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[Review] UNAKICHI – UNAGI (Japanese style prepared Eel) restaurant @ Thonglor

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Review: UNAKICHI- UNAGI (Japanese style prepared Eel) restaurant

Today, I will talk about “UNAKICHI”, a restaurant directly managed by “SHIMANTO UNAGI” located

in “SHIMANTO-Cho”, Kochi-prefecture

where the “SHIMANTO River”- the last crystal clear stream in Japan flows.

The “SHIMANTO UNAGI (Shimanto Unagi eel)” which is very rare even in Japan

and you are very lucky if you had ever tasted it in Japan,

and that very rare and special SHIMANTO UNAGI is yours to enjoy here in Bangkok.

The restaurant is located on the 3rd floor of Hotel Nikko Bangkok on Soi 55 (Soi Thonglor) Sukhumvit Road.

Go path the Noren curtain at the entrance of the restaurant and,


On your right side, you will see craftsman-chef grilling the eel.

I normally visit the restaurant on lunchtime and my usual is “SHIRO-YAKI (unseasoned grilled eel)”.

As the restaurant’s eel sauce is modest taste, KABAYAKI (roasted eel with sauce) is nice too

but the eel they serve here in this restaurant is the eel coming out

from the crystal clear water of the Shimanto River

and have no muddy smell what so ever as normal eels often have,

and I like to enjoy the taste the natural taste of eel as much as it allows to.

The price of the set menu for KABAYAKI (roasted eel with sauce) or SHIRO-YAKI (unseasoned grilled eel)

served in traditional Japanese wooden food-box is 1.800 baht.


Salad, clear soup, tea or water and ice cream comes with the set menu.


There is a lunch-menu deal (599 baht) but hey, the restaurant serves a very special eel,

why not go for the eel in the food-box.

As the eel is slowly charcoal grilled, it takes a bit of time to come to your table.

And when it is crowded lunch time,

be prepared to wait at least 30 minutes for the special eel to come to your table after ordering.

After my waiting time of 30 minutes plus plus…,

I got my order on my table.

The first mouthful has nice charcoal grilled aroma

mixed with the aroma of the eel going through the nasal cavity.

SHIRO-YAKI (unseasoned grilled eel) comes with a small portion of salt and wasabi next to it.

I would recommend you to try with a tiny bit of wasabi which will bring out the umami of the eel.

The staffs are very dedicated and you can have your meal in comfort.

If and when you ever wanted to have a good eel, this is where you must be.

Recommendation point of UNAKICHI

The one and only restaurant where you can enjoy the SHIMANTO UNAGI.

The restaurant is directly managed by the HQ.

The staffs are will trained and lets you enjoy your meal in comfort.

Information on UNAKICHI

Location: Hotel Nikko Bangkok(3rd floor), Soi Thonglor (Soi 55 Sukhumvit Rd.)


Opening day: Friday, Saturday, Sunday (only lunch on Sundays)

Tel098 104 0010


                   (Info on Japan HQ, English page)

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