,

we spent a relaxing time in the room.

The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok is a world-famous hotel,

so everything you see is amazing.

Not only is the furniture excellent,

but the room is also well-cleaned and well-maintained,

making it very comfortable.

The view from the window is like a painting,

and just lying on the bed and watching the clouds flow through the window is already a good fun.

The bedroom is also calmly decorated, neatly organized, and very quiet.

The sounds of boats and fireworks were quite lively along the river,

but we didn’t hear any of those sounds in our room.

Especially, the view from the balcony was spectacular with a 180 degree river view.

You can see them all, from Taksin Bridge to Peninsula Hotel, Icon Siam, and upstream of the river.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the changing scenery from daytime to evening to night.

I’ve always liked riverside areas,

and the unobstructed view already for me was worth staying at the Author’s Suite.

At night, the lights were gorgeous and the sightseeing boats passing by were brightly colored,

and even though I was just looking at the scenery,

but for some reason, I felt excited.

Although this gorgeousness is just one aspect of Bangkok,

I think that it is a unique atmosphere of this area.

We headed back home with the intention of staying at Author’s Suite again in the near future.

Information of Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

Address: 48 Oriental Ave, Khwaeng Bang Rak, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500

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