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[Review] Garrya Tongsai Bay ~ Koh Samui Island, Thailand ~ Nang Gong Villa stay review

The Tongsai Bay

Hello, everyone I am Chifumi Maeda, a Japanese female president living in Bangkok.

Thank you, guys, for visiting this

“True comments from Japanese female presidents living in Thailand” blog.

Today, I will talk about a hotel on the Samui Island, 5-Stared resort,

Garrya Tongsai bay, that I’ve stayed with more than any other hotels.

This stay is probably something like 6th stay at the hotel.

Only 15 minutes by car from the airport, you are at the resort in no time.



The hotel is said to have started its operation in the year 1987.

In 1985, Mr. Akorn Hoontrakul, the owner of Imperial Hotel Group fell in love with the land at the first sight.

He laid down every day on the beach here for 3 month creating idea to build a hotel

that is in harmony with the surrounding nature and he finally built The Tongsai bay.

The Tongsai bay
Tongsai Bay’s original newspaper that you can find in the guest room.

Their policy is to inherit to the next generation the rich nature

and live in harmony with animals and plants.

Mr. Akorn Hoontrakul past way in year 2000

but his policy still lives with his son, the current owner.  

Samui Island resides many hotels nowadays including those with famous foreign capitals however,

it used to be a quiet and peaceful island in the old days.

The island is so small that it only takes you about an hour on a motorcycle. 

The Tongsai Bay is said to be “the first 5-Stared hotel on the Samui Island”.

The area of the resort is as big as 25 acres (approx. 10,118 sqm)

but in spite of its land size, there are only 83 rooms combining Suite, Cottage, and Villa all together. 

The No.1 feature of the resort is that every guest rooms offer sea view

and veranda is equipped with a bathtub where you can sit in the tub enjoying the sea view.

Nang Gong Villa at The Tongsai bay

You can spot many birds and insects in the resort premise as it is surrounded by the beautiful trees and plants.

The Tongsai bay

A nice walk through the passages surrounded by rich green gives you the feeling every morning

you are making your way to the breakfast dining room from the Villa.


I like more the Cottage or Villa compared to the Suite type that is in the building.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been staying with the resort several times in the past

and all those stay was in Seafront Cottages、McGuigan Cottage、or Hideaway Cottage.

And this time, we stayed in Nang Gong Villa out of so many rooms to choose from.

As we are repeating guests and are entitled to be upgraded,

we were offered to stay in Akorn Villa where they named the room after the founder.

The Tongsai bay
map of The Tongsai bay

Thank you for the offer however,

the Akorn Villa is a 2-bedroom type of villa and the view that it offers compared to Nang Gong Villa

that stands on a hill with wider view,

we decided to stay in the Nang Gong Villa as our original plan.   

Nang Gong Villa at The Tongsai bay

On entering the villa room, the first thing comes into your eye is a bathtub and a large swimming pool.

And there are also a gazebo and a dining table at the far end.

There are sunbeds too. 

Nang Gong Villa at The Tongsai bay

And on the bar counter, there was a nice setting of white wine as a present from The Tongsai Bay.

The Tongsai bay

There was a basket of plumeria flowers for us to take a flower bath. 

Nang Gong Villa at The Tongsai bay

I love this spacy terrace very much where I spent sitting here almost all day.

I also had a massage session on the terrace.

The natural wind felt so good on my body as well as birds’ chirping to my ears.

I had a wonderful session of massage here. 

Nang Gong Villa at The Tongsai bay
 It was very nice to swim with the sunrise.

We made reservation to stay at The Tongsai bay in November 2021 however,

the resort was closed for renovation and therefore we stayed at InterContinental Koh Samui.

Club Panoramic Ocean View Suite at InterContinental Koh Samui

where we stayed at the time had a very spacy terrace however,

they did not have a roof and sadly enough it was raining during our stay there,

we were not able to enjoy our terrace then. 

Compared to that, The Tongsai bay is equipped with the roof;

it doesn’t matter if it is rain or shine,

the terrace was always ready for us to enjoy.

Nang Gong Villa at The Tongsai bay

The room is as big as 244 sqm.

There are 2 bathtubs, one outside with the sea view, and the other inside of the room .

It was very luxuriously built with separate living-room, bedroom, and shower-room.

Nang Gong Villa at The Tongsai bay
There is a big walk-in closet on the left side.

You can enjoy the sea view from the living room and the bedroom.

Nang Gong Villa at The Tongsai bay

The biggest feature of the Nang Gong Villa is that there are 2 swimming pools on the terrace,

one by 2.8m x 8.65m and the other by 2.5m x 4.74m.

Nang Gong Villa at The Tongsai bay

The wide ocean spreads out in front of your eyes where you can see Choeng Mon Beach and Tongsai bay.

Nang Gong Villa at The Tongsai bay

As it stands on a hill, even there are people having party of their lifetime with music and loud voices,

you hear nothing of those here,

it was dead quiet here except the nice sounds offered by the rich nature.

It was very nice and relaxing. 

As Nang Gong Villa is facing west, you can see the sunrise.

I got up early in the morning to enjoy my swim in the morning coolness

watching the sunrise followed by a nice dip in the warm bath.

Nang Gong Villa at The Tongsai bay

Because of such a comfortable place the Nang Gong Villa was,

we were completely living a “Lock-Ourselves-Inside” of the villa life.

Pros of the Nang Gong Villa

Nothing beats its relaxing quietness.

The room is so spacious and relaxing.

You can have the view all to yourselves. 

Equipped with 2 private swimming pools.

Terrace is equipped with roof that allows you to enjoy under any weather situation.

There are 2 bathtubs that you can enjoy according to your mood at the time.

Bedroom also offers the sea view.

Review: How about foods there?

We are not a kind of people who are choosy with the foods

and if and when we feel that the foods are not as nice as it should be,

we will not be a repeating customer.

We’ve stayed with The Tongsai bay many times

and we can give you our personal guarantee that the foods are very good.

The breakfasts are served at CHEF CHOM’S THAI RESTAURANT next to the Lobby.


You can also order a room service

but we thought that the room was so comfortable that if we didn’t go out for a breakfast,

we will really become a stay-in-the-room-all-the-time kind of guests

so we forced ourselves to go out to put ourselves in different surroundings.


It was choose from the menu type of foods when we were staying there.


There are Thai foods and western foods on the menu.

Eggs Benedict : with home-baked muffin.
Omelet : Only with egg white also available.

The Tongsai bay has its own garden where they grow their own fruits, vegetables, and herbs in the resort

where they use them to consume as herbs and jams within. (Partially.)

The mulberry jam especially was very nice.


We had our lunch in our room ordering the room service.

This is how it begins as “Stay-in-the-room-only guest”.

Nang Gong Villa at The Tongsa bay

Having our lunch with the ocean view all to ourselves was very nice.

Thanks to the roof and ceiling fan, we could enjoy our meals in comfort.

I spent my daytime here working and reading.

Nang Gong Villa at The Tongsa bay
 I had Gapao Rice and Tom Yum Kung.

As we are not good in enjoying spicy foods, we rarely eat Thai foods

but here in The Tongsai bay, they prepare according to our request, we enjoyed delicious but not spicy Thai foods. 

We had our dinner in the PO-LAD BEACH BISTRO & BAR.

Here they serve both lunches and dinners.

PO-LAD BEACH BISTRO & BAR at The Tongsa bay

A restaurant on the beach front where they serve Thai foods and western foods.

PO-LAD BEACH BISTRO & BAR at The Tongsa bay
Eel on puff pastry.

We both like the evening twilight time and we already start our dinner when it is still light.

PO-LAD BEACH BISTRO & BAR at The Tongsa bay
Stir-fried water spinach

We enjoyed the complimentary wine from the hotel enjoying the evening darkness

after the sunset for hours in a relaxing atmosphere. 

PO-LAD BEACH BISTRO & BAR at The Tongsa bay
Papaya salad and grilled chicken eith Thai harb.

As the Nong Gong Villa stands on the hill,

you have an ocean view under your eye and on the other hand,

the restaurant is located on the beachfront, you can enjoy the sound of sea racing to the shore. 

It may be a good idea to watch the movie that they play on the beachfront on Friday evenings.

(But as I go to bed quite early, I started my way to the Villa….)

Review: Massage at Prana Spa

Both my hubby and I love massage and we of course enjoyed the massage this time as well.

Prana Spa at The Tongsa bay
Entrance to Prana spa

You can also have your session in the Villa or here at the spa.

Prana Spa at The Tongsa bay

Prana Spa allows you to have Thai massage and oil massage in a same room.

Thai massage session given on the Thai massage bed.

The room is built spacious that gives you a relaxing atmosphere.

The treatment room is equipped with toilet, shower, and bathtub which is very comfortable.

Prana Spa at The Tongsa bay

This goes for any resorts but the Spa has a different atmosphere in the facility

and therefore I would recommend you to pay a visit to the spa to get rid of your stress

that you’ve developed in your day to day life.

Pros and Cons of Garrya Tongsai Bay

Pros of Garrya Tongsai Bay

Only 15 minutes from the Samui airport. You are there in no time. 

Very relaxing as in spite of its huge premise, there are only so much guests are there.

Stay in the Cottage or Villa if possible.

Rich in nature and is built in harmony with the nature.

From kids to grown-ups, anyone can enjoy the place.

Nang Gong Villa at The Tongsa bay
Nang Gong Villaからみた朝日。

Cons of Garrya Tongsai Bay

It has been quite some time since the place was built and although they have done their maintenance work, you can see here and there that the place is old.  

Sands on the beach is quite rough and you can feel a bit of pain on your barefoot.

The sea is quite rocky and maybe dangerous if on barefoot.
(best to wear a marine-shoes)

Quite many ups and downs in elevation and if you have been lazy with your workout,
you’d better be prepared for it. 

When is the best season on the Samui island?

Bangkok has Hot season (March – April), Rainy season (early May – late October), and the Dry season. 

Samui island is located in south of Bangkok and therefore the season differs a bit from that of in Bangkok. 

Dry season:  February – September (and March – April is the most hottest)
Rainy season:  October – January (and November – December has the most rainfall)

That’s how the god has divided the season for Thais.

The best visiting season, among the tourists, to visit Samui is said to be February – September, i.e.

the Dry season and especially February is the month that has less rainfalls compared to other months

and the temperature is not too high which makes the life on the island quite comfortable.  

The island gets tourist both from domestic and abroad in July – September.

The rainy season does not have rainfall all day long.

There is squall in the morning and in the evening however,

there can be some exceptional days in November – December,

in the middle of the rainy season when it can rain all day all night.   

Information on Garrya Tongsai Bay

84 Moo 5, Bo Phut, Ko Samui Surat Thani, 84320 Thailand

The Tongsai Bay

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