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[Featured article] Cagette Canteen & Deli – Delicious French restaurant on Sathorn area.

Another KELLY’s ~ YAKITORI, Japanese style grilled chicken skewers restaurant at Sukhumvit soi 43, Bangkok

Hello, everyone I am Chifumi Maeda, a Japanese female president living in Bangkok.

Thank you, guys, for visiting this

“True comments from Japanese female presidents living in Thailand” blog.

Let’s talk about Another KELLY’s that is located between Sukhumvit Soi41 and 43.

It’s a narrow soi running behind TOPS Supermarket. 

Here on this soi, you can find lots of restaurants and bars but this one is my favorite. 

I was planning to dine at Lao Ti Fang where they serve delicious GYOZA Dumplings

but unfortunately the Chinese restaurant was packed with group diners when I took a look inside

and decided not to go in but I found a restaurant nearby whose entrance was very inviting

and thought I should give a try and went in to find out that I’ve hit a Jack Pot.


Recommendation points of Kelly’s

Inside view of the restaurant.

The entrance has a very fashionable looks, and the ground floor has a bar space,  

Another Kelly's

And the upper floor is with table seats.

The table seats can be set up for 2 persons or up to about 10 people.

Little boys and girls to adults are all enjoying their foods.

The ground floor is mainly occupied by those came alone or came with 2 persons

who like to quietly enjoy their foods

and alcoholic beverages but the 1st floor has livelier atmosphere.

When I came there the first time by chance,

I did not know what king of restaurant it was and asked the staff,

Without feeling much of a shame, “what kind of restaurants is this place?”

It is that stylish restaurant that one would not expect a Japanese skewed food restaurant.

Another Kelly's

When you talk about a “YAKITORI” restaurant in Japan,

it is often a kind of budget type food huts where a woman would hesitate to sit there alone.  

But this is more of a Bar or Café type of place.

When I was told by the staff that the place is mainly specialized in YAKITORI

and KUSHIAGE skewed and fried pork, I was surprised.

How are the foods there?

The yakitori is skewed in the restaurant kitchen piece by piece

and carefully Bar-B-Que grill them according to the ingredients.   

Chicken skin, my favorite. As it can burn easily, the chef must be careful with grilling. (Another Kelly's)
TORI-KAWA: Chicken skin, my favorite. As it can burn easily, the chef must be careful with grilling.

I am not so found of the tare-sauce therefore I had all my skews salted.

To tell you the secret that many restaurants don’t disclose is that,

when they serve their dishes with simple seasoning of salt,

we will almost immediately notice the quality of the ingredient;

many places do not serve their dishes just with a salt seasoning.  

But here in Thailand, chicken meats are very good

and I encourage you to have them just with salt seasoning.

It was grilled just right and they were all excitingly delicious.

I’ve enjoyed my dishes very much.

YAKITORI, Another Kelly's
MOMO: Chicken thigh was also juicy
YAKITORI, JAnother Kelly's
UZURA: Quail goes good with a lot of green onion
YAKITORI, Another Kelly's
REBA: Rare finished lever is the masterpiece of the chef.

Fried foods are also cooked in the way that brings out the taste of the ingredients

and prepared with well controlled frying time. They tasted great. 

YAKITORI, Another Kelly's
Assorted Kushi-Age (skewed and fried)

I don’t think that even in Japan, there are probably just a handful of restaurants

that can serve their dishes in this level.

YAKITORI, Another Kelly's
Kushi-Katsu (skewed and fried pork) set. Choose from Osaka style sauce or Nagoya style miso.

As the restaurant’s specialty is yakitori and age-mono fried foods,

they are of course very good but, other dishes outside of them are also very good.

They have their OSUSUME (Chef’s recommend special menu or plat du jour)

depending on what is available in the market on the day. 

When I dropped by, it was “smoked assortments” and “NUKAZUKE pickles”.

YAKITORI, Another Kelly's
Smoked assortments
Another Kelly's
NUKAZUKE pickles: it was pickled just right.
Another Kelly's
They also serve homemade ATSUAGE (deep fried TOFU).
Another Kelly's
Skewed and grilled oysters: whenever they are available in the restaurant, it is my rule not to miss it. Grilled just right.
Another Kelly's
Tofu and seaweed salad: they have many types of salads.

The restaurant was very fancy and the foods were delicious.

You can feel that the owner and the staffs are dedicated to.

Another Kelly's

Budgets for the eats

Price for 2 person with no consumption of alcohol, it was 1,700 baht. 

The alcoholic drinks that they serve are, beer, shochu, wine, and whiskey.
They are served by glass or by bottle.

Restaurant information

Location: Between Sukhumvit Soi 41 & 43.

Parking space: No (You can park at Sukhumvit 51)

Telephone: 02-662-660(need reservation)



The restaurant has its HQ restaurant and 13 other restaurants in Nagoya, Aichi prefecture.
There are 2 restaurants in Bangkok and the HQ is on Sukhumvit 51.

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