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Ultimate Review: Private Onsen Bath Experience at Kashikiri Onsen & Spa, Sukhumvit Soi 49, Bangkok, Thailand

Kashikiri Onsen & Spa

Hello, everyone I am Chifumi Maeda,

a Japanese female president living in Bangkok.

Thank you, guys, for visiting this

“True comments from Japanese female presidents living in Thailand” blog

I love baths, super public baths, and hot springs.

Let me talk about Kashikiri Onsen & Spa today.

Kashikiri Onsen & Spa @ Sukhumvit Soi49

It is located on Sukhumvit Soi 49.

“Kashikiri” is a Japanese term meaning “private”

and here they have only private rooms where you can enjoy bathing to your heart’s content.

Since there are many Japanese in this area, some of our readers may be interested in this area?

I’ve wrote about Onsens in the City of Bangkok in my earlier blog,

“Review~Top 3 selection of Onsen in Bangkok”  

In the past, we also went to Krabi province, famous for its beaches

We also introduced Wareerak Resort,

which was a hot spring resort without going to the beach (and it was natural!).

Wareerak Resort was also introduced.

(You can read about it here)

I don’t want to go where there are too many people

I want to have my bath in a relaxed way
and without be seen by other people

I feel uncomfortable

Even if you haven’t because you didn’t feel comfortable to,

this Kashikiri Onsen & Spa is so private and probably suits you best.

We ’ve booked Private Onsen 45 minutes

and Aroma massage 60 minutes K3 course (3,990 baht)of the Couple Promotion package.

Kashikiri Onsen & Spa @ Sukhumvit Soi49
Please contact the store for promotions.

So, let me continue.


An In-Depth Look: Kashikiri Onsen & Spa, Bangkok, Thailand

I was so surprised when I stepped into the Kashikiri Onsen & Spa

that stands quietly in residential neighborhood.

It is built just the way a Japanese bathhouse or a Japanese Ryokan inn

are built which makes you feel “Japan” once you step inside.

Kashikiri Onsen & Spa @ Sukhumvit Soi49

Next to the onsen & spa, there is “MAYU Bangkok~Japanese style hotel” where you can stay overnight

which you can see that the owner of the facility really loves Japan. 

The atmosphere and the environment makes you feel that may be you are somewhere in Japan.

A space where tropical Thailand and Japan merges, I as a Japanese person was very relaxed.

Kashikiri Onsen & Spa @ Sukhumvit Soi49
Kashikiri Onsen & Spa @ Sukhumvit Soi49

Inside of the facility lets you feel the warmth of woodworks,

in harmony with nature, you feel the warmth. 

We went there on Saturday and there were single, couple,

and family visitors and they were all enjoying their time there.

We were served with welcome drink tea while waiting.

Kashikiri Onsen & Spa @ Sukhumvit Soi49

Our Verdict: Experiencing Kashikiri Onsen & Spa

Evaluating the Bath Facilities at Kashikiri Onsen & Spa

Before you take bath, you will change your clothe to Yukata in separate changing room for men and woman,

and you can leave your belongings that you do not need to the bathing room in locker.

Kashikiri Onsen & Spa @ Sukhumvit Soi49
Entrance to changing room.

Changing room is equipped with the following amenities.



Body lotion

Rubber band to tie your hair

Cotton swab


Shower cap

Makeup cleansing, face lotion, cream are not equipped therefore bring your own.

Kashikiri Onsen & Spa @ Sukhumvit Soi49
Woman’s changing room
Kashikiri Onsen & Spa @ Sukhumvit Soi49
Locker key

Waiting in the lobby after changing.

Kashikiri Onsen & Spa @ Sukhumvit Soi49
My hubby waiting in the lobby

I chose Aroma massage after my Private Onsen bath.

I was able to choose bath salt and aroma oil beforehand.

The day of our visit, they had 2 types of bath salt,

“Noboribetsu” and “Beppu” and we went for Beppu. 

Kashikiri Onsen & Spa @ Sukhumvit Soi49

There are 6 types of aroma oil that you can choose from.

I went for Eucalyptus.

Kashikiri Onsen & Spa @ Sukhumvit Soi49

Very shortly, we were informed that our Onsen bath is ready,

so we made our way to the Onsen bath from the lobby.

Kashikiri Onsen & Spa @ Sukhumvit Soi49

Through the beautifully decorated garden, we walked to our Private Onsen.

Kashikiri Onsen & Spa @ Sukhumvit Soi49

There are 2 types in Private Onsen.

Type A, where there is 1 big tub for 2 person.

And type B, where tubs each per person.

We chose type A where we can enjoy our big 2 person tub together.

Kashikiri Onsen & Spa @ Sukhumvit Soi49

It is “typical Japanese style bath tub” wooden made,

big enough and deep enough for two to enjoy. 

As it is wooden tub, the hot bath water, for some reason, is feels softer than usual bath tub.

We also take bath at our home but our tub is shallow type and must lie down to bathe,

but shoulder is not completely in the tub.

It doesn’t happen every time when you are taking a bath that you are bathing in hot water tub to your neck.

But the water was a bit on the too hot side…

We Japanese are used to take bath with water temperature of 40 degree – 43 degree

and are not used to taking bath in very hot water and it may be a bit of a challenge

for us Japanese to relax in this higher water temperature…

But hey, you can always add cold water to adjust the temperature to your liking.

Kashikiri Onsen & Spa @ Sukhumvit Soi49

There are cold towel and drinking water in the Private Onsen.

Bathing in and out in slow pace with cold towel on the head relaxes you so so much.  

Body soap, shampoo, and conditioner are there for you to use.

So, as they are not equipped with makeup cleansing,

you should bring the one that you are regularly using for your convenience.

We booked for 45 minutes but 60 minutes could have been better.

We dipped ourselves to our shoulders,

stretched our arms and legs in the tub emptying our thoughts,

we really relaxed ourselves.

The Massage Experience at Kashikiri Onsen & Spa: Our Take

After our body was warmed and all the body muscles are loose, we went for our massage.

Massage room is located on the 2nd floor of the facility.

Kashikiri Onsen & Spa @ Sukhumvit Soi49

My husband and I were in the same room for the treatment.

Fluffy massage bed was very comfortable and long enough for a tall person.

Aroma oil that we’ve chose was being warmed.

Kashikiri Onsen & Spa @ Sukhumvit Soi49

We normally have our massage for about 90 minutes – 120 minutes

but as we had bath before the session,

we booked for 60 minutes.

Bathing is a quite tiring work, you know?

And if we went for 90 minutes massage session,

we could become bit sick therefore it was 60 minutes.

When they poured warm eucalyptus oil on my body,

my already relaxed body was even more relaxed

and immediately lost my consciousness….

I woke up with my own snoring at one point but fell asleep again through the session.

We were really relaxed both physically and mentally in the Private Onsen.

After we’ve finished our 2 and half hours of dream-like time,

as it was our dinner time,

we headed for Another Kelly’s that I wrote about before

and had yakitori to fill our empty stomach. We’ve had a wonderful day.    

We were served with delicious Green tea and Maccha cake

and watermelon and completed our satisfaction,

before we headed for the restaurant.

Kashikiri Onsen & Spa @ Sukhumvit Soi49

We will definitely visit the Onsen again in the near future. 

Balancing the Pros and Cons of Kashikiri Onsen & Spa

What We Loved: The Benefits of Kashikiri Onsen & Spa

As it is Private Onsen, you are not bothered with other people.

The tub is made from wood which is very rare here in Thailand.

The tub is deep enough and allows you to take a nice dip.

Private Onsen is equipped with body soap, shampoo, and conditioner;
you can just hit your pillow as soon as you came home.

The garden and facility is very beautiful which makes you feel like you are traveling in Japan while you are in Bangkok.

As the massage oil is warmed up, you will not jump from its coldness.

Room for Improvement: The Drawbacks of Kashikiri Onsen & Spa

There is no cleansing equipped, you need to bring your own.

Weekends will be quite busy with many visitors.

There is no toilet in the massage room. (you need to go outside for your nature calls)

Price Breakdown: Cost of Services at Kashikiri Onsen & Spa

Private Onsen 45 mins (790 baht)

Thai Massage 60 mins (900 baht)

Aroma Oil Massage 60 mins (1,550 baht)

As they have promotion package, I recommend you to check on LINE or Facebook.


Line : @kashikiri49

Essential Details: Your Guide to Kashikiri Onsen & Spa

Address:84 Sukhumvit 49 Bangkok Thailand 10110

Kashikiri Onsen & Spa

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