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[Review] ODASHI HAKKEI @ Ekkamai – taste delicious of Japanese Soup Stock “DASHI”

Hello, everyone I am Chifumi Maeda, a Japanese female president living in Bangkok.

Thank you, guys, for visiting this

“True comments from Japanese female presidents living in Thailand” blog.

Today, I would like to take you to a Japanese food restaurant in Ekkamai called “ODASHI HAKKEI”

where they are specialized in “DASHI (soup stock)”.


Odashi Hakkei



who is this ODASHI HAKKEI?  

This “ODASHI HAKKEI” is the first restaurant in outside of Japan that “HAKKEI” the Hot spring inn

who is known for their cuisine located in [Yubara] hot spring resort

in the Okayama prefecture in northern Japan.     


We very much wanted the foreign people outside of Japan to taste DASHI,
the basic of the basics in the Japanese cuisine…   


And this is why they opened the restaurant here. So I was told.   


counter seat, Odashi Hakkei

counter seat that makes you think that you are dining somewhere in Japan


So, how are the foods?   

I’ve visited the restaurant with my friend that I haven’t seen for ages.


In addition to UNI Course, ODEN Course, HAKKEI Chicken Miso Nabe Course,

there are also a la carte menu as well.   


And we had “HAKKEI Chicken Miso Nabe Course”.  

The course has 5 dishes + dessert.  



First comes the “appetizer: DASHI jelly”.   

What a delicate taste of the DASHI and the aroma….  


Odashi Hakkei


It is prepared so beautifully that it is pity to break them but we cannot wait to see what sits inside of the jelly.   


Then comes “Prosciutto salad”.  

The top is decollated with sliced sweet potato fry.   

The appearance and texture are both appealing as accent.

As the raw ham, prosciutto, was bit too salty,

we had them without any dressing on it but we were told that it was a homemade dressing,

we thought we had to try the ham with the dressing.   


Odashi Hakkei


The dressing did not interfere with the taste of the ingredients…;

it actually brings out the goodness of them.


The third dish is “NASU DENGAKU (grilled eggplant with sweet miso paste)”.

Eggplant is one of my favorite vegetable.

Especially when the “eggplant” has sucked some oil.

But today here in the restaurant, I am tasting the eggplant with sweet miso paste.


Odashi Hakkei


Were they slowly grilled in oven?

They were hot and fluffy to inside.

I’ve tried preparing it at home but it will not come out as fluffy as the ones in the restaurant.


Then comes our main dish, the “Miso Nabe”.

We had one person portion each.


Odashi Hakkei


Chicken leg, chicken wing, chicken liver, and chicken meatball. It’s a “chicken tonight” party.

Especially the chicken meatball, it had lotus root in it and the crunchiness made

it even more delicious than just the meatball alone.


At first, I thought taste may be a too soft but as it cooks further on, the taste of the miso changed.

With Nabe dish, we normally finish off with rice porridge or udon noodles

but as it further cooked on, it became a bit too salty so I thought that the udon was the better choice.

Miso makes you warm from inside of the body. Doesn’t it?


Finally the dessert.

It was the pudding dessert on the day we were there.


Odashi Hakkei


A lotus root mochi was placed on top of the pudding.

I am not very much found of sweet foods but even then, I’ve enjoyed it very much.


Recommendation points of ODASHI HAKKEI

You can enjoy the authentic “ODASHI (soup stock)”.

Very nice atmosphere lets you enjoy your dishes.

Owner and the staffs are dedicated to provide you with the best service.

Every dishes are very delicious as well as a joy to your eyes.

Information on the ODASHI HAKKEI

Location: 267/16 Ekamai soi63 Sukhumvit, Klonton-Nua, Vadhana, Bangkok

(Just before Ekkamai soi 15. Far inside of the shopping mall called ACMEN)



Opening hours: from 17:00 (may be different opening hours due to COVID)

Parking facility: Yes (first 2 hours for free)

Price: Chicken Miso Nabe Course (1,200 THB), ODEN Course (1,400 THB)

Tel.: +66 2 003 9325

LINE @odashi_Hakkei



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