My real review on WAREERAK HOT SPRING & WELLNESS-Onsen Hot Spring in Krabi province!

Hello, everyone I am Chifumi Maeda, a Japanese female president living in Bangkok.

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Today, I will take you to an Onsen Hot Spring

that flows directly from the source in the Krabi province where I am very satisfied with.

Behold people! I present you,



Onsen Hot Spring that flows directly from the source, the WAREERAK HOT SPRING & WELLNESS

As you may all know, we Japanese are crazy about Onsen.

Although I’ve been living here in Thailand for a quite some years now,

but under my bronzy tanned skin,

I am still a Japanese girl coming from a snow country in Japan

and still loves to bath in a nice and warm Onsen where clouds of steam surrounds me.


As Thailand is a country with shower culture,

not many people take bath and quite often, there is no bathtub in many apartment rooms.


I, as a matter of fact, love to dip myself in bathtub, and I do so every day.

So obviously, our unit has a bathtub and if and when we need to move,

we look for a unit with bathtub. With bathtub is a must for us.


And as I’ve mentioned already, I am an Onsen lover….

And when the Onsen that I’ve managed to visit is the one with the hot water flowing directly

from the Onsen spring, my heart and mind is dancing up in the air with the clouds of steam.


You must wear a salon when using Onsen

You must wear a salon when using Onsen


There are many many Onsen in Japan but even in such Onsen country,

bathing in the Hot Spring where water is flowing directly from the source is rare.


And if and when there is one of such,

the hot water directly gushing out from the source could be boiling hot or much too cold

to enjoy the blessing of the nature as it is and they need to added with cold water

or reheated to raise the temperature of the original water. 


Wareerak Hot spring

The resort are very large and there are hot springs everywhere.


If you are living in Thailand, I am sure you know that there are Onsens in Chiang Mai, the north of Thailand,

and in Kanchanaburi, the eastern part of the country.


But unfortunately, there are just a handful of Onsen here that have accommodation facility and even

if they did have the facility,

it is often just a room for sleeping and not really for spoiling yourself with relaxing Onsen weekend.



But, have I got news for you! I found a satisfying Onsen resort in Krabi province

where the province we only know for good beach resorts.


The beach itself is also something of must enjoy as it is a famous beach

that was the movie location site for a film called “The Beach” starring Leonardo DiCaprio.


The Onsen I am taking you today is about 50km away from the beach,

in the jungle deep into the mountain. 



Next to the premise locates Klong Thom Hot Springs, a National Park (with Onsen).

Very famous place with nickname of Emerald Pool.

It is so deep into the jungle and nature; you may get a surprise visit by monkeys.

And in the dark of the night, you will see many fireflies flying in tranquility.

You will also see so many birds that you could never have a chance to see in Bangkok,

so if you are, of even if you are not a birdwatcher, you will be very happy that you are there.


Reception area

Reception area


 And tadaaaa, finally here you are at the Onsen.

The water is clear and has no smell of sulfur.

And the water from the spring is good for drinking.



This is amazing because even in Japan, the Onsen country,

there are not many Onsen springs that we can drink from.

And, the water is flowing directly from the source of the spring!


There are 3 separate springs here and the water temperatures are 25℃, 35℃, and 45℃.

From my experience, in the day time when the sun is at high and the atmosphere temperature is hot,

it is good to sit in 25℃ Onsen but in the evening when it gets cooler, 45℃ Onsen is good to be in.

The water temperature fluctuates with the changes of the atmosphere temperature.


The temperature is displayed every day.

The temperature is displayed every day.


As there are tables and sunbeds, go into reading on sunbed or enjoy your lazy time of do nothing.

Or, munch on the snacks and fall into sleep with fulfilled tummy and empty mind.



We stayed in a Bamboo Cottage without aircon system installed.

Bamboo cottage

Bamboo cottage


It is quite hot in the day time but soon after sundown,

the temperature gets quite low and it can be a bit too cold to sleep with the windows open.

I’ve stayed here 3 times already and when I was here in March, it was 21℃ in the morning.


And, it is very nice feeling to take the first dip alone early in the morning

in the clouds of steam when people are still in their dreams!

When we talk about Krabi, we are mostly talking about the beaches

but, I strongly suggest you to, for once, enjoy the other side of the island, the Onsen, for change.  


The Hot Spring flows directly from the source.

Onsen water is drinkable with full of good minerals for our body.

You can sit in Onsen having all the nature to yourself.

Accommodation facilities are very clean and relaxing.

Good for value and wallet friendly.


Best season to visit Krabi

October to March is the dry season and there are many sunny days,

and May to September is the rainy season.

The best season of the dry season is from November to March, and the humidity is not so high, so it is easy to spend.

April is the hottest season, with the hottest and humidness months.

In late April, the number of cloudy days gradually increases,

and the rainy season gradually begins.

During the rainy season, the waves tend to be higher due to the influence of the monsoon.



WEB: Wareerak

WEB: Wareerak



Chifumi Maeda
I am Chifumi Maeda, a Japanese who lives in Thailand
I have lived in Thailand since 1998 and started my business in Thailand in 2001`.

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