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Experience Review: Luxurious Spa Day at Viva Jiva Spa, The Landmark Bangkok Hotel – A BTS Nana Hidden Gem

Viva Jiva Spa

Hello, everyone I am Chifumi Maeda, a Japanese female president living in Bangkok.

Thank you, guys, for visiting this

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Normally, we invite Masseur to our home by using

Orease and GoWabi app to surf on net, enjoying a “Spa Surfing”.

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I’d like to talk to you about Viva Jiva Spa that I found on GoWabi.

Viva Jiva Spa

Conclusion: Why Viva Jiva Spa at The Landmark Bangkok Hotel Tops the Rest

When I wrote on The Peninsula Spa, I also wrote on good things about the hotel spa.

This Viva Jiva Spa that I am writing about today is also located in a hotel (The Landmark Bangkok Hotel).

Viva Jiva Spa
Entrance of Viva Jiva Spa

My straight opinion is; Ahhhh, there is nothing like a hotel spa….

(Please see visit the following for the good points of hotel spa.)

Viva Jiva Spa
Relaxing area after the treatment.

Directions to Viva Jiva Spa at The Landmark Bangkok Hotel, BTS Nana

Viva Jiva Spa is in The Landmark Hotel located in front of BTS Nana.

The hotel is on the odd number side between Soi4 and 6 of the Sukhumvit Road facing the road.

The parking place is very big and there are enough parking spots too.

The spa entrance is at the poolside going down the staircase as if you are going down to the basement.

Viva Jiva Spa

With bit of uneasy feeling if it is the right path or not,

but once I got to the spa, there is a large spacy area in front of my eyes.

The space is totally isolated from the outside world which gives you some magical feeling.

What to Expect During Your Visit at Viva Jiva Spa

You will first fill-out the registration form when you are at the Viva Jiva Spa.

And then enjoy your tasty tea while waiting for your treatment.

If you are there for an aroma massage, you will choose the aroma oil from 4 selections.

Viva Jiva Spa
Viva Jiva Spa

Shortly, the therapist will guide you to the treatment room.

Why Choose Viva Jiva Spa? Key Recommendations and Highlights

The recommendation points of Viva Jiva Spa.

Reviewing the Serene Environment of Viva Jiva Spa’s Treatment Room

There are two types of treatment room, Single Room and Couple Room.

Viva Jiva Spa
Single room

The rooms are equipped with shower and toilet.

There are closet to hang your clothing and a safety box to keep your valuables.

Viva Jiva Spa

There are also hairbrushes and other items for you to use for redoing your hairstyling after the treatment.

Viva Jiva Spa

The treatment room has wooden base structure and has warm atmosphere

and the air-conditioned temperature is adjustable.

The lighting is just right for you to relax.

BGM is also just right volume not annoying at all.

You can feel their detailed hospitality.

It is kept nice and clean as, I think, it is a hotel spa.

Viva Jiva Spa

Professionalism and Skill: Appreciating the Therapists at Viva Jiva Spa

The level of the therapists’are very high is not the only thing

but as this is a spa in a hotel, the therapist’s manner and

the way they are dressing is very neat and clean.  

English language is no problem for them which make the communication smooth

if and when you are not handy in Pasa (language) Thai.  

You will be treated well during the therapy.  

Viva Jiva Spa
You will get your feet cleaned wit scrub salt before the treatment starts.

Assessing Value for Money: Pricing at Viva Jiva Spa in The Landmark Bangkok Hotel

We have this image that the hotel spa is expensive,

but this Viva Jiva Spa is relatively user friendly priced.

The following is the treatment list and if you compare the price with that of the Quan Spa that

I’ve wrote about in my earlier blog, the price here is half from them.

Viva Jiva Spa
Treatment List

You can get even a deeper discount when reservation made via GoWabi.

Essential Details about Viva Jiva Spa at The Landmark Bangkok Hotel

Address: The Landmark Bangkok Hotel, 138 Sukhumvit Road, Klong Toei, Bangkok, Thailand 10110

Viva Jiva Spa

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